PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal and his team continue trophy tradition in locker room

Rafael Nadal posed with the trophy in the locker room after winning his final match against Daniil Medvedev at the Australian Open. He was joined by Marc Lopez, Carlos Costa, Benito Perez Barbadillo, Carlos Moya and Sebastian Nadal.


  1. What beautiful pictures congratulations and best wishes to you and yours team and family 👪 vamos rafa xx

  2. Rafa Nadal, you took my breath away. You are Simply the Best! Your winning after all you have been through gave me belief in myself that I too can make it also, That after loosing my livelihood because of Covid, at 66 I am without a job, without hope, without savings to see me through and many other financial and personal challenges that cause me to loose hope. But,, today seeing you battle, I drew from your strength and I’m ready again to fight. Thank you for allowing me to dream again and giving me back my strength and desire to battle as you did. Muchas gracias. June from Barbados.

  3. Vamos RAFA! I am sure this is the start of the best Tenis season in your life.The 22nd is coming in May at French Open for sure

  4. I think many of your fans were PRAYING for you and it helped a lot You couldn’t have won without millions of fans pulling for you and praying for you It is a miracle to come through those five hours plus with all the things you had to deal with over the past two years we LOVE you and thank YOU for the many thrills over the years I have followed you for almost 14 wonderful years

  5. Rafa has left me lost for words today. It hasn’t really sunk in to be honest, but I always love the locker room photos with the trophy, they make it seem real somehow. Just look at him hugging that thing… the Coupe des Mousquetaires will be jealous, hope he can give it some love in a few months! But seriously, today has been more than enough, more than I ever imagined was possible, and at AO of all places.

  6. Impressionante, Rafa I’ve no words. After loosingthe 2nd set I lost all my hope seeing you with the 2nd trophy of the AO – it was my husband, being a huge fan of Roger, who still believed in your strong mentality and your will. I promised him to kiss him his feet should you win this match and the epic 21. And there we are, you won the 21st Grand Slam and after 40 years being married I will kiss his first for the 1st time.Congratulations again dear Rafa, continue recovering to make possible more of these moments in the next couple of months or perhaps years. Wish you as the past 12 years all the best. Un abrazo fuerte, Maria Isabel


  8. I’m so so happy for you, Rafa!!! Tears of pure joy poured down my face at 7:30 am after the all night event that was the 100% expression of your character and BULL FIGHTER STRENGTH!!! Vamos Rafa!!! 🐐 ♥️🏆🎉🤗😘

    • Rafa !!!! You are so amazing!! I was up all night watching and screaming at the TV !!! You looked so good and smart tactics against a 6’6” excellent player!!! As they say your tennis IQ was the best ever! You are the 🐐🐐🐐🐐!! 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾💕💕💕💕🤗🤗🤗

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