PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s Outfit for Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome 2021

Here is what Rafael Nadal is supossed to wear during clay court tournaments prior to the French Open.

Let me know what you think of the outfit in the comments below.


  1. Rafael I am your number 1 fan I have a picture of you in my room. Not sure about the color but, only a real man can wear those colors. Love you Rafa


    I don’t care what he wears as long as he is comfortable. He will most likely look great in these colors especially since he has a great tan. He can pull off colors that a lot of people can’t wear, male or female. I think it’s great that men now have more of a choice in color selection for clothing.

  3. Like the orange colourc but as punkpispunk the choice for now, (maigupe) in my language, let the game began, can’t wait to see u shine again again Rafa, u miss u in court, vavavavamy champ

  4. Dear Rafa
    Any outfit will suit you so please go ahead. However please note that age is catching up you very fast hence please make use of the available time by correcting some of your basic weaknessses like returning the balls in the center of the opposite court, Services in critical points, Please go for different coaches who can improve your small weak spots, improve long rallies , if required prolong defensive game etc. Different coaches definitely will bring good changes in your aggressive game. Changes is a must and that is the reality.

    • Wow, critiqueing Rafa’s game. I am sure he, more than ANY other player, knows his weak spots and works on improving them every day of his life. He says it all the time.

  5. I can’t wait to see Rafa play vamosssssss champ we are ready ❤️👍🎾💪

  6. Dear Rafa. It’s been a long time since, I have seen you play. Miss you. Am sure just like me , every body else feels the same. You look great in anything you wear. We just want to see you back on the court. So, dear Rafa bring on the clay season.

    Love you buddy. 💖❤💜💙💚

  7. Rafael oozes masculinity. Why wear something that looks so feminine? Not keen on the outfit at all but it is the body inside that counts. He will pull it off. He could wear anything and look AMAZING! So want him to win The French! Love him.

  8. Stay safe and strong, Rafael Nadal. Think you can wear any colour you choose. Am partial to the
    neons. Hopefully, the correct choices are made regarding safety during these turbulent times.💪👍🤛👏🎾🍀❤️All the best.

  9. I prefer the all black outfit with cutoff sleeves . The bright colors are much too feminine ..Rafa needs to intimidate his opponents not look pretty . I mean no offense but Rafa in black is scary and fierce .

  10. The ourfit is good, will be perfect when Rafa has them on, he makes everything look great. They are good Easter colors. Can’t wait for Roland Garris. Best Wishes Rafa. You will have a lot of fans cheering for you.

  11. Love Rafa and all the colors he wears. The purple and pink shorts… Rafa you’re the best. Yes congrats to Barty and HH for winning Miami.

  12. Congratulations to Herbert Hurkacz – winner of the Miami Open. Now bring on the clay and Rafa!

  13. Rafa looks great in color – he will make this mediocre outlook look great ! Not keen on the pink shorts with the purple shirt? I could be wrong? Rafa will make it rock. 💯

    • Love all the players. Thanks guys U really made my day doing this pandemic.
      Hope all of U stay safe and be well.

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