PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s father Sebastian full of emotion after Australian Open win

After beating Daniil Medvedev in a thrilling five-hour, 24-minute Australian Open final, Rafael Nadal quickly went to his box to celebrate with his team and family. Our champ shared an emotional moment with his father, Sebastian Nadal. Here are some lovely photos.


  1. Congrats Rafa, Best tennis player on planet earth 🌎
    Wow, wow, wow, if you this again at Roland Garros, I will have a heart attack, and I don’t care, please do.
    Go and get that last french Open, the entire Rafa world will be extremely HAPPY 😊
    Thank you Rafa!

  2. I never missed any match nadal played since he came on the tennis scene .my grandchildren knows who there Nannas tennis player is.
    Well done nadal
    Win or lose
    I will always be your greatest fan
    Luv from south Africa

    • He is so good I have watched the young man turn in to a champion of all of them and Sunday match showed it you go champion

    • I too am a grandma (mamama) and an over the top fan of Rafa Nadal. I’ve encouraged all my grandchildren (3 granddaughters) to pick up the racquets and get out there. I have two promising tennis champions and one talented dancer!!! Their Mother was no slouch either on the court! Thank you Rafa for making me cry with happiness for your success this morning at the French. I hope to take the family over to your Academy – it’s going to blow their minds.

  3. Absolutely amazing game of tennis from both players. Rafa you are a true champion and gentleman. Others should take a leaf out of your book

  4. You have always had the character of a true champion, an excellent example for all youth. You have never lost your humility and have your priorities straight, family first. You truly demonstrate the principles of the poem If, I showed your version of that countless times to students. Your resiliency is truly incredible, I think Someonefrom above is looking out for you because you are such a good ethical person. Youve inspired me once again dust off my racquets and start hitting the backboard. You are so fortunate to be able to share these moments with your father, I wish I could have done the same with my father, but he passed on before I developed any skill as a tennis player. You never have a fan quite like a parent. Stay well and let your body recoup from these recent battles!

  5. Your are a good person, humble, kind, hard working, determination all that made you what you are today, most importantly God knows who you are.Good luck for the next tournament. Much love from our family in the Bahamas.

  6. These pictures of you and your dad along with the team says it all…. love of family….love of team/friends and love of sport…. all 3 things make for a foundation that is unbreakable….

    I cried as I saw the shock on your face with the final point …. and then again as you covered your face from emotion …and then again when I saw you crying as your dad leaned over as he cried and hugged his son ….
    I was a mess! 🙂

    Rafa … there are no words to describe how proud I am of you… After all these years … with all the injuries … and this year seeing you on crutches in September… not knowing if I would ever see you again at the US Open….always hoping ….and now to triumph after 5 1/2 hours of solid play on both sides at the AO….it was beyond incredible…

    Congrats my darling boy…. Enjoy every second of this victory… you sure deserve it!!

  7. Such a blessing to c u accomplish this great moment n ur career the greatest comeback for u. I prayed for u to win 5 hours 24 minutes. The best in my eyes the goat of all on and off the tennis court. Keep pushing. ELITE athlete .

  8. Please encourage Daniel not to confuse support for you with animosity toward Russians. He played amazingly well and it was not clear who would actually win until the final moments.

    • An epic match played by both players. Rafa you grit, courage and ability to stay point for point and never give up is so inspirational to all who play the sport of tennis. You are my favorite tennis player and I enjoy watching your excellence to preform the best that tennis has to offer.

  9. Rafa
    What a game!!! You deserve to hold that trophy and I’m sooo proud of you. God Bless you and your family always. Be safe!!!
    Wow! Wow! What a game! Love you!!!! ❤️❤️🎉🍾

  10. Congratulations! Best wishes for the rest of 2022. You are an inspiration for young and old.. I’m trying not uo miss a match. Good luck-

  11. The best deserve to be at the top so there you are our spanied you seat at the top where your place is beautiful beautiful comeback ❤

  12. May God bless you, Rafa. These pictures show the support you have and your gratitude for that support. Wonderful! God has blessed you with incredible talent and humility… Don’t forget from where you get your ability! I imagine Uncle Toni was over the moon as well! Vamos Rafa! You are an AMAZING inspiration to children AND ADULTS around the world! xx

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