PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s Outfit for Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome 2021

Here is what Rafael Nadal is supossed to wear during clay court tournaments prior to the French Open.

Let me know what you think of the outfit in the comments below.


  1. Not pink shorts….any black ,white, anything not pink???I like the shirt!!! If pinkdistracts the opponent,,,ok..

  2. I like Rafa in any color I love it vamosssssss champ Iโ€™m so happy too see you play good luck ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜˜๐ŸŽพ๐ŸŽพ

  3. Not a fan of that combo. The shirt with black shorts, or the shorts with a shirt in some color other than purple.

  4. As a lady, these are my absolute favourite colors & colour combination BUT for Rafa please let him wear White shorts with lilac or purple shirt – pink shorts are too feminine for this hunky player!

  5. We’re getting reports here that the French Open could be postponed because of the virus situation in France. Hopefully it won’t be, but the French Sports Minister’s said she’s holding talks with the French Tennis Federation, so there are evidently some concerns.

    • I’m reading that Paris will be in semi lock down for most of April. The authorities are probably concerned about the number of fans permitted to attend the FO. think Roland Garris wanted to approach 100% which is not going to happen.

      We’re 13 months into the pandemic and Rafa has played in just five tournaments during that period. I hope we don’t lose any more tournaments.

      Rafa will look good no matter what as long as he gets to play.

      • The whole of France looks likely to be locked down until mid-May, which is getting very close. They could play behind closed doors – La Ligue football is continuing behind closed doors – but they might not want to do that, and, after the palaver in Australia, they might be bothered about how to deal with all the players arriving from abroad. But fingers crossed that it can go ahead.

  6. You suit much better not too dark colours, on the other hand I like the ones you choose, in advance good Luck for the tournaments. C. Javier

  7. Loving the colour but Rafa looks great in any colour. Missed him so much, cannot wait. Vamos King x

  8. I’ll be so glad to see Rafa back that I don’t really care what he wears, but I’m not really getting the combination of a purple shirt and pink shorts. The shirt wouldn’t be too bad with black shorts.

    • I like Rafa in much more vibrant colours, deeper mauve, fuschia pink. Not a fan of the pale pink shorts but at the end of the day, I don’t really care, just fabulous to see him play.

  9. I love it. My favorite colors are lavender and purple! As a matter of fact, my Rafa 20 Grandslam sweatshirt hoodie is purple with lavender lettering. So looking forward to Rafa competing no matter what colors he wears.

  10. Horrible- like a massive Easter egg bunny.
    Nike has really lost it – this is just a purple version of Rublevโ€™s and Sinnerโ€™s outfit.

  11. Pretty colour…but I would rather see Rafa in
    a cool green, think beginings.

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