Rafael Nadal finishes his two-week quarantine in Adelaide

Rafael Nadal has finished his 14-day quarantine in Adelaide, where he was among the select group of players who isolated outside Melbourne.

Before playing an exhibition match against Dominic Thiem, Rafa said it had been difficult to think about tennis for much of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but added: ‘Here we are, starting another year… I’m excited to be back.’


  1. Good Luck at the Australian open I hope you win the tournament and be ranked world Number 1 again 😃

  2. There’s an article in today’s Hola (admittedly not always the most reliable source) that Rafa has halted construction of his dream home. No work has been done since well before Christmas. This was supposed to be the family home for he and Maria.

    Certainly hope I am wrong but I have a sinking feeling that the marriage is not going well. Find it a bit odd that MF is posting comments on Benito and Carlos Costas’ instagrams regarding the end of quarantine as if she isn’t getting the news from Rafa.

    I love them as a couple so strongly wishing that all is well between them and that they are both happy together.

    • That’s a strange conclusion to make. I think their marriage is going just fine as Rafa said the other day that they want to have children. It’s more likely that construction stopped due to the pandemic, and he doesn’t want to risk the health of the workers.

      • Please tell me where he said the other day that they want to have children. It wasn’t in the interview with Christiane Amanpour. Would really like to know.

        He may have stopped the construction out of concern for the workers but interesting that it would be only now after so many months of the pandemic.

        In any case hoping it is for some benign reason.

  3. Aaaah!! I’m just grateful to see some tennis. What a treat for the public and players alike. Rafa you are ace! The Australian public, as well as your fans, appreciate you so much.

    Best wishes to all the players emerging from quarantine.

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