Who is the GOAT? Vote for Rafael Nadal!

Eurosport asked viewers to vote at eurosport.com on the question, ”Who is the GOAT?”. If you are bored and also think just like us that the right answer is Rafael Nadal, then please vote for our champ.

Thank you in advance, dear Rafanas!

Updated: The voting is over. Fans have voted and Rafa is the GOAT!


  1. Ruth here, 72 years old, adding to my earlier post. Neither Federa nor Djokvokic have won Olympic Gold in Men’s Singles. Nadal has won Olympic Gold in both men’s singles and doubles. Federa has won Olympic Gold in ONLY doubles. And Djokvokic has won ONLY Bronze in men’s singles. Plus, neither Federa nor Djokovic have won 14 Titles at a single Grand Slam and with their ages it is highly unlikely they ever will.

  2. Wow! I am 72 and I have watched Nadal his entire career! Rafa is definitely the GOAT!!!!!!!

  3. All the way what else or how else did he needs to show that he is the one in every achievements one needs to prove to be the GOAT he get it and prove there should be no debate, yes Roger is good but Rafa excel.

  4. Mats Wilander and Barbara Shette were so disappointed at the result. They almost glossed over it!! They are so biased, Rafa is the GOAT on and off the court. Yippee

    • I noticed that too, Elizabeth. I heard the groan of disappointment from Mats Wilander when the GOAT result was announced. Both of them worship Roger Federer like he’s a god.

  5. Get your family and friends to vote for Rafa. He’s i% ahead bow. Vote die Rafa

    • Margo,

      It says “Eurosports is unavailable in your region” when I clicked the link? How can I vote? Thanks.🙏

      • RNF says voting is over. Look at their post above. They inserted an update. Rafa won. I did vote so maybe you tried after voting was closed.

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