PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal and his friends enjoy a relaxing day on a yacht

After losing to Novak Djokovic in the semifinal of French Open 2021, Rafael Nadal came back to Mallorca where he is now taking a well-deserved rest. Our champ sunned himself on-board a yacht somewhere in Mallorca, with three pals earlier this week, Spanish site HOLA! reported.

Here are a few photos…


  1. WOW….Stanford University…a UK student at the Academy will attend Stanford starting September.

    Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar
    After four years of studying and playing at the Academy, Max Basing 🇬🇧 has graduated🎓👨‍🎓. This summer he will spend some time at home and then he will start his college career at
    @stanford University!
    Congratulations Max! 👏👏👏

  2. Today, Olympic organizers barred nearly all spectators after Japan declared a state of emergency in Tokyo over a spike in Covid-19 cases. [NYTimes]

      • Thanks, Margo. I wonder what that means for the former Rogers Cup, originally scheduled to begin the week after the Citi Open?a

      • David, I was wondering the same thing.

        I remember Rafa saying he wouldn’t play a tournament right before another tournament. Carlos said [according to Tennishead] that Rafa would play two tournaments before the USOpen; Toronto and Cincy.

        The Citi Open announced on its Twitter account that “Rafa’s road to the USOpen starts in DC.”

        The Citi Open, so far, plans for a 50% fan capacity. The USOpen, 100%.

        I’m not sure about Cincy or Toronto.

        It seems that the infection rates and restrictions will still have an impact on which tournaments Rafa decides to play.

        I do worry about him playing 4 tournaments in such a short span of time. Rafa and his team will figure it out.

      • The Washington Post now has the story about Rafa playing in D.C. Its a very big deal for the Citi Open- Rafa is the first of the big three to play there.

        Other big stars set to play include Shapo, Nick, KK and HH and others. Some plan to go to Japan and return in time for the Citi.

        The story mentions Toronto as being on the schedule but doesn’t speak to Rafa playing there or not.

      • David, that’s a really nice article about Rafa. I love the mini bio.

        The Citi Open is a level 500 but the player list, so far, reads like a Master’s. I was hoping for Rafa to “ease in” on hard court but his draw could be difficult. I’ll wait for the final list of players and the draw before I start worrying.

    • I always take this kind of news with a pinch of salt, as he might still withdraw, but it does make sense. He will need some match practice after a longish break and he also needs a big win (or two) in the Summer HC season, so playing a smaller tournament before Toronto (presumably that one rather than Cincy) as a comeback is a good idea. Looks like he’s making a serious attempt at USO, but I do worry about the amount of play on hard court.

      • He might be planning on staying in the States after playing in D.C. as there may still be quarantine requirements coming into Canada. He could play Cincinnati which would give him a week off before the USO. In between D.C. and Cincy he may go to his beloved Bahamas or if reports are accurate go to Beverly Hills for the opening of another of his Tatel restaurants.

        I will be very disappointed if he skips Toronto but would fully understand his reasoning. We shall see.

  3. Here’s to wishing English football fans good luck in the Euro 2020 final against Italy. I read that the game against Denmark was a thrilling nail biter.

    The only thing I know about football is Gareth Bale. I was channel surfing and stopped to watch a game and was rewarded with the sight of a phenomenal goal played by Gareth.

    • Yes Margo a very pro Rafa story in the Washington Post. I’m glad to see the excitement about Rafa returning to the U.S.

      There was a rumor in 2020 about Rafa accompanying the King of Spain on a state visit to Washington D.C. The dinner was canceled of course due to covid. I was glad at least Rafa didn’t have to subject himself to a photo with Trump.

      • Didn’t he decline? From what I remember [which isn’t much] he said he had personal commitments and his tournament calendar was fixed or something along those lines. I believe King Felipe VI and his wife were to come in April.

