PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray practice together in Melbourne

Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray have warmed up for the start of their ATP Melbourne campaigns by training together on the hard courts of Melbourne Park.

Ben Rothenberg, who writes about tennis for The New York Times, posted on Twitter:

Hot and cold patches from both on the groundstrokes, causing a good bit of muttering from both, but they both looked pretty healthy as far as I could tell which is the most important thing at this stage, two weeks out from #AusOpen. Rafa’s serve, also, looked pretty dang good. Murray left after the practice set but Nadal is hanging around to work on his backhand slice with Moya.

Our champ posted on Instagram:


  1. Has anyone been able to find Melbourne on Amazon Prime in the UK? They’re listed on the ATP site as a broadcaster. I’m missing the old TennisTV so much, no app for my TV.

    • For some reason Amazon Prime is only showing the women’s tournament in Melbourne and not the men’s. I’m gutted as I was looking forward to watching Rafa play 😩

      • Hi Lorna,

        I thought I could watch with my TCPlus subscription, but I had to subscribe to TennisTV for Rafa’s doubles match. Rafa just arrived on court, sooo happy to see him!🤩😍 Vamos Rafa💪❤️

  2. Wonderful to see Rafa and Andy practicing together… would love to see them go deep into this tournament. I remember some years ago Andy saying that Rafa was his most difficult opponent. Vamos to both players. Go on to the final!

  3. It’s good that Rafa is practising with Andy as he’ll give Rafa some long rallies to get a nice workout and doubles is an ideal way to ease him back into tour matches. I wish Rafa the best of luck and I’ll be sure to set my alarm clock to watch him play doubles with Munar at 5am tomorrow morning. Vamos!!

    • Lorna or anyone , what time will Rafa play doubles tomorrow in Australia USA central time? Lorna might be 6 hours ahead of me which would be 11 pm in Dallas? Thanks.

      • David, yes, you’re absolutely right. In Dallas, you are 6 hours behind London, so for you Rafa plays doubles at 11pm.

      • David, you are right. Dallas is 6 hours behind London, so for you, Rafa’s doubles match is at 11pm.

  4. A good lucks to both stay healthy Rafa this year is your to do well vamosssssss champ 💪💪💪👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🙏

  5. Maybe we will see Rafa and Andy in the finals…
    Good luck to Rafa in singles and in doubles with Jaume Munar.🍀❤️
    Vamos Rafa 💪

  6. Great to see these two champions out on the court after struggles with injuries. Best of luck to them

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