Rafael Nadal: “One month and a half ago I didn’t know if I’d be able to play tennis” [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal speaks after his semifinal victory in the 2022 Australian Open.


  1. Good Rafa, you will make it on Sunday. You have a compassionate heart and you will realise your dream. God be with you.

    • Love this guy, i have seen him grow up and he has turned out so compassionate as he gets older. Love Roger as well. Be a sad day when they retire.

  2. Set sail Rafa and use all the wisdom to come into harbor safely!,,You know the tactics, keep the faith that knowing will take you home!, Vamos, double vamos

  3. Rafa’s tears of relief and joy – very moving. I’m so happy for him and wish I could give him a big hug!

    Now I’m hoping that Med and Stef beat the hell out of each other over 5 very long sets.

  4. Rafa whenever you enter the court irrespective of the opponents or the tournament you bring enormous positivity not only for yourself or your game but also to the viewers like us sitting and watching at home thats why we love watch you play , Just like Tendulkar did for Cricket , you and Federror for Tennis .. VAMOS RAFAAA ❤️❤️

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