Rafa Roundup: “Nadal’s principal objective is to regain good sensations in the foot”

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The condition started for Nadal in 2005 and he has been managing it most of his career, but his coach says it became worse after Nadal’s break in 2020.

“But this year the story has changed,” Moya told the El Transistor program. 

“Many training sessions could not be finished and we had to change the training and reduce the pressure on the foot, thinking of tournaments.”

“He has been in pain for months,” noted Moya. 

“In the final match [against Lloyd Harris at Washington, D.C.], he was practically on one leg. Rafa’s principal objective is to regain good sensations in the foot and mentally, because hobbling around all year has not helped him on court. He started with back pain in Australia and he has played just seven events this season. Had to forfeit Wimbledon, Tokyo, and now the US Open, ATP Finals. That’s why he has to concentrate on himself, not what’s happening on tour.”

For the second consecutive year, Rafael Nadal is not playing the US Open. The Spaniard missed the event due to COVID-19 uncertainty last season, and this time around, a nagging left foot injury is keeping him away. He might not be taking the courts at Flushing Meadows, but fans can catch Rafa on the course.

This upcoming weekend, the world No. 5 is the top seed at the Balearic Golf Championship for Mid-Amateurs in Mallorca.

Rafael Nadal’s coveted Sunreef catamaran Great White, which was recently awarded Best Power Cat in our annual round-up, will be exclusively showcased at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show from September 22-25.

Set in the picturesque Port Hercules, the world’s premier yachting event gathers the crème de la crème of yachts and yards. The tennis star’s prized multihull will be on display for all to see by the QC 11 stand at the Quai Chicane, but Sunreef will also hold pre-arranged viewings so you can actually step aboard Nadal’s floating abode.

The Canadian took part in a “word rally” segment in which she has to say the first word that comes to mind when someone or something is mentioned.

It started with the word pizza and she went with “Joe’s”. Next was Federer and she replied “Roger”.

After going through a couple of other items, Nadal popped up and Bouchard replied “beast”. Djokovic was the next tennis player’s name to come on the screen and she said “crybaby” with a few winks.


  1. Went to bed after 3 sets of Djokovic-Zverev match, inevitable result. Woke up to find a photo of Rata on crutches. Apparently he hasn’t had surgery, no idea what the treatment is. I just hope that it doesn’t hurt and that it works. Get well soon, Rafa, we miss you.

  2. Djokovic will win on sunday the biggest test for him was zverev but once again he was not consistent in the fifth set.

    The battle for who is the goat is settled but the battle for most grandslam titles is still undecided. Djokovic will have a difficult season next year in terms of motivation that will give nadal opportunities to finally if he is healthy win the important tournaments

  3. Based on game style, confidence and performance throughout the tournament so far, my money is still on Medvedev to win the title. Having seen the 56 stroke rally in the third set, I’m sure Medvedev has his feet up with a bag of popcorn, hoping that Zverev and Djokovic slog it out in five sets for as long as possible so that the winner is softened up for the final 🤞🏽🙏🏽
    I notice that Pospisil is in the Djokovic box supporting his Players’ Council mate.

  4. Hi Rafa fans, let’s all send positive thoughts and feelings to Zverev imagining that he’s won his semifinal match. I negative thoughts for anyone.

    Miss Rafa as all of you so too.

    • The Abuser v The Wolf? Sorry I can’t summon any positive feelings about either player in that match. Not gonna watch it. I will be rooting for either Medvedev or FAA in the final, for what that’s worth.

      While Rafa is a shining example and role model of all that’s good in sports tennis has had many champions who are, at best, cautionary tales for youngsters. At worst, well, the best I can say of some is that they probably never murdered anyone.

      Speaking of role models, I hope everyone is cheering for one or both of the young women’s finalists

      • ND was interviewed and asked what do you want your legacy to be . He answered that he didn’t have enough time but mostly he would like to be thought of as a good human being that is respectful (😤) Also to be known as a great role model to young players (🤣) Sounds as though Novak is in a bit of denial!

    • If Zverev can put his serve in at around 65% and win >75% points on his first serve while minimizing his double-faults, he will have a real chance.

