Nadal talks about the Kyrgios incident: “The world of tennis should be an example for kids”

The ATP has fined Nick Kyrgios $13,500 and may impose further penalties for the “insulting comment” he directed toward French Open champion Stan Wawrinka during a match in Canada on Wednesday.

Speaking at his press conference yesterday, Rafael Nadal was asked about the Kyrgios incident. Here’s what he said:

Nadal talks about the Kyrgios incident (1)

Nadal talks about the Kyrgios incident (2)

Source: Twitter, Video: Stephanie Myles


  1. Thankyou Rafa – you are a true sportsman and role model for everyone not just children – you are the sort of person we want our kids to look upto and admire – talent is one thing however spoilt disgusting behaviour is another – I for one will never watch another match of Kyrgios’ again – I was never a fan of his and I will be happy to never hear from him again – I hope his sponsors wake up to themselves and ditch him.

  2. And BTW, Serena has still – to this very day – never apologized to the lines-woman or anyone else for her atrocious behavior during that 2009 US Open match against Clijsters. Why weren’t the tennis media up in arms about that? Their double standard stinks to high heaven.

  3. During her 2009 US Open semi-final against Kim Clijsters, Serena Williams said this to a lines-woman after she was called for a foot fault late in the match: “If I could, I would take this [expletive] ball and shove it down your [expletive] throat and kill you.”

    What Kyrgios said about Wawrinka’s girlfriend during their match on Wednesday was clearly inappropriate, but pales in comparison to Serena’s outburst 6 years ago. She was fined $82,500 for her tantrum, but NOT suspended for it. Nor was she criminally prosecuted for it, despite the fact that threatening another person with physical harm in the United States is a felony punishable by up to twenty years in prison.

    There was nothing criminal or illegal about Kyrgios’ outburst. Inappropriate yes, but certainly not something which merits a suspension or greater fine than the one already imposed – especially in light of the fact that Wawrinka had publicly accused Kyrgios of “faking an injury” during a previous match. What goes around comes around.

    Everyone should just accept Kyrgios’ apology and move on. There are far more important things in the world to worry about than an impolite comment made in the heat of the moment by a 20-year-old tennis player. If Wawrinka and his girlfriend won’t accept the apology, that says a lot more about them than it does about Kyrgios.


    • The issue with Kyrgios is that his behaviour has ALWAYS been terrible on the court. Serena has her moments, but that one in particular was more of an outlier in her career rather than her normal conduct. Kyrgios’ recent incident is only YET ANOTHER example of his crappy behaviour and complete lack of respect for the sport & its players whilst on the court. He is escalating and people are getting sick and tired of it. Once in a while, okay, tempers flare and things can get heated. In that case, fine them heavily, accept the apology and move on. We can even enjoy the drama of a “bad boy” occasionally. But Kyrgios has been arrogant and irritating if not downright rude almost every match. He needs something more than a slap on the wrist this time. They’ve let him get away with his petulant, immature, disrespectful, unsportsmanslike conduct for long enough. Time to nip it in the bud and hit him where it hurts. A suspension might help him smarten up and grow up because nothing else has.

      And quite frankly, Wawrinka has no responsibility to accept an insincere apology (aka a complete lie done for PR) just to prove to us he’s a better man. Actions speak loud than words. I think he’ll be inclined to accept the apology when Kyrgios actually proves he means it. And frankly, Vekic is under NO obligation to accept his apology at all. What he did to her was beyond disrespectful, it’s disgusting to drag out a woman’s private sexual history into the public sphere, regardless of the truth of it (And to do that to your buddy too). If either accepts his apology, they are much better people than I would be in that situation. I have no love lost for Wawrinka but you should be careful, the “faking an injury” claim was made by Kyrgios’ mother. We don’t know if that happened or not. The fact is, in this situation, the only PROOF of anything we have is Kyrgios’ behaviour.

    • First of all, I have to question the motives for RNF posting this. To make Rafa look better? I evaluate Rafa on his own merits and not against other players’ bad behavior. Shame on you RNF.

      As a tennis fan however, I will comment about what some of you have posted.

      I don’t know what state you live in but threatening someone as Serena did is not a felony in the U.S. No crime was committed.

      Nick seems to be improving re his behavior. I hope his behavior starts matching his playing abilities.

      As for Serena I, especially as an American, will never forgive her for that outburst. I’ve never seen and heard such ugly behavior in a tennis match.

      Enough said

  4. Rafa es un caballero a Kirgios le falta humildad, es demasiado prepotente y con esa actitud tan negativa no llegara muy lejos, yesterdady perdio con Isner ???????

  5. Apart from nick everyone else has said its very poor behavior, and comments like he made are not just ones that just come out, you know when you’re going to hurl an insult, it’s not like you stub your toe and swear because of the pain, he knew he wanted to turn the knife, because he was annoyed .

  6. Very well said by Rafa, . I totally agree with all the comments below. Such disgraceful
    behavior and antics should never be tolerated in sport. No excuses. Kyrigoes needs
    to get serious help off the court but he shouldn’t be allowed to spoil the sport on the court or
    sully anyone’s reputation with inappropriate language. Beyond unacceptable!

    Rafa is always a true gentleman and wonderful role model.

  7. This is why Rafa is so loved. Such a measured and well thought response. Someone who the old want their children to follow and the young SHOULD try to emulate. Idiots like Kyrgios should not be allowed to bring this game we love to his level. I hope the ATP is better than FIFA and actually does its job.
    The difference between Rafa and the others in the big 4 or 5 is that he is the ONLY one who looks genuine. Even Roger can be arrogant. Less said about Novak and Murray the better. I have never seen Rafa loose it on the court… NEVER. Never have I seen him curse or throw his racket. Shows how much he respects the game and the great job done by Uncle Tony and his general upbringing. Idiots who complain about the few seconds he takes more than others are just that… idiots.

  8. Rafa is very wise. I think that if Nick Kyrigos reads Rafa’s opinion statement it would help to set him on the right path. I believe that the way Rafa said what he said shows wisdom beyond his 29 years. Rafa is going to be a great dad one day. The VERY best in your quarterfinal match, feel good on court ,stay healthy, remain positive, play in the moment and don’t lose the baseline. God bless you Rafa, and love you, Marylynn

  9. salut rafa , oui tu as raison , ce n’est pas du tout un exemple pour les enfants ….
    voilà pourquoi il ne sera jamais champion …
    BRAVO RAFA pour ta victoire ce matin ou cette nuit !!! VAMOS !!! continu contant de te retrouver …

  10. Rafa has said it in the very best way. To be a good example goes a long way for the fans and your opponents on the court. Nick Kyrgios has terrific talent but he’s letting it go to his head. I do think today’s young people are a lot more loose with their commentary and perhaps that is somewhat a reflection on us as parents and grandparents. I told my kids to watch their language and their behavior in public. You don’t know who’s listening and is judging you by your language. It may be the person who could affect your future and you want that person to see you at your best.

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