Roland Garros 2021: Friday practice photos

Here are a few photos from Rafael Nadal’s practice session with Pablo Carreno Busta in Paris.


  1. Rafa .. one day I would like to be like you. Never complaining about your draw even when you know that you’re always given the toughest draw but I suppose you look at it as preparation for the final, being the positive person you are. I’m always more upset than you are when I see the draw results .. its so unfair but you still manage to rise to the top because you are the greatest tennis player ever!!!!

  2. T deseo lo mejor en este torneo, Rafa a por ese 14 SIEMPRE CONTIGO!!! ,

  3. Rafa’s take on the draw. True to himself, he is focused on what he needs to do to win.

    To the ATP:
    “Whenever that happens you have these consequences [with the seedings]. I see it as completely normal. I’m not worried about it. I have a lot of work in front of me to play a potential match versus Djokovic [in the semi-final].

    “They would need to play each other and I have my own path. My path right now is [Alexei] Popyrin [in the first round] and that’s where my mind is. My draw is hard enough to be thinking about anything else. I must continue my preparation, focus on my routines and keep advancing in the way we want.”


  4. THE STATUE VERDICT—Rafa spoke to the ATP

    “The statue is spectacular,” said Nadal, who beat Djokovic in the 2020 Roland Garros final. “I think it is very real. If you haven’t seen it live, if you stay close you’ll notice. It’s a clean, modern statue and I’m very pleased. It’s really difficult to build a statue with that material and be so real as this one is.

    • I’m glad Rafa is delighted with the statue and I can’t wait to see it live up close before my final verdict 😀

      • So happy for him too. I tried to look at the piece from a male’s perspective and came up with the following.

        From a different perspective it [metal] speaks to Rafa’s mental and physical STRENGTHS, his LONGEVITY on the Tour considering his many injuries, and the INDESTRUCTIBILITY of his Roland-Garros record.

    • Hi Margo,

      Re your 12:34 AM, I totally agree with you.👍 “Look at it the way it is with artwork – a personal judgement…….” Yes, the most important thing is Rafa likes it.

      • I’m so happy to see your statue, it is made of metal of course it is very hard but to me it’s the act that counts. It is the recognition that of your hard work, consistency and greatness. Your athleticism is second to one. In fact, NO ONE have ever done what you did in any ERAS of tennis is. You are the GREATEST of all, you should to the world then and up to now, you can be the greatest KING without breaking a racket and remain humble when winning and a great sportsman even when losing. You never envy anyone, you treat your competitors in same degree of respect and you acknowledges your great rivals achievements. I never idolised anyone except you- you are perfect to me! Vamos king 👑 Rafa 🇪🇸 Best of luck this year avr for years to come. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👑🤴🇪🇸👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      • Mimi, thanks for sending me across the continent in search of 12:34AM😬
        I had to go check my entire comment so that I didn’t make a mistake in responding to you. I can just hear other fans here saying “There she goes again. Let’s wait for the correction.”🤣🤣🤣😂

        Yes, everyone’s opinion is valid.

        I also want to warn everyone to be careful because you know metal can get hot under the sun. And if it’s sunny when you go to see the statue bring sunglasses because the sun’s reflection may hurt your eyes, especially during winter.

      • I am so sorry Margo! I promise it won’t happen again.👌😉

        You are funny. Correction is necessary sometimes, I think it happens to everyone.😄

        Thanks for the “warning.”🙏 I thought I would not return to Roland Garros, but you never know……

  5. An itense practice session as usual and it’s clear that the hunger and desire is undiminished. I just watched the beautiful video in which Rafa was relaxed and happy with all he’s achieved up to now, on and off the court. A great champion and a true statesman. Keep the fire burning for as long as you can, champ!

  6. Rafa had great practise session with PCB today. Can’t wait to see you flatten all in front of you…no. 14 and 21…lovely figures on your stats record. Buena Suerte Rafa

  7. Rafa we are ready to see you play tennis vamosssssss champ good luck we now you can do it. This year is yours 💪💪💪❤️👍😘🇺🇸

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