Rafael Nadal: “Satisfaction is just impossible to describe” [VIDEO]

A very tired but overjoyed Rafael Nadal has fronted cameras after his record-breaking win in the Australian Open last night.


  1. I was in tears myself at the end and had to watch it all again as I couldn’t relax during the match as was so nervous. I could see how tired Rafa was and was worried he was going to be ok. Just fantastic. Rest up now Rafa and get fit and well for the clay and The French. Camis. You’re the best ever no matter what c

  2. After two days I’m still saying to myself it wasn’t a dream. Rafa came back from two sets down and nightmare from previous matches in fifth set despite losing the serve didn’t repeat. 2012 was such a painful defeat for me.

  3. love every minute of this great accomplishment..bought the Rafa 21 t shirt and looking for the t shirt he wore in one of the interviews after a match (I watch them all) with a teddy bear and a tennis racket…love seeing all of us who love Rafa here!!

    • Where was the 21,shirt available? I did not see the teddy bear one. Where was Rafa wearing it? Thank you.

      • Hi. Thank you for writing. Redbubble.com has the rafa21.. In one of the matches during the Australian open he was wearing the teddy bear tennis racket in the interview not on court but after… So happy you will get rafa21 .. Hope I find this other one. Rafa looked so sweet in it.

  4. No ghost of Novak around as it was a magnificent AO tournament. We saw fantastic tennis in both the womens and mens sides. Both winners are extremely popular, as both Ash and Rafa demonstrate all that is good in sport, as players and people.
    Rafa’s victory was so emotional and credit to Daniil for a sporting and extraordinary final.
    21 for Rafa, proud to support him since I first saw him as a teenager, he captured my heart with all that he brought to the game, my admiration and respect grew over the years. It’s a privilege to support Rafa Nadal. 🇪🇸⭐️👏👏

  5. Congratulations Rafa enjoy your incredible achievement wish you a good healthy and happy life vamosssssss champ love your fans ❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🎾🇺🇸🏆

  6. Stayed up all night to watch your match on the east coast. The happiness that you brought was unbelievable. Winning like this proved each and every aspect of your greatness. An example of resilience and hard work. Keep going Rafa!

  7. I wasn’t able to sleep too last night, Rafa! I was too happy! Thank you for being you and being a great inspiration to us! I am still crying until now. I prayed for you so much to win this trophy! Thank you good Lord! God bless you Rafa! Congratulations again!

  8. I have been a fan and supporter for at least 17 years. Congratulations on winning #21. I wish you good health and hope to see you on the tennis court for more years. You are an inspiration and a credit to the world of tennis. Sincerely, gerri Dunne, Johns Creek, GA

  9. Rafa. Thank you for who you are and the joy you give us. Your performance yesterday and comeback after losing two first sets – just amazing. Stay well and be happy always. Please keep your passion we need you. God bless you Rafa. Love. Mary Lynn

  10. Keep thinking of Rafa’s victory!!! Soo happy …. Difficult to describe. Can quite imagine that Rafa finds it difficult to describe.

    Two of the nicest people in tennis and even otherwise have come away as champions. Ash Barty and RAFA. They’re both o e of a kind and soooo deserve it!!!

  11. I’m watching you Rafa for 17 years: every match that I could watch on Tv and mostly here in Australia,every open that you’ve played! My heart was next to yours for 17 years and you gave me happy tears last night and I thank you for who you are and represent! You are my hero and I love you and a hall world is proud off you and loves you

  12. Congratulations Rafa!!! Enjoy your incredible achievement. Wish you good health and good luck always.❤️

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