PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal and his friends enjoy a relaxing day on a yacht

After losing to Novak Djokovic in the semifinal of French Open 2021, Rafael Nadal came back to Mallorca where he is now taking a well-deserved rest. Our champ sunned himself on-board a yacht somewhere in Mallorca, with three pals earlier this week, Spanish site HOLA! reported.

Here are a few photos…


  1. According to Boris Becker, the courts are always slippery on the first few days as they haven’t been used a lot, especially this year where they haven’t been used for two years. The roof and humidity just adds to the problem. He also said that maybe the type of shoe sole needs to be modified. Let’s hope for no more slips which result in injuries and retirements.

    • Foot injury or not, in retrospect I’m glad Rafa is not taking a chance on Wimbledon given the conditions there. I was all for Rafa playing Wimbledon but now I think he and his team made the right choice.

      Looking forward to seeing Rafa in August.

    • Lorna, In yesterday’s NYTimes, the All England Club defended the condition of its courts but then seemed to backtrack about the Center- and Court #1-courts.

      “The preparation of the grass courts has been to exactly the same meticulous standard as in previous years,” the club said. “Each grass court is checked by the Grand Slam Supervisors, Referee’s Office and Grounds team ahead of play commencing, and on both days of the Fortnight they have been happy with the conditions and cleared the courts for play.

      The weather conditions on the opening two days have been the wettest we have experienced in almost a decade, which has required the roof to be closed on Centre Court and No. 1 Court for long periods,” the statement continued. “This is at a time when the grass plant is at its most lush and green, which does result in additional moisture on what is a natural surface.”

      In addition to the roofs, could the very short grass season also be a contributing factor for injuries. Also, players haven’t been competing as much in these pandemic times. Would different soles make a difference? I sure don’t know.

      Tennis should not be a dangerous game to play, period. Maybe it’s just the grass but Wimbledon isn’t going anywhere. With human ingenuity a solution can be found to reduce the risk of injury.

      • Ummh. It looks as though they’re going to continue to treat the slipperiness of the courts as just one of those things that happen at Wimbledon…..Not good enough! Are they going to wait for a career-ending injury (God forbid) before they think of ways to solve the problem?
        Players train and practice extremely hard and don’t expect to be thwarted in this way.

    • It seems to be the older players who are getting injured. Kyrgios had an ugly fall today but managed to win his match in 5 sets.

  2. The age old problem of damp grass. Two slips in a day causing retirements – Mannarino and Serena Williams. Awful luck and i wish them both a speedy recovery. Other players have been slipping and sliding too, so there are serious safety issues which need to be addressed….Large blow dryer….?

    • Lorna, I may have found the answer to your “large blow dryer” suggestion. Google “Black Jack Portable Fan” and it should pop right up. Check out its website name…….. as I giggle 🤣🤣🤣

      • Margo, just the fan I had in mind 😂😂😜 It’s huge! Awesome name and I can just imagine the commentators announcing that they were bringing on the
        baf to dry the court 🤣🤣🤣

  3. So sad to be injured on court and doubly sad if it’s your birthday. Mannarino fell and injured his knee during the fourth set of his match vs Roger. Roger lives another day to R2.

  4. WOW!! Tsitsipas beaten in straight sets by Tiafo – my bet on Tsitsipas to win the tournament 😫. I didn’t think it would be such a runaway victory. The commentator said that after Tsitsipas’s exploits at RG, he just didn’t have anything left in the tank. Even so, all credit to Francis Tiafo who played a great match.

    • Tiafoe on his day can beat a lot of the ‘next gen’ players.

      Apparently Tsitsipas did not play any warmup tournaments on grass.

      Tiafoe to win it all now!!:):)

      • Yes, that would be good, Mac !! Not beyond the realms of possibility 😀

      • Very unfortunate for Mannarino as he might have won the match. Fed has a four leaf clover in his pocket.

        Now Serena has gone down and out. How long will it take before the condition of the grass is improved? Too many falls happening.

