Rafa Roundup: How Rafael Nadal has changed his game?

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A quick dig into the numbers behind his winning streak shows that Nadal’s serving has been fundamental to his recent success.

According to Infosys ATP Stats, the Spaniard has won 89.7 per cent of his service games this year, up on his 85.8 per cent career average. This solid base has made it difficult for opponents to make inroads against the 91-time tour-titlist. He has not dropped a set outside of the Australian Open and all but four of his 15 wins have been in straight sets.

Holding serve so reliably has also given Nadal more freedom to attack in his return games, a combination so effective that 23 of the 37 sets he has won have been by a margin of 6-3 or greater.

Nick Kyrgios has claimed that Roger Federer is no longer in the race for the title of the ‘Greatest of all Time.’ The Swiss Maestro has not played since losing in the quarter-finals at last year’s Wimbledon.

Since Federer’s last grand slam triumph in 2018, Novak Djokovic has equalled his major tally while Rafael Nadal has surpassed them both to become the first man to win 21 grand slam titles.

Tennis journalist Luigi Gatto tweeted the Australian’s quotes which read: “Federer is done for me in the GOAT talks. He has a losing H2H record against both Nadal and Djokovic. If Rafa wins his 22nd Major, he has got the crown.”

Ukraine tennis star Sergiy Stakhovsky has called out tennis icons Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal – while praising Novak Djokovic – after the pair remained silence when he contacted for support over Russia’s invasion of his homeland.

“Djokovic sent me a message of support, we even chatted a bit,” Sergiy Stakhovsky told La Stampa, according to a translation.

“I tried to contact Federer and Nadal, I’m sorry they preferred silence. I understand them, it’s not their war. We have the support of great personalities, I hope it lasts.”

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  1. Rafa’s serve getting praise from experts? Now there’s something I didn’t think I’d live to see! I also didn’t expect to see Rafa getting a 2nd AO either, come to think of it.

  2. Why this Ukrainian are pushing people to showing support !! Honestly I think is a lacking of respect! VAMOS RAFA Good luck 🤞

  3. Rafa winning almost 90% of his service games is so impressive . He is performing with excellent conidence and technique. Watching Rafa hold serve depite love 40 games has been amazing and certainly deflating for his opponents . Winning Indian Wells would be a great feat . I think Rafa should pass on Miami and focus on the upcoming clay Court season to save his body for more victories in 22 .

    • No i dont want him to pass on miami i want him to play miami hé never won that tournament hé should pass on monte carlo won it 13 times

      • I will go with that but he loves Monte Carlo and thata why he has 13 . Miami seems like the jinx but it would be great to win there . Tough call and would love to see Rafa play both but that may be pushing it ?

  4. Margo I think you meant to say that Djokovic would have had a better chance of winning the US Open had he not played in the Olympics.

    In any event he has had a bad seven or eight months.

    • David, thank you for making sense out of chaos.

      My guess is that Vajda wanted the calendar Grand Slam more than ND who wanted both and wound up with zero. Like Rafa says, “In sports, anything can happen.”

      As much as I dislike his public image [I don’t know him personally], I kinda feel bad for him because things just keep blowing up in his face.

  5. A interesting tidbit…

    Marían Vajda, ND’s ex-coach, said he was not in favor of ND playing the Olympics. As his coach, he felt winning the calendar Grand Slam was much more important than Olympic Gold. Had ND not played the Olympics, Vajda felt he had a better chance of winning gold in Tokyo because he would have been fresher and would have had more time to prepare.

  6. Roger’s coach, in a recent interview, stated that she doesn’t see him ready for Wimbledon 2022. He is taking his knee rehabilitation at a slow pace in strengthening his knee muscles and working on his entire body. Also, at this point, he doesn’t plan to play the French Open.

    I am speculating that Roger wants to be ready for Laver Cup. Hopefully there will be some sort of raffle or giveaway for some of his fans to be able to attend.

  7. Rafa shows support for all aspects of the game but policies are not his understanding so he sooner stay quite on this aspect as much as his personal life it is all the same keep going Rafa

  8. Why does Sergiy Stakhovsky want to get in contact with Fedal when he has joined the army and now is trying to defend his country? In what way they could help? Of course, reporters will ask Rafa about the war in Ukraine in Indian Wells, but how it can help Ukraine or Sergiy?

  9. This should have been his mantra after the 2010 USO but better late than never since his injuries almost derailed his career. So happy Moya came on board and saved his career from 2016 onwards.

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