        I was laughing at the time thinking Rafa could have said, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” 😂😂😂

        I also remember reading something about the invitation being extended to Rafa so Donald could secure more votes from the Spanish speaking population which, to me, made no sense at all. Knowing the type of person he is, I believe Donald simply wanted to rub shoulders with the King of Clay and the King of Spain.

  4. Marileena, your posts @ 11.09pm and 11.22pm. Thanks for your breakdown of who usually plays where and when at the US Open. You have a good memory of it. Being world no.2, I wonder if Medvedev will have anything to say if he gets shunted to the Louis Armstrong Stadium in favour of one of the “old guard”.
    I can’t wait to see Rafa enter the Arthur Ashe Stadium for the night session, tanned and (hopefully) wearing an all black kit.

  5. Shame for Roger as who knows if he will play Wimbledon again . I’m really hoping to see Shapovalov and Berrettini on Centre Court on Sunday , that would be great for tennis

    • I didn’t watch the Federer match, but I saw the highlights. Roger couldn’t handle Hurkacz who was in the zone and in the end he just didn’t look as if he wanted to be on court.
      Roger ended the career of Pete Sampras by beating him at Wimbledon and it looks like things have come full circle for him. It all depends on how much motivation and fight he’s got left.
      May, I agree that tennis needs a fresh young face to break through as a grand slam winner and, with a bit of luck, we might just get what we’re hoping for on Sunday.

    • May, I’ve been rooting for Berrettini. I got a scare when Felix, who has been playing very well, won a set off of him. If Shapovalov and Berrettini make it to the final that would truly be something.

  6. Oh dear. I didn’t want to see Roger go out with a whimper like that, but i guess he just ran out of gas. Hubert Hurkcaz is no slouch either. Novak must be happy and it’s up to one of the remaining few to wipe the smile off his face.

  7. There is nothing fair to the players about court assignments! Natives, popular, previous winners and high ranks get the nod. Remeber Monfils/Murray getting Chatrier in 2014 and Nadal/Ferrer getting shunted off to Lenglen for the quarters?

    • I don’t know how long this has been a tradition but I understand that Rafa always plays one match at Lenglen during the FO. The rationale seems to be to reward fans who only have ticket rights to Lenglen or some such.

  8. Well done Shapo. A hard fought match but you showed that you’re made of strong stuff. Keep your focus against Novak and you never know what can happen.

  9. What a great match between Khachanova and Shapovalov , so relieved to see Denis go through, shame that his next opponent will be Novak

  10. Roger has played every match on Centre Court. World No. 3, Medvedev, played on that court only during his R4 match which he lost. Even the World #1 hasn’t played all of his matches on Centre Court. If Roger keeps playing, will he receive the royal treatment in other tournaments?

    • I’ve heard that Roger keeps being put on Centre Court in case this is his last Wimbledon and if he loses, he can say his goodbye to the Centre Court crowd. Nice sentiment, but not fair to other top players who haven’t had the opportunity to play on the tournament’s biggest court.

      Zverev, seeded no.3, didn’t get on Centre Court and I wonder what would have happened if Rafa was playing and/or if Tsitsipas had gone further.
      Let’s see what happens at the US Open.

      • I did consider the suggested “explanation” for Roger being on Centre Court but feel like you that it isn’t fair. And yes, I’m waiting to see what the USOpen will do if he decides to play.

        On another topic, I can’t find any videos showing Serena fall. The only ones I found were of her standing, taking a little step, then going down on hands and knees before she retired. I’ve read that she was injured before that match [bandaged thigh]. I didn’t watch her match so I don’t know if it’s speculation or fact.