  5. Boris Becker, who is commentating alongside Andrew Cotter, didn’t say anything to the contrary 🤔

  6. Andrew Cotter, BBC commentator at Wimbledon, has cited a foot injury as being the reason why Rafa is unable to recover in time for Wimbledon. Fact or mere assumption?

    • Is that Mr. Andrew Cotter of Olive and Mabel fame? How lucky you are to be listening to him although it’s disappointing if he is speculating on an injury without citing a factual report. We are getting the American feed here with J. McEnroe who is all gaga for N.D.

      • Yes, it’s the same Andrew Cotter 👍🏽. I love John McEnroe. Looks like he’s shifted camps as he was an ardent Rafa fan. I think he was hilarious as the “Commisioner of Tennis” on Game Schett and Mats. However, for me, he talks a little too much when commentating.

    • The usual sloppy commentating. Rafa’s foot was bothering him in late stages of his semi loss, but he said that the bandage was much too tight. Most of the commies know far less about a player than the fans do! As for J McEnroe he’s really become a caricature of himself. He knows tennis well, but just doesn’t bother any more. He likes Rafa personally but he’s always rooted for first Fed, then Djoker or Thiem. I think it’s rooted in jealousy. He can’t stand being at RG because he never won it which kept him from the career slam. Rafa usually makes playing on clay look way too easy!

      No one in Rafa’s camp has said anything about a foot injury as a reason for withdrawing from Wimbly/Olympics.

    • Lorna, I found something re yours of June 28 @3:36PM

      The day before yesterday I first came across an article on elintrasports but couldn’t confirm its statement about Rafa’s foot problem.

      Eventually I found an article on telecinco which has a link to part of Rafa’s interview with Bertin Osborne. Remember that one, Mi Casa es la Tuya? It’s dated November 7, 2020, after his RG 13th title win on October October 11, 2020.

      One of the many questions Rafa was asked centered on what were the effects of isolation [not competing] because of COVID and his [past] injuries.

      Rafa: “The confinement was very good for my knees but not my foot. My foot was totally destroyed [after not playing for 5 months]. I went through many difficult months. Months before Rome [2021] I didn’t know how I would arrive there. I had many treatments done which helped.”

      I am posting this only now because it was televised and those words were spoken by Rafa. Nothing private about that.

      I had to replay the video many times because Rafa talks so fast at times. I held off on commenting about this because I wanted to get it right. Initially, I too thought Forget was speaking out of line. This video may have given him a reprieve.

  7. Wow, I love seeing Rafa in his natural element, the water and on his boat. What a great life he has and enjoys with his wife, family and friends. Great to see Rafa relaxing and having fun! Cheers!

  8. Rotten luck for Johanna Konta who was forced to withdraw and isolate due to being in contact with a team member who test positive for covid.

  9. Best of luck to British teenager Jack Draper tomorrow vs. N.D. He should have the support of the Wimby fans spurring him on. He’s a cutie too who has also done some modeling. Go Jack.💪

  10. Ibiza, one of Rafa’s haunts, may be on to something.

    “Covid pandemic: Key workers in Ibiza dance experiment”

    “Fifteen hundred key workers had the chance to dance in some nightclubs on the Spanish island of Ibiza this weekend, to test if they can reopen safely.
    They were allowed to join the trial only if they’d been fully vaccinated or tested negative for Covid.”
    Reporter: Anna Holligan

    • He was partying with his friends at club Lio in Ibiza this weekend. No masks and very close contact with the crowd. We don’t know whether he has been vaccinated.

      I know he goes every year but I would have expected that to change after his marriage. It certainly isn’t behaviour that most wives would like. I hope Maria Francisca is doing well.

      • To be succinct, a friend told me a few years ago when he visited the Balearic Islands, Rafa enjoys himself out of the spotlight when he can.

        Personally, I feel if that is how Rafa wants to spend his time off, I don’t think anyone has the right to expect something else of him, married or not.

      • I understand your point of view Margo but I reserve the right to feel for his wife.

      • Yes, you have every right to feel what you feel.

        I’m just curious Pauline. How do you know she didn’t feel like going to the club? Why does Mary need you to “feel for her?” I don’t get it. Try not to think the worst.