      And if Zverev still doesn’t get him, Medvedev will 🙂

      • No, Najam, neither Zverev nor Medvedev can beat Djokovic ina5- setter. Only Nick Kyrgios can,but he’s mentally unstable.

        Novak Djokovic is a Frankenstein Monster created by both Nadal & Federer.

        As it is, Rafanadalfans should all brace allto hear the news of Djokovic.tomorrow being a 21 grand slam winner. Without any doubt anymore,, Novak Djokovic is the undisputed Tennis G.O.A.T.

      • Maria (Snake Island), don’t jump the gun and hold your horses – it ain’t over till it’s over 🙂

        I fully agree that Djokovic, being the toughest-ever guy psychologically, is a completely different animal (no pun intended) in best-of-five setters. However, the GOAT debate is more intriguing and interesting when all three are stuck at 20 each. Let it continue for a while 🙂

      • Let’s count the rackets Djokovic is likely to smash on Sunday – my expectation is 3 (one for each lost set). All the match officials on Sunday must not drop their guards against a ball hit ferociously and recklessly in frustration after losing a crucial point 🙂

  5. By the way for those that do not know….
    There is a 4 part documentary series chronicling Rafael Nadal’s Academy that will be debuting on Amazon Prime on September 17th…. The trailer for the series has just been released for all to see…

    The trailer opens with a young Nadal… with comments from Toni…. You get to see small clips of day to day workouts…with Rafa then…and Rafa now…
    There’s a lot of spanish spoken, I’m not sure if there will be subtitles or not during the full series….. Roger is part of the trailer along with Casper Rudd and Carlos Costa, Rafa’s agent….
    Without giving it away, Roger is very cute in what he says about hopefully one day sending his kids to Rafa’s Academy….

    Check it out…You guys might enjoy it….

  6. “Nobody beats Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times in a row” and nobody beats Berrettini 3 times in a row at the Grand Slams 😂.

    Let’s see tomorrow.

      • If Berrettini doesn’t get him, Zverev will 🙂

        I also saved my $$$ by not betting on Berrettini – someone who is just good enough in taking away a set at best and lacking consistency throughout the match.

  7. Greetings from NY…. It has been most definitely a different US OPEN from the past… Day 1 was horrendous getting into the OPEN … it was steaming hot with high temps and lines that lasted approximately 2 1/2 hours long just to gain entry because there was no plan in place regarding the checking of the vaccination cards etc… People were going crazy as they missed the matches they so much wanted to see…
    Day 2 and so on … a plan was in place, moving people in much faster…

    Without Rafa, Roger, Dominic, Serena, Venus…not to mention greats like Delpo (who btw flew into NY yesterday and will be at the OPEN today…. definitely will be interviewed ) and Stan W … the quality of play and excitement allover the grounds was different…

    For me… Without Rafa there, in the beginning especially, it was tough to get into the tennis….. I found myself thinking about him all the time as the level of play just wasn’t as exciting… The controversy regarding Stefanos on day one was all people were talking about as Andy’s press conference was released and then Sascha…Dominic and others weighed in with negativity about what Stefanos does to change the mojo of the game… It reminded me of Djoka’s antics with medical time outs etc…. and so the question was not the legality of what Tsis does during his matches but ethically and I found myself writing him off…

    Without the top players this year, it gave the lower ranked players a chance to be spotlighted on TV, no less on center court at Ashe and Louis Armstrong and the Grandstand… I believe their moving forward in this years Open would have been curtailed with higher ranking players in the tournament…

    I saw all of Matteo’s matches which was fun (his backhand needs work) …I went over to watch Lloyd Harris one day to see what he’s all about…. he has a long way to go… Rafa would never ever EVER have lost to him if he was his pain free self. I rooted on Carlos A against Tsis…. and then got to see this young man very close up yesterday as he took on Peter Gojowczyk in a 5 setter as I yelled out “Vamos” every time he got behind and watched him bagel his opponent in the 5th…

    So this year, the US Open enabled the tennis community to see the future of tennis… the youth… Fernandez, and Alcarez have become the fan favorites… And for those that mentioned it… seeing Tony in the stands for Felix A is a strange sight…I’m like ok you’re here…. where’s my boy Rafa?

