Maria Isabel Nadal shares the cutest childhood photo on Rafa’s 35th birthday

Maria Isabel Nadal took to social media to wish her brother Rafael Nadal a happy birthday as she shared an adorable photo from their childhood. Have a look!

“Happy Birthday 🥳🥳❤️❤️ Si, claramente hubo un reparto desigual del moreno… 😂, ” Maria Isabel wrote in the caption. 


  1. “Happy 35th Rafa” !! I am always praying to see you play in person before retirement!! You’re Awesome! Such adorable pictures! 😍

  2. What an adorable duo. He’s got a protective grip on her but she’s clearly thinking “He’s messing up my outfit.” 😂 What a fashionista!

  3. Beautiful close relationship, just look at how Rafa I
    Is holding her, securely. Adorable.

    • Happy Birthday Rafa. God Bless You and keep you and your family safe and healthy. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley.

      • Welcome back! Where have you been as I’ve missed your cheers for Rafa?

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