PHOTOS: Here’s what Rafael Nadal will wear at 2021 Roland Garros

The second Grand Slam of the 2021 season is almost upon us and if you were wondering what our champ will be wearing, here is the answer. 13-time Roland Garros champion Rafael Nadal will be wearing a pastel green t-shirt with black shorts and green/white shoes.


  1. Of course I am with you Margo! You made me want to go watch that YouTube video between Diego, Kevin Anderson, and the beautiful umpire again…… I love uncle Toni and I “hate” him too.😂

    I saw some photos only, going to check out those videos now. Thanks Margo.🙏

      • 😁 There’s a chance for Rafa and Diego to meet in the quarterfinal, do we want that?

      • Mimi, I’m not paying attention to Rafa’s route to the final until his semifinal. And even then, I feel Rafa’s got it. I propose the only guess is who will he face in the final.

        I will feel bad for Diego if he plays Rafa. He will return to Argentina licking his wounds and maybe start getting back in form to try to beat Rafa in their next encounter.

        Don’t forget that 13 is a lucky number.

        21 for 1921.

  2. At last! Rafa immortalised in a statue – a thoroughly deserved tribute to a great champion, in recognition and appreciation of all he’s achieved at Roland Garros. I’m excited and anxious at the same time. I hope that the statue is a nice one and the draw is a kind one.

  3. I would love to see Rafa’s reaction to seeing his commemorative statue for the first time. The news media may be hoping for the same thing so maybe Rafa won’t get to see it until it is unveiled at RG.

    The metal statue, sculpted in Paris, is 11 meters high
    [9 feet] and in the same color as la terre-battue. It will be located at gate 1 of Stade Rolland-Garros.



    • There is contradictory info in the media regarding the height of the statue. I saw 6 metres which is just shy of 20 feet. If it were 11 metres that would be 36 feet tall.

      Hope all will be clarified at the unveiling.

      • Thanks for the catch Pauline. My numbers are obviously scrambled eggs.

        As long as it’s REALLY tall I’m happy.

        A funny tweet I saw stated that the statue would be located in the middle of Paris. 😂 [That’s where the Eiffel Tower is.]

      • Margo-According to the article on atp tour it is only 3 metres which is 9’8” so part of what you said was accurate. In the photos of Rafa standing next to it however it is way more than 3’7” above him. Albeit it is elevated off the ground. In any case my initial reaction is slight disappointment. Not loving it but might get used to it in time. Will be interested to hear other Rafans opinions.

      • Pauline, I posted on the next RNF post. I don’t think it’s fair for me to judge the sculpture except to say I can’t recognize Rafa. But that’s not the point of the sculptor from what I’ve read.

        I’m in love with the classic marble sculptures. Give me a Venus de Milo, a David, a Pieta or a Thinker. Maybe I shouldn’t say this and I may sound like a jerk but what flashed through my mind was to do something like a David with Rafa’s smiling face and a tennis racquet in hand. Oh, and shorts.

      • Margo: Seems we were posting at about the same time re: the statue. I believe it is perfectly fair for you and for all of us who view it to judge it. Sad to say but it reminds me of Silver Elvis if you have ever seen photos of him. I also love the marble classics but bronze or pewter might have worked too.

        David with shorts and a racquet is quite an intriguing idea. Perhaps Rafa can hire you to do the next one which will be put next to the Eiffel Tower. 🤣😂

      • Pauline re your 8:54pm

        I am cracking up. Michelangelo can assist me😂😂

        Yes, bronze would be nice but you know how much care it requires. I, too, am waiting to know other fans’ reactions.

        I truly hope that Rafa loved/likes it. That’s what matters most to me.

  4. It is my understanding that the long awaited statue of Rafa that was approved in 2017 by the board of directors at Roland Garros, will be unveiled tomorrow at the draw for this years French Open.

    This is a true testament of the greatness of the “King of Clay” who has shattered so many records at Roland Garros… He is a beloved man among the French and his legacy will live on for generations to come…

    Congratulations Rafa…. I so wish I was there to see this…..

    • 😭Tears of joy! What a Beautiful tribute to Rafa! So beautifully written Marileena you have articulated exactly how much this means to all of his fans…you made me cry!

      • Awww Zig….Yes…it’s a proud moment we all feel for our boy. And I can only imagine with Rafa’s personality of humility, he will have only gracious words to say…
        But then, for him and all the others, it’s all eyes on the Draw….

        Good luck today Rafa…. May the Draw God’s be on your side with kindness… 🙂

  5. There is a BBC Sport article, quite lengthy, about Rafa’s journey to Grand Slam history with uncle Toni.

    The title:
    Rafael Nadal: The ‘tough love’ that shaped a 20-time Grand Slam champion
    By Jonathan Jurejko

    For those of you who read Rafa’s book you will recognize many passages from it in the article.

    • Thanks Margo. The article was a really good read and a reminder of how Rafa evolved as a tennis great. We can clearly see where he got his focus and mental toughness from as his uncle Toni’s boot camp style paid dividends.

      • You’re welcome Lorna. Your comment says it all. Happy you enjoyed it.

    • I read his book long time ago, let me take a “test” and see if I remember? Thank you Margo.🙏

      • Yes, Margo. Wow I have good memory when it comes to Rafa, I think I got an A.😉

      • AWESOME Mimi re yours of 4:22pm. I enjoyed that book but certain passages really upset me. “Are you with me” as Diego would say?

        Oh, almost forgot, the Roland Garros FB page has posted EXTENDED practice videos of Rafa, Dominic, Iga, and others. Each different player has his/her own separate video so there is no clutter to go through.

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