        Don’t you remember when Mary told a reporter that she would go crazy if she attended more of Rafa’s tournaments trying to fulfill all of his needs. She said they probably wouldn’t still be together if they were always together. That statement says a lot.

        Unlike the old days when married women stayed home while the men went out with buddies this generation has its own concept of what is acceptable, or not.

        If Rafa is true to his word, that family is most important, I doubt very much he would jeopardize his marriage and the repudiation of his family.

      • Margo… I agree with you…I’m so glad to hear that Rafa was out having a little fun at a club… wish I was there!!!
        Pauline, we have no idea about his “personal” life… maybe Meri was out with the girls that night… maybe she was visiting her parents.. maybe he said the guys want to go the club but I don’t want to and she said… go..go..go…. Maybe he stayed an hour and left.. Who knows…
        My point is we don’t know the circumstances and although everyone has a right to state their own opinion… I think speculating or judging Rafa on whether he should be at a club without his wife without knowing the circumstances is judgmental without basis… why put that out there…

      • Margo and Marileena,

        I do have a very traditional view of marriage which colours my thinking but I am willing to try to understand that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. True enough that whichever way
        R&M have handled their relationship has worked for them up to now. Each of you presented alternative ways of looking at the evening in question which I had not considered and may be valid.

        I adore and admire both Rafa and Maria Francisca and wish them the best always.❤️🥰


      • Pauline re yours of 6/28 @1:12PM and @7:10PM

        Peace…of course. I hope I didn’t offend you. Not my intention.

        I now have an understanding of why you said “It certainly isn’t behavior…” I read it as “Why is Pauline accusing Rafa of doing something unseemly” because I was not aware of your “traditional view of marriage.” Of course, nothing has changed except now we understand each other’s intended message…which is a good thing.

  11. Someone mentioned that the Rogers Cup in Toronto (for men) starts on August 6. Not that far off!

    As on now the U.S./Canada border remains closed to travel. Apparently that could change on July 21 when the authorities next revisit the issue.

    Here’s hoping Rafa fans in the U.S. will get the chance to see him play in Canada.

    Glad to see Rafa enjoying himself at home.

    • David, I may be wrong. It seems all travel to Canada, not just border crossings, is prohibited except for a few exemptions. Things may loosen up on July 5.

      • Margo and David…. I just read that Canada has extended their border closing to July 21.

        Right now their at 70% vaccinated with the 1st vaccine only and 20% of its people are fully vaccinated as as of now. They took the road of vaccinating as many people as possible with the first vaccine and delaying the second as supply was running short…. Trudeau has said they must bring the “fully” vaccinated number up and then will consider opening the border as they still worry about the spread of the disease to a non vaccinated person…Supplies of vaccines are now being delivered into Canada and their hoping for a 75% fully number by 7/31 Talk about close for the Rogers Cup….

        Hopefully they’ll get the vaccines out and reopen sooner than later.

    • Margo:re yours of July 3 @2:03 🤗

      Wishing you and all American Rafans a wonderful Independence Day weekend.

  12. I think Rafa should be able to enjoy his down time without having the paparazzi with their telephoto lenses intruding on his privacy.

    • I agree with that. I could see if it’s a public appearance like with golf or any of his sponsorship obligations but what do people get out of “spying” on him. A picture? Or do they think they will expose some deep dark secret. LEAVE HIM ALONE.

      Fans had a good idea of what Rafa would be doing; boating, fishing, and golfing. Activities to rest the mind and body, which he needs.

    • I completely agree about privacy, but some of the “candid” photos of celebrities that appear in the media are arranged, paid appearances. I don’t know in this case, but if Hola paid him fees that he can use for his Foundation’s work and his fans get some reassurance that he’s well, that’s OK. Hola mag was allowed to publish a couple of Rafa and Mery’s wedding photos, with all proceeds going to RNF. If the pics are just the work of the paparazzi, that’s another matter.