    Bittersweet US Open for sure…. Today there are some good matches… Hoping Sascha moves forward as I think Djoka has a clear path to the finals … Need someone to stop him!!!

    • Thank you so much Marileena for your update. I’ve been wondering how you are doing without Rafa…know you have season tickets from your posts…sounds as though day one was a disaster! Don’t think I could have made it though with the extreme heat! It sounds like the New York fans are having a good time…a shame for Francis he gets so close & the fans were really rooting for him Unfortunately it looks like ” you know who” will be lifting his 21nd GS trophy..hopefully I’m wrong ! Who do you think has a chance to take him out? I’m not watching any of his matches…he’s too boring & predictable 😴 Uncle Toni looks awkward sitting in Felix’s box …he has no emotions…no vamosses nothing he just sits there like he really isn’t in it. Rafa seems to be enjoying his life without tennis for now but for his fans it’s just not the same…I can’t find one player that will fill Rafa’s sneakers ! Rafa is Irreplaceable & tennis will never be the same without him.❤ & miss Rafa !

      • Hi Zig…

        You know Rafa has played tennis since he’s 3 years old.. His family saw the talent of his eye/ hand coordination very early on… He is the epitome of a “phenom”…. God given talent that was molded and shaped by his Uncle Toni while the family surrounded him with love and support and it was at the age of 15 that he turned pro… At 20 yrs old he won his first Grand Slam tournament at Roland Garros and he’s never looked back since… Who else can say that?
        Roger Federer can… He started when he was 6 yrs… won the junior championship at 11 yrs old turned pro at 17 yrs old and 4 years later won his first Wimbledon GS… and he’s never looked back… Who else can say that….
        Like it or not…. Novak Djokovic can… He started playing at age 4 and was sent to Germany at 13 yrs old to train… He turned pro at 16 yrs old, with a reputation in Europe as an incredible talent and at 21 yrs old he won his first GS… the Australian Open and he never looked back….

        My point is I haven’t seen anyone, not even close to the power, drive, and force of R,R, and N…. Right now Lloyd Harris has made it through to the quarters…. He’s a lucky guy for the moment. He plays Zverev next and I sure hope Sascha schools this kid… Don’t get me wrong…Harris has a solid serve and perhaps with time he will be a force to be reckoned with but right now Zverev needs to take control and win their match because I honestly think Sascha is the only one who can get in Novak’s way. If he can’t do it…. Medvedev might have to and honestly I’m not sure that he can….Rafa brings out the best in Daniil … I believe that… Now when it comes to Novak, I’m not too sure… I say… prove me wrong Daniil….

        For me….I would love a Zverev / Medvedev final… 2 deserving guys….

        (And btw, I am trying to leave Zverev’s personal issues aside for the moment.. I am not a judge and jury on this one although I do hope the truth prevails at one time or another)

    • Marileena, thanks for your analysis of the Open so far. Yes, it’s been a different but intruiging tournament.

      Unlike Ziggy, I firmly believe that Madvedev will halt the Djokovic GS winning streak, because, up to now, he’s been the best player in the tournament and he has a lot of confidence going forward. I hope I’m proved right and if that’s the case, Djokovic will find it increasingly hard to add to his GS tally as the younger players get stronger and grow in belief. Well, that’s my hope, at least.

      Enjoy the rest of the tournament as I’m sure there’ll be more twists and turns to come.

      • Hi Lorna….

        You could be right!! One thing about Daniil lately that I have liked….
        I have caught him every now and then during his press conferences where he seems very relaxed… smiles … answers the questions. He has clearly grown more comfortable and that comes with confidence…
        That’s what happens when you climb to #2 in the world….

        I would be more than happy if he took out Djokovic in the finals….

    • Yes Roger Rafa & Novack were born to play tennis.Three Legends three different styles of play & all three prodigies in their own right. I don’t know much about Rogers career except that he is five years older then Rafa and six years older then Novak We could speculate that if Rafa & Novak were the same age perhaps Roger would be behind both of them in GS. I used to be a fan of Novak …not a crazy over the moon like Rafa fan but I respected his talent & enjoyed watching Rafa & him dueling it out…it was a magical time & as nerve wracking as is was I watched every minute of those matches. I have since changed my mind about him …with his out of control tantrums the smashing of his racquets, the shouting at his box & the last straw his melt down at the Olympics…He is down right disrespectful & I don’t care to watch him.. With that being said he is #1 he is healthy, he is fit & I believe he can go for at least five more years! I’m 🙏🏼 that Mateo will knock him out tonight & if not him then Zvereve or Danil. It’s a tough task the best out of five
      but one of these youngins can do it!

