PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal and wife Maria Francisca Perello couple up at RN Foundation event in Madrid

The Rafael Nadal Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary at an event held in Madrid on Wednesday night.

Our champ attended the event with his wife Maria Francisca Perello, parents Ana Maria and Sebastian, sister Maria Isabel and some good friends. He said he had created the Foundation “to try to help and give back to society all the luck we have and how well life has treated us.”

“I have always tried to help and we have allocated our efforts to projects that motivate us, with added value. We create illusions and opportunities and sport and education open it wide,” he added.


  1. Rafi, you are a great champion and great ambassador of the sport. My earnest prayer is that you win one more major. May God be with you!

    Reverend — Jon

  2. According to the Washington Post, The Women’s Tennis Association announced Wednesday it is immediately suspending its tournaments in China in response to ongoing concerns about the safety and well-being of Peng Shuai.

    I feel bad for the tennis players who were looking forward to play in China but I think it’s the right decision by the WTA.

  3. Rafa has a video out today confirming that he will play the Mubadala tournament in Abu Dhabi. It won’t be long now! The story I read says that Rafa will play either Murray or Thiem on December 16.

    2021 has been the year of waiting! Go Rafa!

  4. Unfortunate news that Carlos Alcaraz has tested positive for Covid and is out of the Davis Cup, Wishing him a speedy recovery.

    • Very unfortunate for Carlos, but he will have many more Davis Cup competitions. In the wise words of Rafa “The most important thing is health”. Good to hear that Feli Lopez has stepped in to secure a match win for Spain.

  5. Happy holidays Rafa and Maria, Hope the holiday season and coming New Year blesses both of you with health, safety, peace,and an abundance of love and joy. God bless you both.

    Love, Mary Lynn

    • I would have never noticed but now that you mention it, Rafa’s does looks very stiff and awkward. Remember when ( I think it was Jim Courier) asked Rafa how it was to be a married man & he answered not much different we have been together so long. Rafa really isn’t Gushy Mushy over Maria! Regarding the photos I’m going to blame it on the photographer! It was a lousy job ..very staged & unnatural poses!

      • Ziggy, I agree about the “not gushy mushy.” And whatever their private relationship is about I’ll leave that up to them. Mary Frances has always been her own person and I’ll leave it at that.

    • I looked up other photos of Rafa & Mary ( she has many different names) & they look very much in love. Also Rafa is very shy about his private life. When we hear Roger talk about Mirka he elaborates more but Roger is a lot more chatty than Rafa😊 This was just poor photography and that’s all! It worried a lot of fans but honestly I think they are just fine!

  6. Strange body lanuage with him and his wife not holding her hand . so she puts the purse in the other hand so she does not feel inbarrased check it out .

    • Feel very sad about seeing these photos. Rafa puts him arm around strangers all the time but seemed to go out of his way here not to touch Maria. Saw the video from this event where she spoke to him and he wouldn’t even make eye contact with her. Looked off into the distance. Also noticed the same behaviour at the Monaco Yacht Festival. Sincerely hoping that there is nothing seriously wrong in their relationship. Sending love to Maria.❤️

      • All -:I hope we are reading too much into these photos. These are staged photos at a formal event, not a get together with fans.

        I have also seen Rafa be formal and correct when with the students at his Academy. With female players on the tour it’s the European kiss/kiss on the cheek.

        Time will tell I suppose.

      • Hi Pauline.. Interesting comments about the pictures….
        When I first saw them I too noticed the lack of closeness between Rafa and Maria.. I thought Rafa looked stiff and I wondered why he didn’t have his arm around her waste or why he didn’t hold her hand,,, I thought Maria looked stunning but she was holding her clutch bag in her right hand. It should have been in her left hand and then she could have moved real close to him and took his hand…Honestly, ( you might think I’m really out there) I didn’t even like the way his tie was knotted… It was off center … no dimple… just ok looking….
        Then I watched the video you referred to… And yes I saw her say something to which he didn’t respond but I wouldn’t make anything of that…. I think she might have said something like his mom was coming into the picture… they needed to move over…
        I know this was Rafa’s event… but I don’t think he’s comfortable walking a red carpet or standing all dressed up in front of the step and repeat signage while all the cameras go
        off taking picture after picture…. Mariabel knows how to smile naturally for the cameras to the right… to the left… just beautiful…..even Maria handled it well… but Rafa… not so much…. We all know he can give a speech … he can do press conferences… but get him all dressed up and do the picture taking thing …it’s obvious he was not relaxed… He smiled a smile but it wasn’t the warm smile we all know and love..
        I’m chalking up the pictures and video to his awkwardness at that moment… I’m hoping the rest of the evening was enjoyable and he and Maria had some fun with their guests.

  7. Beautiful photos, two elegant ladies surround their handsome man. Many Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of your Foundation ⚘🇪🇸☘

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