Roland Garros 2021: Saturday practice photos

Here are some of the photos from Rafael Nadal’s practice session today at Roland Garros.


  1. Happy for Casper Rudd who beat Bernard Paire in a 4th-set tiebreak 5-7, 6-2, 6-1, 7[7]-6[4].

  2. Medvedev is also in to R2 in straight sets after beating Bublik 6-3, 6-3, 7-5. He who doesn’t like clay but said he will try to win.

    • Medvedev has brought a valuable member of his coaching staff to Roland Garros…. Along with his coach, trainer, physio… this year he brought “Francesca” who is a psychologist or better known as his “mental coach”. She has been counseling him along with his wife Daria for the past few years.and this year she is attending RG with the team…
      I think this is a big move for Daniil as he wants to adapt to clay and become more successful on this surface…. It was quite evident during today’s match that he made an effort to kept calm throughout as he won his first round….

      • Good for Him.👍 I started watching middle of the third set, no wonder he looked different on “clay” today lol

      • Yes, maybe I better stop pushing the “sport psychologist” line 😂.

        I am surprised he has so many team members with him as I thought players were allowed only two. He did say when Francesca doesn’t come with him he does video sessions with her.

  3. Sinner is in to R2 after beating Pierre Herbert of France. It wasn’t an easy win 6-1, 4-6, 6[4]-7[7], 7-5, 6-4. Did anyone see his end-match handshake? I’m just following the scores between stuffing my face and sipping cocktails🍹in honor of our military.

  4. Rafa is third up on Chatrier tomorrow after two WTA matches. His will follow Ash Barty’s match.


  5. Rafa has rediscovered his formidable forehand and service game in Rome just in time for Roland Garros . The confidence should be ebbing and propel Rafa to another his 14th trophy . Now Rafa must take care of business , one opponent at a time . They are all formidable but Rafa is 100 -2 at Roland Garros so it’s his title to take . Vamos .

  6. Iga was hitting on court with Rafa-having fun-she was”starstruck”👏🥰🎾❤️

    • Two defending champions practicing together.🤩😍
      Hope they both defend their titles.🍀❤️

      • It’s going to be interesting Mimi because Ashleigh is the favorite to win. I was surprised pundits taking Barty over Swiatek. Me, rooting for Barty😝

      • Margo,

        I prefer Rafa and Iga, but I am okay with Rafa and Ashleigh because she is a good player who has a sweet personality.

      • Mimi, LOL No problem 🤗 too funny. I say good for Iga if she defends her title.

        I’m sticking with Halep and Barty.

  7. Yes, Naomi was fined and faces a possible default at the FO and suspensions from the other Slams according to the NYTimes.

    I cannot yet confirm reports that Naomi has refused to engage with French Open officials to discuss her boycott but if it’s true I can understand the Slams willingness to suspend her. Statements coming out of the Tournament are that all players must be treated equally.

    • Remember when they called him Baby Fed as he was supposed to become Roger’s successor?
      A lot of tennis careers never go as planned. Wishing him well.

      • Yes, I remember. He is 30 years old now.

        True unfortunately……yes, hope he recovers well and returns soon.

      • Another player, whose name I couldn’t remember yesterday, is Milos Raonic. He reached world #3 but he’s had lots of injuries.

      • Yes, poor Milos……I think he was a finalist at Wimbledon once too. He also hired Carlos Moya as his coach for a year or so. Best wishes to him, hope to see him back soon.❤️

  8. well there could be another suprise zverev is 2 sets behind against otte. What is going today i thought its was supposed to be the next generation turn.

  9. well there is the first upset hopefully there will be more starting with zverev and stefanos. All this crap about the next generation

    Rafa should focuss match by match not underestimating anyone

    • Thiem out! Shocking! Beat by 35 year old Andujar…I’m in shock! Oh well one less dangerous opponent for Rafa! I hope Thiem gets his mojo back. Margo I couldn’t find the post but you had explained the issues that Dominic is having.

      • What I said about this tournament was that there would be a huge deviation from the original draw in any tournament I have watched. When I saw Andujar as Thiem’s first opponent I thought “goodness gracious, a Spaniard” because we know they can play clay. His loss is a bummer.

        To your question, I think Thiem is experiencing a time of soul searching and introspection. To paraphrase him “I’ve lived my whole life trying chasing a Slam but have missed so many things in life because of it.” He now has a Slam title so what does he do now?

        I don’t remember my entire post but I’m thinking he has to find the right balance between tennis and his personal life if he wants to continue with tennis. Will he want to fight to defend his USOpen title or merely play a tournament. Only he can answer.

        I hope he stays healthy and finds what he’s looking for. I really like him.

  10. Theim loses to Andujar in five sets!! Andujar has been playing well but what an upset for Dominic.

    One of Rafa’s main rivals gone in the first round!

  11. First major upset of the tourney as Thiem loses to Andújar Alba. Had won the first two sets.
    His woes continue.

  12. Best of luck Rafa…. It’s a star studded event & they all want your throne! Win or lose Rafa you will always be the king of Roland Garros! I’ve put my 🙏🙏 in and will be there rooting for you all the way! 💜💜 ALLONS-Y RARFA !

    • He was on tomorrow’s schedule but now it’s Tuesday’s so he won’t have his birthday 🎂 off. Starting on Wednesday the weather is looking pretty wet but a lot warmer than last year’s tournament.


  13. Rafa good luck you can do it this 2021 is yours vamosssssss champ with are with you all the wait your fans Ana Maria

  14. 🤩🙏
    One match at a time Rafa, all the best vs A. Popyrin.🍀🎾❤️

    Congratulations to Sebi who won his first title in Parma.🏆👏

    • Rafa will breeze through his first two matches easily I am certain.💪

      Fantastic for Sebi. Enters the top 50 on Monday.🙌

      • Thank you Pauline!🙏😘 You just made me feel a bit less anxious.😄

        Nice and happy for him.👏🥳

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