      • Hi Ziggy… As long as Novak stays focused… it’s going to be really tough to beat him…
        There is such a clear and present danger in his game…. Lately he gave up the first set and I think he was just getting comfortable analyzing his opponents game. So he goes down a set (t’s not a big deal for him) and then he comes back with a vengeance and takes every opponent out… in a big way…. All of his opponents thus far never stood a chance…

        Now Novak will face a quality player and honestly Zverev better be on his game like never before… His serve needs to be laser focused and consistent … He has an opportunity here to show the world what he’s made of and Djoka knows it…. I sure hope Sascha has what it takes….

        It’s times like these that I miss Rafa more than ever…. Going into the stadium and seeing these other guys play, for me there is such a void…. ( I gave my tickets away for the Matteo/Novak match) as I knew Matteo didn’t have what it takes to beat Djoka and watching
        Novak play is no longer fun for me as well…

        So…next up is Sascha against the world #1… I sure hope he’s ready because Djoka has a reason to win…. There’s a lot on the line here for Novak… 21 reasons…… and those reasons will propel his game and unless the person across the net plays like never before, Novak will find himself into the finals…

        Go get him Sascha… please……..

        And Rafa….. Hoping you are doing well.. Know that it’s not the same in New York…not even close without you…

  8. I am really enjoying the us open mainly due to the crowd but also the youngsters like alcaraz, raducanu en leylah fernadez. But i am also happy for my countryman botic van zandschulp enjoyed his match against diego yesterday.

    The tour kinda move on without federer and nadal and even novak is not in the spotlight as previous years. Its has become very open tournament both men and ladies.

    It will be very difficult for rafa to come back next year to be honest. I really hope he will come back but in order for him to compete again he needs to be 100% fit fysically and mentally.

    And he has to make changes on his game

  9. It was so nice to see Rafa hoisting another trophy this weekend.👏He won the Torneo Robinson Classic Golf in Mallorca which had 76 entrants including his uncles Rafael and Miguel Ángel.

    It was lovely that his mama, papa, sister and Maria were there to celebrate with him as well.❤️ Next best thing to the US Open!

  10. So sad but it is time to say rhat also rafa and roger will never win another grand slam. So let’s enjoy watching their matches until will not be posible. It is time for others young players to win slams. Until your last match Vamos Rafa

  11. A sensational performance by Carlos Alcaraz – exciting to watch, great variety and a laser forehand. Love his temperament and positivity. Rafa has been full of praise for this youngster, telling us how good he is and now we can see why.
    The teenagers are certainly shouting loud in this tournament.

    • He is crazy good… I wonder why Uncle Toni didn’t coach him instead of Felix… being that he’s from Spain & all. He plays with a lot of maturity. The New York fans are really pulling for the youngins and I hope one of them prevail & not ND! Didn’t think I would want to watch without Rafa but it’s actually been very exciting… Even the woman’s I have enjoyed. Seeing Rafa enjoying life without tennis is good… I miss him terribly but he gave me the love of tennis & I guess I’ll continue to watch! ❤❤ Rafa

  12. Just happened to watch a bit of Djokovic vs Nishikori. Both D and his wife make my nerves jangle. Sorry to say.

    Yep. I watched Alcaraz vs Tsitsipas. Wonderful! Rafa is supposed to be Alcaraz’s role model. Well ….

    Miss Rafa sooo much!!! Hope he’s getting better and better everyday!

    VAMOS Champ!!!

    • I saw the last set of Acaraz v Shitsipas. Great play from the kid but he’s still very young. Needs a better serve. Let’s see how he does once he’s supposed to win. He does seem to have good manners on court, which I’m glad to see. He also says “there’s only one Rafa”. He’s got that right! They broke the mold after making Rafa.

