PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal reaches French Open quarterfinals with win over Jannik Sinner

Rafael Nadal defeated Italian teenager Jannik Sinner 7-5, 6-3, 6-0 to reach the Roland Garros quarter-finals for the 15th time on Monday afternoon, staying on course for a 14th French Open title and 21st Grand Slam crown.

After the match, Rafa said:

“It’s a pleasure to be back on this court and always a pleasure to play in front of you. I played a very good opponent.

“I think I started playing well the first couple of games then I played a little bit defensive for the first few games. I think I played a great level of tennis after 4-3 in the second set, so I am very happy about that.”

Our champ racked up his 104th win at the tournament against just two defeats since his title-winning debut in 2005. He will next play No. 42 Diego Schwartzman, who also has not lost a set in the tournament.

Rafa on playing Diego: 

“It is always a challenge to play against him. I need to play well. He is going to be confident after winning a couple of good matches here. I hope to be ready for it.”


  1. Rafa vs Sinner [Excerpts]

    “Nadal was not perfect Monday in his 7-5, 6-3, 6-0 win. He was down 5-3 in the first set before winning four straight games. He coughed up a 4-0 lead in the second. But as he nearly always has on the clay at Roland Garros, he made all the necessary shots, joy-sticking Sinner around the court as though he had a metal rod inserted into his chest.”

    “At some point he was playing and I was only running,” Sinner said.

    [SOURCE: NY Times, June 7, 2021, “In Paris, Rafael Nadal is the Same as Always, and Yet He’s Different”]

  2. Congratulations Rafa you play very good vamosssssss for the next much this is yours 2021 is yours good luck 💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍❤️🇺🇸

  3. If Diego thinks he’s going to win on Wednesday, like he won against Rafa at Rome in 2020, he’d better think twice. Rafa has matches under his belt unlike in 2020 when he hadn’t played for 7 months before the Rome Masters.

    Like Rafa, Diego has also won all of his matches in SS plus he’s 6 years 10 months younger than Rafa. None of that will matter. Rafa will claim victory again to bring his head-to-head tally to 11-1.

    • You got that right Margo!!! He is focused and unstoppable and is improving with every match!!!
      This is fun!!!! 🙂

      VAMOS RAFA!!!

      • I agree Marileena and I hope Diego gives Rafa the play that he needs to get through his semifinal and final. Happy that Rafa won but I’m surprised Sinner lost so badly.

        Let’s see if Diego can win a set.

  4. Congratulations and sweet bagel Rafa, I was hoping it would be in the second set, but you surprised me in the final set.👍😊 With this bagel, Rafa just tied the record of Connors at the US Open, 22 bagels, and Rafa has a chance to make history if he manages to bagel another opponent, maybe Diego🤔 What do you think Margo?😂

    Most bagels scored in a single tournament at any ATP event:
    J. Connors 22 US Open
    R. Nadal 22 RG
    B. Borg 20 RG
    G. Vilas 20 RG
    I. Lendl 20 US Open
    R. Federer 17 Aussie Open

    Source: EssentiallySports by Anshul Singh

    Good luck vs Diego next Rafa🍀❤️

    • LOL Mimi, you’re counting bagels and I’m counting Rafa’s H2H against Diego. My post still isn’t showing. 😭

      Those are a lot of bagels. Maybe Diego will get one, too. Hope he’s not reading this😂🤣😂

      • If he hasn’t already, Diego’s probably dumped the both of us😂😂😂

      • Mimi, I’ve been reviewing Rafa’s 2019 QF USOpen match vs Diego. Great shot-makings from both players but we know who won the war🤗

        It’s been said by other players that you can’t prepare in practice to play against Rafa because no one plays like him. Our champ is unique in so many ways.

        Here’s to another SS’s win against Diego💪🎾🍀🏸

  5. 104-2-Fantastic win finishing with a bagel. The pleasure is all ours witnessing your play. All the best in the quarters🔥👏💪👍🤛🍀🎾❤️

  6. OMG Rafa pretty much annihilated Sinner once he got in the groove. Bravo Rafa and onwards and upwards. So want you to lift that trophy once again❣❣❣

  7. A lot of up and downs today. Important to be through in three sets. Take rest and all the best for next round. Go for it. Vamos Rafa❤️

    • A lot of ups and downs is right, Rafa 1310. Too many missed first serves and I hate those double faults. But most of the time Rafa was in control and hitting his shots. I read that he had been working on a cross court back hand and I saw a couple of those for winners.

      Now its on the the Quarters! Go Rafa!

  8. Good job Rafa. You changed it up and put the hammer down just when you need to – very smart.

  9. Vamos Rafa
    You showed him The Greatest fighter today hope sinner learned something new from Rafa…. Hoping to win in straights vs Diego as well

  10. Well done our champ!!😀👍🏻👏🏻💪🏻💪🏻🙌🏻👌🏻.
    So happy for you first, for your family and friends, and of course for us, we love you!! ❤️.
    But would like to see or to hear what is gonna say another one that is taking and talking: Patrick Moratoglou. It seems you ‘are disturbing to some explayers’, never got that point, because you have lots of merits, no one gave you any gift. So KEEP SHINING, KEEP FIGHTING, KEEP BEING YOURSELF and never listen to those ones that just want you put of the courts. Enjoy what you do and being you 💚🙏🏻😌
    Vamos Rafa!! ‘King of Clay’ 👑, vamossss our ‘Ranging bull’ 🐂💫💥⚡🌊🌀🌈🔥🔥

    • Where did you see a statement by P. Moratoglou that Rafa was disturbing to some explayers? Reference please. Thank you.

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