Rafael Nadal leaves fans concerned over back injury

Spanish world No.2 Rafael Nadal pulled out of his country’s ATP Cup tie against Australia with a stiff lower back but his teammates did not need him, beating the home side 2-0 at Rod Laver Arena on Tuesday evening.

Our champ tweeted hours before his match with Alex de Minaur to say that he had a stiff back:

“Hi all, we have decided with Team Spain and my team, to not play today the first match of the ATP Cup here in Melbourne, since I have a stiff low back. Hopefully I’ll be better for Thursday (against Greece).”

Rafa’s unfortunate update late on Tuesday left his legion of fans understandably devastated and hopeful about his speedy recovery.

Rafa’s spokesman Benito Perez-Barbadillo told Reuters that the 34-year-old preferred “not to force too much”.

Rafa’s replacement Pablo Carreno Busta (the world No.16) trounced Australia’s world No.38 John Millman 6-2, 6-4 first, then world No.13 Roberto Bautista Agut defeated world No.23 Alex de Minaur 4-6, 6-4, 6-4. Carreno Busta returned to the court alongside Marcel Granollers to complete a 3-0 victory for Spain.


  1. Team Spain made the semis without Rafa, good job👏
    Hope all four team members will be ready for the AO. Good luck to all, especially Rafa🍀❤️

  2. RBA will have to be/act like ‘Superman’to take out both Fognini &Beretinni all in one day…LOL
    Not even Rafa can accomplish such a feat. .

    But, as always, we go day by day, match by match….. Cheers

    • Apologies All,

      PCB is set to face Fabio while RBA is to face Beretinni… That’s more like it, isn’t it?

  3. I hope injuries are not becoming a trend. Serena has pulled out from her semifinal match against Ashleigh Barty due to a shoulder strain/injury.

  4. I hope PCB is OK, all I can find is that he injured himself warming up before the doubles match that Spain retired from. I hope that Rafa doesn’t feel pressured to play. I would rather see Spain withdraw than have either Pablo or Rafa play when they’re not fit.

    • Please say where you found that Spain retired from doubles? And that PCB is injured. Spain doubles is still listed on ATP schedule and other sites.
      They’ve got gronollers/pcb as playing doubles on Saturday [Australia’s Saturday]

      • I was referring to retiring in the tie against Greece, sorry if I wasn’t clear. Only one game was played in the doubles match before Pablo and Marcel retired. It’s reported on the Spanish website EFE that Pablo had an injury, I found the link on Twitter. I didn’t see the match and I haven’t seen any discussion of it online, just the score and overall result. I hope Pablo was just being cautious.

      • Thank you Mimi and jas_uk because I’ve been looking for more info, on and off, since your comment was posted jas.

        You would think by now something would be announced. All I can think about is what players have been saying for months “..it’s dangerous to start playing competitively before your body is prepared.”

        I found out about Serena in my search for PCB. So now we have three ailing star players. And my one and only star hasn’t given an update. It’s the uncertainty that’s fueling my anxiety about THE RAFA.

      • Looks like PCB is okay.🤞He broke serve right away, first game of the match against F. Fognini. 🤗
        Vamos PCB 💪

      • Oh no, PCB had to retire. He won the first 2 games, but F. Fognini won the following 7 games before his retirement. Take care PCB❤️

      • I am so sorry for the incorrect information. PCB and F. Fognini are still playing. I think I am lack of sleep lol

      • PCB just won the 2nd set by winning 6 games in a row, 6-1, 3rd set coming up.
        Vamos PCB!!!

      • F. Fognini won the set 6/4 and the match 😬 PCB did his best saving 3 match points, good effort. Maybe he will play doubles later?
        Good luck Team 🇪🇸 🍀 Vamos💪

  5. LOL Lorna…

    True Confession:
    I have to admit that I was going to respond earlier to your comment about “getting a full night’s sleep.” When I saw your VERY early morning comment today [Friday, Feb. 5] I thought “huh… Lorna was indirectly blaming Rafa for keeping her from sleeping but Rafa isn’t playing now. How dare she blame Rafa.” I started laughing because I was going to post [in jest]

    Still laughing.

  6. What a draw for Rafa!!! With focus and determination, which we know he has, and a back that has loosened up… he could go all the way!!!


    • Margo, you got it in one. 👍🏽 My family is used to me camping out in the living room when Australian tennis is on. I’m in a world of my own – bliss! 😀

      • Lorna my response is above. My fault this time. I went out and then came back and forgot to click your response link 😬

    • That’s good to know. Fingers crossed that Rafa will ease his way through the early rounds, fitness permitting.

    • Looks like a good draw 🙏 hope Rafa will be ready for the tournament🤞🤞
      Vamos Rafa 💪❤️

      • 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

      • Posted on Twitter a short while ago 😀

        Rafael Nadal ‘improving every day in’ in fitness bid, says Spain ATP Cup captain Pepe Vendrell

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