        Nick was basically standing when his leg slid behind him causing him to fall. He loves to brag that he doesn’t train but can beat the best of players. According to him, his thing is going to the pub, carousing, and basketball. I think he plays tennis just to keep a certain amount of money in his bank account😂

      • Lorna….. For as long as I have been going to the US Open …. (which is longer than I care to admit) Rafa…Roger.. and Novak have only played on center court, “Arthur Ashe.Stadium” . Depending upon how the draw lays out…. 2 of the 3 of them are on one day… One player gets the day session….one player gets the night…. The 3rd player of the 3 gets the alternate day and it’s mostly night…..leaving the day match to people like Tsisipas, Medvedev, Zverev, Thiem…. Louis Armstrong is the 2nd stadium where higher ranked players play when center court is not available, especially in the first 4 days of the tournament….
        No matter what ranking Roger Federer has going into the Open, if he plays … I can’t imagine them relegating him to play on Louis Armstrong…. I think he’s center court all the way….
        And btw… at the Open… Rafa plays mostly at night… Roger plays mostly during the day…. Every now and then the schedule flips but its just a thrown in thing…. Rafa enjoys playing the Open in the evening… and I have always thought Roger makes it known he wants the day session because he travels with all 4 kids to NY and I always thought he wants to get back to the city to be with his family in the evening…….

        We will see this year how things play out…. You never know…..

        I saw a few videos of Rafa practicing on hardcourt… and just watching that made me so happy…..I know our boy will be ready by the time the OPEN gets started….

      • Lorna…..Correction…. I just remembered ….about 7-8 years ago…. Rafa did play 1 match early in the tournament on Louis Armstrong…. That was the day as I told Margo. that after he won that match, he signed so many autographs on both sides of the court and I was very fortunate that I got his signature right on the cover of his book named RAFA….
        That was the last time I remember him ever playing anywhere but center court.

  11. If shapovalov serves against djokovic the way he did against murray strange things can happen. Too bad about Emma Raducanu. She is the real deal and has everything talent and charisma. Maybe the female version of nadal.

    Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hopefully we are going to see more of her. I watch djokovic yesterday i fell asleep it was very boring. Wimbeldon men tournament is suffering due the absence of Nadal, Thiem and Wawrinka

    • Marijnt is right, Shapo has a remendous serve as he showed against Rafa in Rome. He also has a wicked backhand that he can spray all over the court.

      The problem with the young guys is that they have limited pro experince winning a five set match. In order to beat Djokovic he may also have to win a couple of tie breakers.

      But I will be pulling for him. Go Shapo!

      • Shapo’s an attractive young guy with a big game and I’d love to see him win Wimbly this year. But he’s been on tour since 2017. He ought to be used to 5 set matches by now! It took young Rafa one failure (age 18, 2005 Miami v Fed in the long lost but lamented 5 set Master finals) to get the hang of it!

      • Wimbledon will be heard around the world if Denis can knockout ND! One of the commentators asked Jelena what Novak does on his time off.. she replied all he does is stretch stretch stretch, he is always on the floor stretching. ND is in it to win it! Lots of luck to Denis, he does remind me a lot of Rafa! Happy for Canada to have two great young players!

  12. NOVAK has a draw that anyone would die for. Players that have a chance to beat him or at least give him a match are on opposite side of the draw he should win this tournament hands down unless he picks up an injury.

  13. Wasn’t going to write here yet …… didn’t know what to say except the same thing that Margo, Lorna and all the other fans wish – that an up coming youngster wins or anyone who hasn’t won before.

    Lorna, how wonderful that you can be at Wimbledon watching live. It’s been my dream to be there one day. Have found it very difficult to get tickets. Anyway enjoy!

    • Thank you Rafa fan 1. I really hope that you are successful in securing tickets one day in the future.

      • Go Denis , brilliant win, Lorna, I hope you are enjoying your day at Wimbledon, the weather is looking good for you. I hope you managed to see this match and enjoy watching your British girl Emma 🤞

    • Rafa wish you were playing at Wimbledon, wasn’t to be this year so I’m am cheering for Denis Shapovalov , the British crowd love him even though he defeated Sir Andy

      • May, I had a brilliant day, thanks. I loved watching all the matches, but, like you, I missed Rafa and the energy he brings to the court. Hope he’ll be back next year.
        Sadly for Emma it was a match too far. Credit to Ajla though.

