PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal makes winning return in Melbourne doubles

Rafael Nadal and Jaume Munar clinched their first victory at the Melbourne Summer Set in the doubles competition. They defeated Argentines Sebastian Baez and Tomas Martin 6-3, 3-6, 10-4 in 76 minutes. Spanish duo will face fourth seeds Andrey Golubev and Franko Skugor for a place in the semifinal.


  1. While it is great to see Rafa smiling and victorious, there needs to be transparency regarding ND’s exemption. Omicron takes no prisoners; Gasquet has already tested positive in Australia. Novak has
    ignored guidelines before, with disastrous results.

    • AO Organisers should have adopted a strategy similar to French President Macron’s:

      “Macron declares his Covid strategy is to ‘piss off’ the unvaccinated”.

      “.. as for the non-vaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And we will continue to do this, to the end. This is the strategy……….only a very small minority who are resisting. How do we reduce that minority? We reduce it – sorry for the expression – by pissing them off even more……When my freedoms threaten those of others, I become someone irresponsible……..

  2. Great star Rafa you look are ready to play is time good luck vamosssssss champ 👍💪🎾❤️💪

  3. So thrilled that Rafa has had a great start in the doubles with Jaume. Seeing highlights, he had some lovely aces… hope singles will be as satisfying for him…Buena Suerte Rafa

  4. Thrilled to see Rafa playing again! Winning is a bonus!
    Disgusted to read Novak was given an exemption to play at AO! He is not above the health rules and protocols like everyone else!

      • Lorna, an other interested fans, Cheryl of The Grandstand has posted a blistering opposition piece against the decision to grant ND a medical exemption. I think it’s worth a read: thoughtful and well written. She touched on so many levels why she thinks the exemption is an abomination. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  5. It’s a joy to watch you play.🎾 The match went too fast…
    Congratulations and good luck to you and Jaume.🍀❤️

  6. According to the Australian Open vaccine medical exemption process, the “independent” process of reviewing and approving applications included the redaction of personal information to ensure privacy for all applicants. Maybe I’m wrong, but to me , this suggests that we won’t be given precise reasons why Djokovic and others obtained exemptions. Ummh!!!!

    • Sickening! ND turns my stomach. Only thinks of himself, exploits the rules at the expense of others’ health and safety.

  7. Congrats to Rafa and Jaume. Lucky fans who got to see the match in that intimate atmosphere.

    Djoker has just announced that he is on his way to Australia after receiving an exemption. Can’t imagine on what legitimate grounds it was granted. Not at all impressed.

    • Mark, I share your sentiments and Margo’s. It makes me so angry! After all that suspense and speculation around Djokovic, I find the decision to give him an exemption quite preposterous!.What’s going on? What medical condition does he have that we don’t know about? Where’s the integrity in all this?

      Djokovic is a very devisive individual who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He’s deliberately made everyone play the guessing game about his AO involvement and I’m sure that many players will be disgusted with him and the decision. This stinks and I hope they make their views heard in no uncertain terms!

      It’ll be interesting to see what approach Wimbledon and the USO take in light of this, bearing in mind the vaccine requirements for these tournaments.

  8. Great start for Rafa and Jaume, confidence builder. Rafa hit a number of Aces. He enjoyed being on court but still competitive. 🇪🇸👏

  9. This match was so much fun to watch in every way. What a treat for the fans on Court 13, to see Rafa so close! I like watching matches on the smaller courts because of the camera angle. Although it’s difficult to see what’s going on at the far end sometimes, it’s much more like the court really looks, rather than the square we see most of the time. You get a better idea of how far and fast the ball is travelling – especially those lovely forehands down the line! Although I was stuck with the 13″ laptop I’m really glad I got up early to watch.

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