Rafael Nadal enjoys a lunch date with his wife Maria Francisca Perello

Rafael Nadal and his wife Maria Francisca Perello were seen enjoying a romantic lunch date in Puerto Portals on Thursday afternoon.

The lovely couple made sure to keep safe amid the global pandemic by wearing face masks as they left the trendy eatery following their date. The comfy footwear meant Rafa and Mery might go on a long romantic stroll after lunch, but since paparazzi were there they went straight to their car.

Source: Vanity Fair


  1. Our whole household is in shock. Rafael loosing the way he did was so disheartening . This is not the way you expected to see this loss. I have no idea if he will come back from this. It was not just the loss but the way he lost.
    Shocking. Can’t get my head around it. Or can anyone else in our household. The reigning comment “what was going on with Rafa”. Heart breaking for him even more.
    Our heart felt love and support goes to Rafa and Maria.
    Hope all is well with them😍👏🍀 Pamela in Utah

  2. Sad to see Mery looking so downhearted in the restaurant. Hope it is just reflective of a moment in time and that all is well.

    I would like to wish her the greatest happiness at Christmas with her family and friends.

    Feliz Navidad,

  3. en going your lunch Rafa have fun and Marry Christmas and happy New Year love your fans 🥰🎾😘👍

  4. People who visit Mallorca are screened so I was surprised, and upset, that perhaps Rafa was being pursued at home territory by paparazzi.

    The picture shown here is the same one from Vanity Fair. The article talks about Mery’s 3-inch platform sneakers, her other apparel and Rafa’s clothing too. The article is more of a promotional for the labels of clothing covered in the article.

    They spent the afternoon at Flanagan, a restaurant in Puerta Portal, Mallorca, as reported by the Mallorca Daily whose reporters regularly cover Rafa.

    Rafa is an ambassador for the Balearic Islands so this looks like a two-headed promotional. That’s my take. With little personal time he makes it a point to fulfill any obligations he has with as little interruption as possible to his private time. It’s like when he recently received two awards in one day. Smart thinking on Rafa’s part.

    [Sources: Vanity Fair, Mallorca Daily Bulletin]

  5. I really think it’s a disgrace that their private time is intruded on. How dreadful to have cameras stuck in their faces when they are out for lunch. Shame on all of you who post photographs. Rafa is very generous with fans when he’s playing. Please respect his and Mery’s private lives.

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