  13. Anyone seeing carlos alcaraz playing yesterday against stefanos. I did and i really enjoy alcaraz game.

    He is a real shotmaker and very entertaining player. His returns and groundstrokes were unbelievable deep. This is in my opinion the kinda play you need in order to beat djokovic.

    If rafa comes to the end of his career I hope he will throw his support behind this kid. This kid has it in him to win multiple grandslams and also he seem to be more allround then rafa whose game suits more clay

  14. An amazing line up of women’s matches at the USO today. The courts are said to be quick, with the ball flying off the court, so favouring the big hitters and the speedy. With these conditions, I’m hoping that Zverev can hit Djokovic off the court, should they meet in the semi final.

    Does anyone know how Rafa got on in the Balearic Golf Championship? I can’t find any information.

  15. Rafa, I love watching you play tennis as I have from the beginning. You are special and unique as a player and a person. Selfishly I can’t stand to think of a day when you are no longer playing but I always wish you well in your life.

  16. Yikes… There’s going to be some fan backlash at the US Open ….

    For weeks… as a season ticket holder I’ve been getting emails almost every day regarding the protocols at the Open… and the news was consistent … No masks required… No proof of vaccination required unless you want to enter an “indoor” restaurant… Then you must have proof of vaccination to go into an enclosed area…
    Arthur Ashe stadium and Louis Armstrong stadium that have retractable roofs are considered “outside” arenas.. That was the message daily that was on the US Open website.
    And so it was understood that “unvaccinated” people would be allowed into the US Open as per the protocols that were listed for weeks and weeks. on the website.. Ticket sales have been brisk …

    Tonight I just received an email from the USTA…. “Today, the USTA has been informed by the NYC Mayors office that he will be mandating that ALL people entering the US OPEN must be vaccinated at least once. This requirement is for all ticket holders 12 years old and older.”
    The mayors office is sighting the Delta Variant and cannot allow this event to go on with no restrictions and they have been in talks with the USTA for days.

    I get it… and honestly I had some concerns myself and thought I would play it by ear and see how it goes at the Open and decide as to my own level of comfort being there everyday around large groups of people (not knowing whether they are vaccinated or not) …. But now you have people who have read the protocols for weeks and based on those protocols have purchased tickets…are flying into NY… bringing their children…planning their vacation…. and 3 days before the event begins, this mandate is being enforced and if your not vaccinated your not getting in to the US Open…. Ticket or no ticket….

    For safety concerns… it’s a call the Mayor’s office felt they needed to make….
    Ok… but what took you so long?

    There’s going to be a lot of issues at the gate…

    • And btw… Entry into the US Open will be with both a ticket and “proof” of vaccination in the form of either the CDC vaccination card or residents of NY can register on the Excelsior App (their card info)…
      The USTA says they will add people to the entrances to help expedite the people getting in….
      Yes..this will be interesting alright… It’s going to take forever to gain entrance…

  17. Hope you can get well soon. Miss you at the big events. Have watched and loved you since you have been playing tennis. Wish you all the best for a successful recovery, but your health is the most important. You are a talented and good person and you are a stand out in tennis as one of the best ever.

  18. Rafa ….Take 1 step at a time..(.literally ) … Hoping for small improvements along the way….
    This is the time you need for total rest and rehab, for however long it takes as we know what your end goal is… the same as ours….

    Heading to the Open on Monday… not running to P-1…. just taking it day by day with less enthusiasm for sure… You are going to be missed by EVERYONE, more than you could ever imagine.,

    Keep your head up… Stay positive… Va a estar bien!!!

  19. Get well soon Rafa, no tournament is the same without You being there. Looking forward to next season when hopefully You will be back to Your brilliant self. Vamossss !!

  20. Rafa your health is more important than any Slam or Masters. Take whatever length of time it requires to restore your foot to a point where you can play without pain. Get Well Wishes to you my Champion..Vamos Rafa 🇪🇸☘☘

  21. Stay positive and keep fighting. We wish you a complete recovery, and look forward to your return on
    court. 👏💪👍🤛🍀🎾❤️

  22. Rafa this US OPEN is going to be not fan with you not there I hope getting beater with you your injuries All the best 👍💪🎾❤️🇺🇸

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