PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal practices in his new Nike outfit at Indian Wells

Earlier today, Rafael Nadal hit the practice courts in sunny California wearing an orange Nike t-shirt, with a combination of a contrasting colour; dark blue. His shorts are dark blue, with a bright orange border.

What are your thoughts? Hate it immediately? Love something about it? Write to us! Leave us a comment below!


  1. Orange is the color of joy and creativity. Blue often denotes authority, trust, and confidence. These two colors are complementary and awesome with one another. Rafa was the best “dressed” and best looking player among the players. He played with authority, confidence and joy. Glad he’s healthy and looking forward to seeing him win more matches.

  2. Well, on the positive side, it could prove a distraction to his opponents… It was a bit bright at first, but as with anything Rafa, it’s never about what he is wearing, but about what he does on the court. He is just plain awesome!

    • Rafa would look good in a potato sack but I think he looks stunning in black & purple like at the 2019 US open! Happy to see Rafa seemingly so happy, healthy & confident. I will not be surprised if he lifts his fourth trophy at IW! Best of luck Rafa & Vamos !💜🖤

  3. Rafa looks great in all colors – and plays great in any colour! Good luck Rafa stay healthy as you go further on this incredible 2022 journey.

  4. I am not fond of the new kit, especially the bands on the shorts. It is too busy, but Rafa looks good in anything. I prefer bright shades of blue on him, but confess to liking pink too. I also like his sleeveless shirts in hot weather. The most important thing, of course, is that Rafa stays healthy and happy.

  5. Rafa , you look like you are on fire.🔥🔥🔥 Any color suits you. We just need you to be healthy and happy. All the best for Indian Wells. 👍❤❤❤❤

  6. I’m not convinced about the orange, but, as long as he’s injury-free and playing well, I don’t care if he wears leopard print with purple spots and lime green stripes!

  7. Not my favourite outfit but who cares? As long as he remains healthy & loves playing, he can wear anything!!!

    • Si, naranja color bonito 😀 con gorra naranja. Muy chulo , very chic. Voy a escribirle. Fiona en Paris

  8. My favorite Rafa color is all black with cut off sleeves . It’s the Darth Vader and old Oakland Raiders look and very intimidating to all opponents. However , orange and blue works Ok but it’s a bit standoffish and effeminate for my liking . No matter the color , Rafa is my all time favorite hero , by leaps and bounds .

  9. I like it. Rafa looks sharp in this new outfit.🤩
    Have a great time and a fantastic tournament in IW, Rafa.🍀❤️

  10. Rafa can wear any colour and look great. I like the orange and blue but not the band at the end of the shorts. More importantly, I wish him continued good health, enjoyment of the game he loves and continued success.🇪🇸⭐️🍀

  11. Why change what he has been wearing….it has clothed a champion. Anything Rafa wants to choose to wear, absolutely should be up to him. He is colorful as a player no matter what colors he wears. That being said, the outfit is bright and vigorous!!! Vamos man!!

  12. I think that Rafa looks great in a bright red, I also like him in blue. always need to be bright and I agree no pink of any kind

  13. Looks great, however any color is fine as long as it’s not pink. Maybe even bright yellow (mixed feelings on that one) but not pink 😬, unlucky color.

    • In the US…pink is regarded as a girl’s color…if someone is having a baby boy you would not give a gift in pink for a boy. You could buy an outfit in blue for a girl as it’s a more gender neutral color! Generally if you attend a baby gender party …its pink for a girl…blue for a boy! That’s pretty much rule of thumb. Now for men there is plenty of pink in designer shirts & personally I love Rafa in shades of pink! ( but I love Rafa in any color)!

      • the shirt is too bright!😊.i think cool mint would look nice on him & electric blue shorts?😄

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