      • Yes, such a shame for Emma, I wonder if she had a panic attic , still waiting for them to release a statement, I don’t know many of these players now , not the same without the old faces, I am rooting for Denis now but I have a feeling Novak will be taking this title and more this year

      • May, it does sound as if she had a panic attack. She posted on her Twitter @EmmaRaducanu account that she’s feeling much better and gave an explanation for retiring. Following is an excerpt:
        “I was playing the best tennis of my life in front of an amazing crowd this week and I think the whole experience caught up with me.“

      • Oh that’s good Margo, I am happy to hear that , I hope to see plenty of her in the future. I am looking forward to today’s tennis , I am enjoying watching Denis and would love to see him in the final, how about you Margo?

  14. I’m off to Wimbledon tomorrow- got a ticket for court 1 and there are lots of other good matches around the grounds to watch to. I don’t think the weather will be that great, but I’m just grateful to get out to see some live GS tennis. Just doing my itinerary for the day as there are lots of things to remember this year.
    All power to the underdogs! 😁

  15. Heading into the second week it is time for the rest of the field to put their big boy pants on when facing ND or RF. If they were good enough to make it to the final 16 they can pull off an upset. We don’t want a Djoker/Fed final. Be brave guys!

    • I think the final will be Medvedev v Djokovic, but no one really knows. That’s what makes tennis interesting. If Rafa comes back fit, healthy and happy I’ll be very happy. He doesn’t have to win more for me. He’s done enough! GOAT, SCHMOAT! Djokovic can win from here to eternity but it’s never gonna get him the love he craves.

      • 👏👏 That is exactly how I feel Ramara! Rafa has already established one of the most historical careers of all time! Who needs the GOAT when all it means that you’ve won the most GS! Like you say Novak will never be as beloved as Rafa or Roger! So relieved that Rafa didn’t play Wimbledon…It was like a waterslide out there for the first few days. I just happened to turn on the TV to take a peek & Serena was on the ground crying in pain.I can’t see Serena winning another grand slam but I wouldn’t count Rafa out just yet! Rafa has come back before to surprise even uncleToni! ❤️❤️ & 🙏🙏 for Rafa’s return!

  16. I am hoping for a first-time winner. If that doesn’t happen, maybe Roger is acceptable because Rafa would have a better chance to equal and pass Roger. Harder, I hope, for ND to catch up because just maybe the younger guys will stop him. Miracles happen.

    I hope Rafa comes back 100% fit and able to win a fifth USOpen.

  17. So Medvedev secures victory after being 2-0 down in sets as Cilic buckles under pressure again! Medevedev could take over the no.1 spot IF he were to win the title and Djokovic loses before the final (a long shot).
    Who indeed has the real belief and the nerve to stop Djokovic? Someone PLEASE, anyone!!

    • It would shock me to see Roger in the final. He’s really not moving that well. But it would be great drama!

      Medvedev did beat Nole, Rafa and Theim at the ATP finals so he is capable but not so experienced on grass. Sascha or Rublev would also have a chance against Djokovic.

      Only five weeks or so until the start of the Rogers Cup! When will Rafa begin practicing on hard courts?
      No pressure. Just wondering.

      • Hi David,

        Rafa has been practicing on hard courts at the RNA with Carlos Moya for a few days but this weekend he is in the Balearic golf tournament.

        We’re still waiting on a decision about the National Bank Open (formerly Rogers Cup). Other sports are going ahead so I remain hopeful.

  18. If only Nick Kyrgios can keep a sane mind till the 2nd week, he is the only one who can tame the Djoker and stop him from achieving a 20th grand slam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If only he would train!! Perhaps he wouldn’t have gotten injured.
      Nick doesn’t take his “part time” sport seriously at all…
      Can’t count on him to beat ND…

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