WATCH: Rafael Nadal beats Jannik Sinner in Roland Garros fourth round – interview, highlights

Defending champion Rafael Nadal cruised to his 15th Roland Garros quarterfinal as he beat Italian Jannik Sinner in straight sets.


  1. I really don’t see the point of having a curfew which starts so early on in the evening. It’s like a cruel tease. Such a shame – no crowd, no atmosphere, the sound echoes around the stadium and, as the Eurospirt commentotor mentioned, the players can hear every single sound.
    Well, I suppose it’s not something that Rafa has to worry about tomorrow, but even so….

    • “Cruel tease” is a great analogy. I can only think that lifting the curfew in increments instead of in one shot may give authorities a better idea of where the virus is spreading to identity hot spots. Variants have added to the lethality of the original strain.

      Stay safe everyone.

    • David, I apologize if I confused you. I posted about the NYTimes article on June 8 @8:14AM and that’s the article I referred to in your comment, same article. I didn’t include the technical stuff in my comment because I don’t know how to talk technically about tennis. Going to reread your comment to see if it helps me any. The only thing I know is that I love to watch Rafa play his A game. It’s a beautiful sight.

      I felt bad for Sinner because he tries so hard, he does his homework but still hasn’t realized that all his hard work will pay off in the future, just not now.

  2. Zone baby…. Rafa’s in the ZONE!!.

    And when that happens….watch out…..It’s stunning to his opponents!!

    3 to Go!!!

    VAMOS RAFA!!!!

    • LOL You’re in a great mood. I like your song.

      I hope we eventually get to sing “just one more, Rafa.

  3. I agree with Mark about Musetii quiting just because he was about to be on the wrong end of a bagel.

    Excellent story yesterday in the New York Times about Rafa’s evolving offensive play under coach Moya. The story quotes data as measured and collected by the Hawkeye system. The data relate to Rafa’s first shot after his serve. Before Moya, from 2012-16 Rafa’s first shot after serve was inside the baseline only 30% of the time. That figure improved each year under Moya and now his first shot is inside the baseline 42% of the time.

    This is important in a statistical sense because Rafa wins the point 74% of the time when his first shot is inside the baseline and only 59% when it comes from beyond the baseline.

    On the subject of commentators I noticed that the Tennis Channel team has been full of praise about Rafa’s back hand. Its one of the very best.

    We don’t hear Wilander on TV in the U.S. but when I read his comments in print he is usually pro Rafa
    or at least respectfull of Rafa’s talent.

    • The same here about Rafa. After the comment here all I could find were glowing remarks in articles about Rafa. I usually turn off the volume or leave it on enough to hear the ball strikes during matches.

      About The NY Times, that is the article from which I posted an excerpt including information for anyone who wishes to read the entire article. I still haven’t located your archy source for that post regarding Sinner.

      I disagree about Musetti which you may have seen. Let’s see if the ATP reacts to his statements.

    • On Eurosport Wilander has always given me the impression that he believes Roger ‘walks on water’ David and although he is ‘respectful’ of Rafa’s achievements, I think he rather begrudges them. It is subtle because he is always polite when he talks about him but the bias is there and always has been. I try to ignore him whenever he talks about Rafa. (The last thing that Wilander wants is for Rafa to overtake Roger in the number of Majors won.) I do hope Rafa can do it but the competition is inevitably getting tougher as Rafa gets older.

      Nothing is ever said about it in commentary when they talk about Soderling beating Rafa at the French Open in 2009 (Rafa wouldn’t want them to talk about it anyway) but Rafa’s parents split up in June 2009. You may recall that he then withdrew from Wimbledon that year because he was so upset and distracted. (All Rafa fans know how much family means to him.) Soderling did play well, (a big man who hit the ball really hard) but Rafa was very distracted and emotionally drained at that time. He tried his best as he always does but his heart just wasn’t in it. I firmly believe that Rafa would have won that match had he not been so upset about his parents’ separation. (Fortunately, his parents eventually got back together; so all is well in the Rafa Camp now.)

      • Ginagigi, a lot of them are just talking heads.

        Let them opine about Rafa because he’s still standing. Fans can see through the smoke screen.

      • As you say Margo, Rafa is still standing. Rafa’s outstanding record speaks for itself and no-one will ever be able to take that away from him, not even those who begrudge it.

  4. From Eurosport U.K. Musetti saying there was no injury. He knew he couldn’t win so he just gave up. Wrong attitude. He should be fined at the least.

    • That’s not entirely true, Mark. You have totally ignored his previous sentences and you’ve taken his words out of context.

      Musetti explained that he had cramping and lower back pain. Do you know how much pain he can tolerate? From what I saw he expended any energy he had on the first two sets so physically he couldn’t go on, in my opinion. I surely wouldn’t want to see him pass out on court.

      • Sorry Mimi. I jumped the gun on bagels. I went back to your previous post and realised that 22 included the bagel Rafa served on Sinner.

        In regard to Musetti i don’t think he should be sanctioned. Like Margo said, although he said he was not “injured”, i think what he meant got lost in translation a bit, because he also said he was feeling some cramps and back pain. He was visibly very stiff in the third set, as he went full pelt to win the first two sets against Novak and i guess his body just couldn’t handle five sets. We should remember that he’s young and probably still growing physically.
        Novak said he understands why Musetti retired because he often did the same in his early years on the tour due to physical issues.

