Rafa Roundup: Federer and Nadal fans rage over exorbitant Laver Cup ticket prices

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However, he also pointed out the fact that Rafa didn’t look at his best at the Roland Garros last year. According to him, Rafa didn’t move the way he usually moves.

“I watched most of the matches from Australia at home in Stockholm. The best news for Nadal is that he has regained his mobility from before. When I watched him last year at Roland Garros, he didn’t move like that and that could be one of the reasons why he lost to Djokovic. What I don’t know is whether he was injured. I saw the real Rafa in Australia,” Borg said (Google Translate). 

Speaking on the GOAT debate, the Swedish player said, “What I can say is that he is the favorite to win Roland Garros.”

Speaking at a Game4Padel event, Andrew Castle said “all credit to Daniil Medvedev [for becoming World number one], but I believe these legends of our game still have something to offer.

“Then Rafa turns up and reminds you what real glamour is with a five-hour final like that and a narrative you couldn’t have written. Who knows what Novak still has to say and if Roger can be a part of it.

“The only camera we were missing at the Australian Open was one on Novak’s face when Rafa made it to 21 [Grand Slams]. I’m sure he will want to come back and be part of that story again.”

Rafael Nadal’s ability to upset the odds and still perform at his current level is “mind-blowing”, according to former player turned analyst Prakash Amritraj.

“My favourite thing about Rafa is this: I have a vision board for people that inspire me, and Rafa is on there. Not because of what he has achieved, but because he is the kind of guy that whenever I see a picture of him, it just gives me that instant reminder to give a little bit more to whatever I am doing. Just to try that little bit harder.

“My second favourite thing about him is his attitude. I remember in 2019, when I was at the 2019 ATP Tour Finals, where he beat Daniil Medvedev in the round robin stage. He was down 5-1 in the third set. And he says, ‘The children shouldn’t be inspired by the fact that I won the match from 5-1 down. They should be inspired by the fact that when I was 5-1 down, I never threw my racquet. Or that I never got angry.’ And I’m like that’s it.”

Tennis fans remember the iconic scenes when ‘Fedal’ teamed up to play doubles together at the first edition of the Laver Cup. However, tickets were released on Monday for what could be the last time the pair are seen on the court together in a tournament. And the tennis world were quick to condemn organisers for the ‘ludicrous’ prices. Tickets for level 1G are going for more than $1,000. The most expensive are going for $5,500. Tennis fans were quick to slam the pricing, which has made attending the event unattainable for many.

Unfortunately, with Nadal at 35 years old and Federer at 40 years old, there is also no guarantee the pair will play considering the number of injuries they have suffered in the latter stage of their illustrious careers.

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  1. It appears this Djokovic’s self-imposed foolishness is wisdom to Rafa.
    All of a sudden, Rafa is now emboldened to go for broke.

  2. I had a feeling Rafa would hop on over to the US after his Mexican Open win. He didn’t disappoint. All the best at Indian Wells Mr. 21…😊

  3. It’s a shame about the Laver Cup prices. I am UK-based, and was excited about the chance to see the event in person. I know tennis is not cheap, and I was expecting to pay a significant amount, but the final figures blew me away. They make Major tickets look cheap! I’m not sure what the pricing was based on; simply that they can charge that much? It’s extortionate, and unfortunate, as it excludes the majority of committed tennis fans. Those are the people who bring the energy and knowledge and atmosphere to these events. I decided to save my money, so I can watch it at home. I may not experience the atmosphere in the arena, but I will see a lot more up-close. And have saved a small fortune.

    • I went to Prague from the UK in 2017 for the 1st Laver cup. Saw rafa and roger in both singles and doubles and it was great. We had fantastic seats and it wasn’t cheap but not as expensive as these tickets for this year’s event by any means. Think will stay at home and watch from here this year!!!

    • Alex you’re spot on! That’s exactly how I feel too. Here in England, I’ve been to the O2 a few times watching Rafa and Roger play in the Tour Finals. The atmosphere was always fantastic and the prices reasonable. I certainly won’t be paying the ridiculously high ticket price to watch the Laver Cup.

  4. Perhaps maybe one day, I’ll be able to watch Rafa in real life. It won’t be at the 02 this year! I will be watching online, in my comfy chair and cheering Rafa on… as usual!
    Best of luck and good health in Indian Wells xoxo

    • I am a Tennis fan from the days of Ivan Lendl to Rafa Nadal and l continue to be a great fan of Rafa – so much more for his Tennis, as for for his attitude and respect for the game. Such legends are rare, but make for great inspiration even for very senior people..because life is all about inspiration and living it out in real life is tougher and sets example of the reigning human spirit. In today’s world of technology rules ethics and money making strategies are trending, so to have a Rafa is unthinkable. Let God be with him in all his endeavours alongwith his faith is his willpower..Vamos Rafa

  5. Is Rafa at Indian Wells already? Did he return home for two days after Acapulco? I would guess he did not.

    Go Rafa!

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