      • I have to disagree… I have a different view ……. .Every time I read opinions here about the paparazzi and they should leave Rafa alone, it really makes me laugh…. I think Rafa has a fantastic relationship with the local paparazzi in his hometown… I don’t see rowboats or motor boats surrounding his catamaran trying to get closeups … I don’t see helicopters invading his privacy while he was out with his friends…. Rafa is an international tennis star….he is a beloved member of his community and country…. People love him and want to know what their Rafa is doing these days… So the photographers grab a wide angle picture of him whether its on the boat or out with Meri at a restaurant…. They’re not in his face…. And Rafa knows what goes on and doesn’t care in the slightest bit because their pretty respectful of him while taking a picture of him here and there from quite a distance. I would think after 20 yrs Rafa’s gotten used to it……It’s their job and it comes with the territory for Rafa when you reach this type of fame and success along with the fact that they love him so over there just like we do here….

      • And yet another different view.

        I believe the fans of any particular celebrity tend to be protective of that person. A photographer doesn’t have to be up in someone’s face to be intrusive.

        In Rafa’s case, any paparazzi know better than to approach him in Mallorca without the explicit understanding that they will be permitted to photograph him in proximity otherwise they could be banned from the island. Any photographers or media are carefully screened before being allowed on the island. In his book, “Rafa”, he explains the delicate pas de deux between the media and the island’s authorities.

        It is also in the island’s best interest to protect the privacy of its famous residents and visiting celebrities.

        Rafa is on Instagram, FB and Twitter so I cannot imagine him calling up someone to take a picture so he can let fans know what he’s up to. Maybe he did or maybe he didn’t.

        We don’t know what kind of relationship Rafa has with the island’s media except as stated in his book.

        Looking forward to seeing more pictures of Rafa before he resumes the Tour but on his own terms.

  13. Great to see Rafa enjoying a stress- free break on the boat. Just the tonic to aid his recovery!

  14. Rafa’s boat, Great White, won a couple of awards this week, Best Catamaran and Best of the Best (which is presumably the overall winner). Only right that Rafa should have the best!

  15. Daniil made a joke about the prospect of playing
    PCB at the Mallorca final.

    “It’s definitely not easy, but at least I don’t think he’s from Mallorca, so maybe that can help me a little bit,” Medvedev joked of the No. 4 seed.”

    • Correction:

      Medvedev played PCB in the semifinal of the Mallorca Open.

      He went on to beat Querry in the final 6-4, 6-2.

  16. Someone gave a shoutout for Nick Kyrgios to play Wimbledon. FYI he is playing singles, and mixed doubles with Venus Williams.

  17. Could Mannarino be our Wimbledon savior?

    “BrianFlag of Switzerland

    Federer about his R1: “I approach this challenge with great respect, I must not underestimate him. Grass is Mannarino’s best surface, as he has proven over the past week. The focus and the tactics will be key, It’s good for me to meet someone I know“ via

  18. Rafa’s on the golf course relaxing.


    Rafael Nadal during the ‘III Circuito Hexagonal’ golf tournament today in Mallorca ( Camera with flashFederación Balear de Golf / FB)“

  19. I sure hope he stays far away from other boats, bars, etc.. There are reports of hundreds of new cases of COVID among students who visited Mallorca last weekend after school finished for the summer. So far there aren’t any reported outbreaks in Mallorca. The students attended boat parties, concerts and visited local bars, and restaurants.

    The affected areas are Andalusia, Valencia, Madrid and Balearics, among other locations. Strangely, no reports of Mallorca cases. Only yesterday I read that the Balearic Islands were opening to tourists.

    One mother commented that her son saw no one wearing masks, that no one checked students’ virus status and that no rapid testing was being done.

  20. You deserve this time to relax. Have a fun time with your family and friends.
    We love you, you know.
    You’ll remain for us forever the King of clay!
    Vamos Rafa!
    Nicoleta, Romania

  21. A pesar de todo esfuerzo y haber dado tanto, te mereces ese descanso, Rafael. Que vuelvas con todas; salúd y a disfrutarlo…

  22. Have fun time Rafa you deserved to rest for the next tournament we are going to miss you all the love from your fans 💪💪💪🎾❤️🇺🇸🌎

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