        Margo and Mark, It’s true that Mats Wilander has often been full of praise for Rafa. I remember when Rafa got his la decima at RG, Wilander was excited and so happy for him. He is an excellent tennis analyst, but i just feel that he’s so much in awe of Roger Federer, he daren’t criticize him too much. I’ve decided that, for me, Greg Rusedski tops the annoyance chart 😀

    • Disappointed to hear……I stopped watching toward the end of the fourth set. When I checked scores later I thought Musetti was injured.

      • I think everyone thought he was injured, me included, but I’m not upset about him not finishing his match. The first two sets depleted him. Had he not experienced cramping and lower back pain and just quit I feel it would be understandable if he faced some sort of sanction.

      • Sounds like he made the right decision. Best wishes to him, and looking forward to watch him play soon.❤️

  5. Well done champion, all the talk of ” an upset”before the match. Mats Wilander was in his usual anti Rafa mode” Sinner is like Soderling, he has the game to beat Rafa”😂, the most annoying guy who changes like the wind. If he mentions one match wonder Soderling once more the TV May suffer.
    Rafa played some amazing tennis, a little tweaking of the serve is required but he and his team will figure it out. 🇪🇸🌟👏

    • Go easy on the tv, Elizabeth 😂. You’re right. Some of these commentors switch allegiances according to who’s winning at the time and I don’t know who i find more annoying in this regard, Mats Wilander or Greg Rusedski. Well you guys, Rafa is going nowhere any time soon.

    • Yeah… Mat Wilender doesn’t ever hand out any compliments to Rafa… He needs to take some commentating lessons from Jason Goodall, James Blake, Paul Anaco, Jim Courier, Lindsay Davenport …they all are full of paise for Rafa and in general just very positive commentating. I heard Wilander say it’s not how many GS you win but how you win them. He won’t acknowledge all of Rafa‘s historical achievements along with the most outstanding sportsmanship on tour. The only thing I can think of is that he’s jealous. Whatever it is I won’t listen to him… I love Jason Goodall, love his British humor & his commentating is very positive with all the players! I also like Johnny Mac… Love his coaching style of commentating! Just wanted to put my two cents worth in…I’m glad I was not the only one that noticed it! Sinner gave Rafa a decent handshake this time! He still hasn’t developed much personality on court. We all remember Rafa at 19 … he was flying around the courts & with each jaw dropping shot would follow a big VAMOS! Rafa was shy but he was oozing with personality and charm! Loved Rafa from the start! Diego is next…He’s on fire and can give Rafa a bad time! However this is Rafa’s house & I’m sure Rafa will prevail! 💜🙏 Rafa, # 14 is right around the corner!

    • Rafa is third on PC tomorrow after the two women’s QFs, so It’s good that he’s got the day slot. The night match will be played with a crowd.

  6. Congratulations to Rafa and Iga as well, into the quarterfinals.👏🤗 Iga is the only top 10 player left in the draw.
    Good luck to both the rest of the tournament.🍀❤️

    • Mimiiii, rubbing it in???😬😬 No Simona, No Ashleigh….😭

      Yes, Rafa plays after Iga so hopefully they will continue their road to the final. Two defending singles players at the same tournament…coincidence yes but has it happened before? I haven’t been following the ladies but are there any threats to Iga?

      Can’t wait for tomorrow and hope Rafa continues his terminator role.

      • 🤞 for Rafa and Iga!
        Good luck to both tomorrow.🍀❤️

        I think Iga’s next opponent, Maria Sakkari, is a dangerous player, let’s see……

      • Margo,

        Maria beat Iga in straight sets.😥 Congratulations to Maria👏 and good luck to Iga in doubles.🍀

        I am ready for Rafa vs Diego
        Vamos RAFA💪💪💪🍀❤️

  7. Amazing, Rafa. Playing with such confidence. “Rafa was playing and I was just running,” Sinner.
    Keep up the momentum. 🔥🔥👏💪🤛👍🍀🎾❤️

    • For Margo sorry I don’t have the link but the title of the new york times story is “In Paris Rafael Nadal is the same but different” by Mathew Futterman. Published June 8 and updated June 9.

      I know nothing about ArchWay Sports. It just came up on a search about Sinner’s Rome handshake. I believe he may have made eye contact with Rafa yesterday.

      • Yes David, same article. I quoted the title.

        ForgetNo worries about ArchWay, it’s that I prefer to read an article instead of a paraphrase. I do understand, though, because I too come across something relevant to a discussion but then cannot find it again. I used to include my sources but then stopped [lazy]. To make it easier on everyone, I figured out it’s just easier to provide the source in case someone asks. We don’t need a source if something is easily verifiable, of course.

        Unlike the recent Eurosport poll, not one person who said Rafa won could give me the vote breakdown. Why did I want to know/see the breakdown? Just say I wanted to get my rare schadenfreude fix suspecting that the fans of RF and ND were probably on “suicide watch” because their guy didn’t win😂😂💪🎾

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