VIDEO: How well do you know Rafael Nadal?

Mastermind is a British quiz show, presented by John Humphrys and produced by the BBC. The program asks contestants to answer questions on their specialist subjects and test their general knowledge to win a trophy and be crowned the Mastermind Champion.

How many of these Rafael Nadal questions did you get right?


  1. Just finished watching Rafa’s interview for CNN with Christiane Amanpour 👍

    Title: Rafa Nadal Interview for CNN / Adelaide, 26 Jan 2021

    All the best always, Rafa ❤️

    • Loved the laughs they shared…had me laughing.

      Rafa’s Freudian slip that he’s 24-years-old may be a good thing…he feels 24. His spontaneous quip to what motivates him was priceless. Another gem in his portfolio of hilarity.

      • Well ya Mims…there wasn’t a direct link to your response to I linked from my comment.

        Did you laugh as much as I did? I love when Rafa comes up with a hilarious response…

        Counting down the days…less than a week 🏸🎾💪

        RAFA ROCKS

      • I wonder who laughed more? 😝

        BTW Margo, do you know if we can watch the exhibition match by any chance? Thanks in advance 🙏

    • Mimi, no link.

      So far, for the US, I think NBC SPORTS will show it. Everything else is for Europe [EuroSport] or Australia’s local channels.

      Streaming is probably a good bet but with a connection to some subscription services. I can’t find anything like a comprehensive guide to watch the “A Day at the Drive” exhibition matches. That’s what they are calling it.

      Rafa is supposed to play vs Dominic, in the evening session on Friday at 7pm local time.

      The day session starts with Djokovic vs Sinner at 1pm, local time.

      It’s not much info but maybe you will have better luck.

      • Hi Margo, I found out Tennis Channel will show the exhibition matches!😊

        Day session starting at 6:30pm PT Jan. 28
        Night session starting at 12:30am PT Jan. 29

        Vamos Rafa 💪❤️

  2. The master has spoken! Following the criticism from some, that Rafa has stayed quiet over the quarantine issue, Rafa said the following:

    “Some need to make public all these things they do for others, some of us do it in a more private way without having to publicise everything. The calls we make to help the most disadvantaged players, some of us don’t need or want to advertise it.”

    “It is understandable, respectable. Where is the line of privileges?…Here in Adelaide our conditions have been better than most in Melbourne, but some Melbourne players have larger rooms where they can perform physical activities, others smaller rooms where they can not have contact with their coach or physical trainer.”

    “There has been talk that Adelaide people have much better conditions, but I have not heard from any Melbourne player that some have much better rooms than others. I have not seen some of those who have complained so much about the conditions in Adelaide complaining about the conditions of 20 players who have not practised. Where is the line? It is a matter of ethics of which one has his own opinion.”

    Who knows what Rafa has said privately to the powers that be. No, Rafa doesn’t have to shout it from the roof tops. He is the master of discretion and dimplomacy. Novak, Pella and co., I hope you got that message loud and clear!

    • Lorna, thank you.

      Your fourth paragraph is PERFECTION and it embodies Rafa’s anger and I imagine frustration regarding Melbourne players’ complaints made about accommodations for players in Adelaide.

      In ESPNDEPORTE’s article he also addressed the inability of some players to train, “I have not seen those who complain so much about our conditions in Adelaide say ‘why are there not equal conditions, now we will all go without training’.

      ESPN also added that ‘Rafa noted no players offered to forego court time in solidarity with the group of 72 competitors locked in hard quarantine.’

      He addressed disparate accommodations and the lack of solidarity among players but I wonder if those in hard quarantine would be allowed to practice even under strict rules.

      In any event, I hope this is the end.

  3. With his training and work each and evey day, in my personal opinion Rafa is a Great Master as Tennisplayer, like an extraordinay Sportler and brilliant Person as well. C. Javier from The Canaries

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