Paris Masters 2020: Here’s how Rafael Nadal’s draw is looking

 The Rolex Paris Masters draw is out.

Rafael Nadal makes his return to main draw action for the first time since defeating Novak Djokovic in the French Open final. He will be attempting to tie Djokovic’s record haul of 36 ATP Masters 1000 titles with a championship run in the French capital.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion will open his campaign against Filip Krajinovic or Feliciano Lopez in the second round.

He will attempt to claim his 1000th tour-level victory in his opening match of the tournament (999-201).

Photo by Johnny Fidelin/Icon Sport via Getty Images

Rafa’s potential route to the final:

  • 1st round: Bye
  • 2nd round: Filip Krajinovic or Feliciano Lopez
  • 3rd round: Borna Coric
  • Quarter-final: David Goffin
  • Semi-final: Alexander Zverev
  • Final: Stefanos Tsistispas

Projected quarterfinals:

  • Rafael Nadal vs David Goffin
  • Alexander Zverev vs Andrey Rublev
  • Diego Schwartzman vs Daniil Medvedev
  • Matteo Berrettini vs Stefanos Tsitsipas

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Our champ has never won the tournament in the French capital, but will be hoping to build some momentum ahead of the ATP Finals in London.



  1. I really hope rafa wins this tournament. Its about time he starts performing well indoor. Only won two indoor titles in his career that is not good

  2. Best wishes to Rafa who is at the threshold of joining the 1,000 club of other players who have won 1,000 matches.
    He is only one match away from reaching his very own 1,000 milestone. Something else to put a smile on the “kid from Mallorca’s” face.

    #1 Jimmy Connors 1,274
    #2 Roger Federer 1,242
    #3 Ivan Lendl 1,068
    #4 Rafael Nadal 999.


  3. Red Hot Rublev picks up another title – his 5th of 2020! Well done to him. He’s certainly someone who Rafa and others have to be careful of in Paris Bercy and the World Tour Finals in London. He’s a very serious threat.

    • Yes, congratulations to Andrey, he’s won more titles than any other player this year so far and now officially qualified for London.

    • Lorna, I am counting on Rafa’s fitness to bring him to the finish line. I would bet on Rafa to win Paris even if the #1 were playing Bercy.

      While Rublev has won five titles this season they’ve been at the lower-tiered tournaments against players who lack Rafa’s experience and fight.

      It’s possible for Zverev, among others, to win over Rublev, if he can keep a clear head given his personal contretemps. And can Rublev keep up a back-to-back consistency without tiring out.

      I won’t discount Rublev as a threat to Rafa but he’s not the only threat. I think Rafa will approach each match with the same must-win every-ball attitude that has brought him to the top. Every opponent is a threat.


  4. I think it’s about time our Admin renames this site as ‘Margo & Mimi Lau’ site!!!! 😃😃😃😃

    BTW, where is Fan Love when you need him most?

    But as always, Rafa will continue to play and we shall see for how long……cheers

  5. Rafa good luck champ we are with you all the way vamosssssss 👍🎾😘😘

  6. The best play and good luck is my wish to you Rafa, from The Canaries, C. Javier – P.D.- I´ll be waiting to see you next Friday on TV with Bertín Osborne.

    • Mimi, just for you LOL
      @ATPtour has a 15-second clip of Rafa playing and he’s wearing one of my favorite colors — purple shirt and matching cap.

      • Yes, I have watched it twice, and had to go back and watch it again when I saw your post 😉
        Thank you Margo🙏
        Purple is my favorite color.

      • BTW., did you see the photo of Rafa, Diego, and Diego’s coach I believe after the “side by side” you have mentioned? I love that one too, all with smiling faces, probably happy they are in opposite side lol

        Good luck to both🍀❤️

      • Mimi, you must be buried under all the clips and pics of Rafa. 😂
        You already thanked me for the pic of Rafa and Diego.
        I thought the other pic was of Rafa and Roig walking and Rafa listening to advice maybe working on a war plan. 👍🏸

      • Mimi, sorry for teasing😂you. I just saw the picture with Rafa, Diego and maybe Diego’s coach that you mentioned. It is a nice pic.

      • No worries Margo😂 I do have a Rafa folder hahaha😉

        So you saw the picture and think it is nice. “You are with me.” LOL Do I sound like Diego talking with the beautiful umpire?

      • Mimi @4:44am

        A Rafa folder? Bet you don’t have a pic of him wearing a chef’s apron.
        @SitTanyusha retweeted a short clip of him giving a funny answer to a question about his wife but he’s wearing the apron.

      • No, not yet Margo.

        Rafa was so adorable answering the question, and thanks to the translations I understand what he said 🙏

        So Rafa and Diego practice together again today 🤩😍

  7. Looking ahead a little bit-am wondering if the new lockdown measures in the U.K. announced by P.M. Johnson will affect the Nitto finals?

    • Understandable Pauline but I’ve let that thought go only because this is the last ATP FINALS before it is moved to Italy for 2021. It would be a shame for the top eight were it to be canceled in its last edition in London. And the guy want to compete.

      I just hope the rules are crystal clear for players and their entourages. And the tournament has at least a week or more to negotiate with the British government and any foreign governments, if needed, to clear a path for players to arrive on time.

      Some players may decide to go directly to London after Paris instead of going home.

      I have been so worried about Rafa but if protocols are strictly followed he should be ok. I didn’t want him to play Bercy either but once he landed in Paris I said that’s it. No more worrying [easier said than done]. I just have to trust that he will protect himself.

      • Margo I read that the Premier League can go ahead but I believe all of their games are outdoors.

        Regarding Bercy I hope everyone takes every precaution as the current terror attacks are continuing in France.

        Sending love and best wishes to Rafa.

    • I’ve just read that elite sport will be allowed to continue, behind closed doors. Although there are extra considerations for tennis because the players are not UK residents, the government has, in my opinion, been lax in regards to quarantine requirements generally and I would expect at this point that the event goes ahead and the players not expected to quarantine. I will be very interested to hear how the organisation of it will work and hope that every effort is taken to keep everyone safe.

    • Pauline, I was just getting ready to let you know about Premier League. Saw your response regarding London.

      Try to look at it like this. Indoors or outdoors soccer players come in extreme close contact to each other, they touch each other. At least tennis players are not on top of each other and breathing in each other’s faces and that’s a huge plus.

      About France, yes I read that there was an attack on a priest and he is alive. The assailant has been arrested. I wonder if there is any type of security where the players will be staying at Bercy.

  8. Draw for Rafa is a bit tough..if he gets thro first 3 rounds…. this Masters will be Rafas’. Bercy is not a favoured place in France for Rafa. So all crossed for you Champion Vamos ..

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