Rafa Roundup: Nadal shows support for Simone Biles

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“I know it’s going to be tough. Probably, the feelings will not be the best ones,” he said, not one to make a bullish prediction. “If I am mentally well, of course, the main goal for me is [to] be competitive. Then, you can win, [or] you can lose.”

With each victory, he would get a chance to play the next day. Playing multiple days in a row, he explained, helps speed up the process of returning from injury. It also helps build confidence, which he acknowledged comes and goes.

But one important thing has never deserted him.

“The hope never leaves me,” he said. “The hope of ‘I will be back.’ And the hope that I will be competitive and fighting for important things again. For the moment, hope never leaves me in my career.”

“He’s not just a tennis icon, he’s not just a sporting icon, he’s a global icon,” Ein said of Nadal. “He’s one of those people in the world who has a one word name — Rafa — and you know who you’re talking about. … There’s nothing much like that in sports and that’s the Rafa effect.”

Ein said he thinks the addition of Nadal to this year’s tournament will have a “long-lasting impact” on the Citi Open and the tennis community in the District.

“I think this potentially changes the event for a very long time,” Ein said. “I think it does shine a spotlight for the top players that this is a place to come.”

Djokovic was seen tossing his racket in frustration as he lost in three sets to Busta over the weekend. Nadal, who was preparing for the Citi Open in Washington, was asked about Djokovic.

“Luckily there weren’t any people in the stands and nothing else happened,” he told reporters, via The Daily Mail. “He’s a point of reference for a lot of children, but these things happen from time to time. He has to try to avoid them.”

He added: “It’s strange that someone who has had so much success should react that way from time to time but at the end of the day he’s very competitive and reacts like that. It’s not the best image.”

Sebastian Korda idolised Rafael Nadal so much that he named his cat after the legendary lefty. So it was a special experience for the #NextGenATP to train with the Spanish superstar on Saturday evening ahead of the Citi Open. Nadal was left impressed.

“I think I always believed since I saw him play that he is going to have the chance to be one of the best players of the world,” Nadal said. “Let’s see. It’s always the same. I think he has all the things that he needs to definitely be a top guy. Of course, things are not easy and you need to keep improving.

“But I definitely believe, if you ask me, [that[ he [is] going to be a great one.”

VIDEO: Rafael Nadal supports Simone Biles’ Olympic withdrawals | CBS

“If you don’t feel ready, you have been working so hard during all your life to achieve your dream. She achieved amazing things, and I am sure she will be back. But if in this moment she doesn’t feel ready, and why she has to do it?” he said. 

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  1. Rafa is a fighter—without a doubt! Follow his example! You’ll never forget and you’ll never regret!

    • Rafa: the man with humility, hope and wisdom in abundance 👌🏽Can’t wait to see him in action again.

  2. Rafa is thoughtful and wise. Looking forward so much to seeing him back on court. Rafa brings a unique buzz to tennis. Vamos Rafa.🇪🇸🌟🍀

  3. We love to watch you play tennis you are the best human being I now vamosssssss Rafa good luck champ your fans love you for ever wi are with you winning or loose 💪💪💪😘👍👍👍🎾🇺🇸👍

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