Rome Masters draw is out!

The draw has been revealed for Internazionali BNL d’Italia. Second-seeded Rafael Nadal has a first-round BYE. He will begin his campaign against US Open semi-finalist Pablo Carreno Busta in Rome.

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Rafa’s potential route to the final:

  • 1st round: Bye
  • 2nd round: Pablo Carreno Busta
  • 3rd round: Milos Raonic
  • Quarter-final: Diego Schwartzman
  • Semi-final: Stefanos Tsitsipas
  • Final: Novak Djokovic

If the men play to seed the quarter-final line up will be:

  • Novak Djokovic v Gael Monfils
  • Matteo Berrettini v David Goffin
  • Fabio Fognini v Stefanos Tsitsipas
  • Diego Schwartzman v Rafael Nadal

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Our champ is currently on a 10-match winning streak in Rome, having won the past two editions of the tournament. The 35-time ATP Masters 1000 winner won three-set battles against Alexander Zverev in the 2018 championship match and Novak Djokovic in last year’s final.

If Rafa triumphs for the third straight year in Rome, he will capture a 10th trophy at a single event for the fourth time in his career. The Manacor native owns 12 Roland Garros trophies and has won 11 crowns at both the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters and the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell.


Source: ATP Tour


  1. For Rafa scheduling, I check the ATP Tour site. Easy to understand and regularly updated.

    Search “ATP Tour Rome schedule” and you’ll get:

    ATP Masters 1000 Rome | Daily Schedule | ATP Tour | Tennis

  2. Rafa vs PCB match is scheduled not before 7pm local time tomorrow, not before 10am pacific time.
    Have a good match Rafa! Vamos💪🍀❤️

      • Me too, I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night for his first match.
        Let’s enjoy the match!
        Welcome back, Rafa 🎾❤️

  3. Was just thinking about Domi winning his first Slam at age 27. Checked on Rafa’s record at that age: had already won 13 G.S. titles including RG the first time playing it at age 18. Also two Davis Cups and an Olympic Gold medal.

    Not to diminish Thiem’s accomplishment in any way. It is very tough to win a major but these stats show how just how exceptional Rafa is. It’s almost impossible to imagine any of the current young guns equalling his record.

    • I think about that a lot and he is still having an amazing career; he has more Slam titles coming his way.

      Another thought I have is that the younger guys have the potential to stop current #1 from reaching 18. Let us hope they will accomplish that.


  4. Best of luck Rafa. – VAMOS!! 🎾💪🏻🥰🍀

    Woopee! Can’t wait to see Rafa back 👏🏻🤸😍🤩

  5. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and didn’t triple check to see if the quote is true. According to EssentiallySports Djokovic had this to say about his

    “I cannot promise or cannot guarantee that I will never ever do anything similar to that in my life. I’m going to try my best, obviously, but anything is possible in life,” Djokovic said. The Serb’s emotions exploded due to frustration, which he vented out by striking the ball. Unfortunately, it hit the lineswoman, causing chaos in the arena.

    Obviously no self control.

    On Roland-Garros

    “Let’s see how it turns out. Rafa obviously decided to stay on clay and practice. Surely that gives him more advantage, but even if he didn’t practice for that long on clay he would still be the number one favorite in Roland Garros or any other clay tournament because he’s just Rafa,” Djokovic said.

  6. Rafa and Stan’s matches are scheduled for tomorrow; the time of their matches are to be decided. I thought Rafa wouldn’t play before Wednesday but at least he had time to practice and acclimate to tournament conditions.


      • That’s what I thought Mimi [my earlier post] but the tournament schedule has him on for tomorrow. However, I remember other past tournaments doing the same thing only to change his match for the following day. Why the heck do they do that? When he is playing I have to schedule my days around him.

      • Margo, I totally understand you have to schedule your days around him😄 Your earlier post is correct.

      • LOL Don’t be jealous 😉 but you know what hoops Rafa fans will jump through to see him. LOL

      • The official website is It shows tomorrow’s revised OOP and the Rafa/PCB match is not scheduled.

      • Pauline, I went to your suggested website but couldn’t find the order of play. I found the draw. Went through all the drop-down menus and no OOP. And I don’t understand Italian. Any suggestions to help me out?

        You said he’s not showing up on tomorrow’s OOP which is good for me but the website is totally incomprehensible to me. HELP

      • Margo,

        On the upper right hand side on the website you can click on ENG to change language. On the left hand side click on tournament and the fourth item on the drop down menu is schedule. You can see tomorrow’s in PDF format. Hope that works for you.

      • Pauline THANK YOU molto grazie

        I do like Stan so hopefully I can catch his match tomorrow because he’s still on the schedule.

        I’ll tell ya that PDF is like something from the dark ages but for them I guess it works: perhaps easier to make changes is the only thing I can think of.

      • You’re most welcome Margo and David. Glad you found the info useful.

        Eager to see what time Rafa will play tomorrow. Hoping for a sunny afternoon match.

      • Tomorrow is forecast as sunny with a high temperature of 89F. It may be a little windy but knowing how professional Rafa is his rackets will be strung to balance out the various weather conditions he may encounter on court.

        They have Raonic vs Mannarino playing today. I thought Rafa would be his first match.

        Stan is playing today too.

        I’ve been checking with Flashscore because it’s less of a hassle than that PDF nonsense. They have the female players together with the males and they don’t list all players for each day. That was as of yesterday as I didn’t check today.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Sorry guys, I’ve got marbles for brains today. Forgot Rafa is playing Carreno Busta tomorrow, not Raonic.

      • FYI to Margo: I didn’t mention the site you are now using to check the schedules as I don’t like to promote betting websites. Even if it is easier to navigate and if one never actually places a bet. That is just my sensibility but to each his own.

  7. In Dominic Thiem’s press conference he said that the experience of being in three previous slam finals hindered rather than helped him because he was very tight in the first two sets, thinking that if he lost he’d be 0-4 in finals. A very clear and honest interview..
    Now a grand slam winner, I don’t think they will be asking Dominic to swap interview rooms to make way for Serena, so he won’t have to say “…what the hell….? I’m looking forward to seeing the message that he’ll no doubt receive from Rafa who must be delighted for him.
    As with all Rafa fans, I can’t wait to see him bouncing around on court this week and I hope that the lack of match-play and the absence the crowd and of his family courtside will not affect him too much.

    • I am relieved there was no mention of an injury. The poor guy was just so nervous. Glad he didn’t have to call Andy about 0-4 which he joked about earlier.

      What a great ending for the women’s and men’s finals in a very unconventional Slam.

  8. Site Staff, kindly delete my Fan love sign in from this site.

    Sorry Rafa, God bless you. sending you love and please know I will continue to cheer for you for as long as you play your beautiful tennis.

  9. I am happy that Thiem won… Congratulations to him however I must say that I found this years final to be rather flat … It is very obvious that the next gen of players need the Big three to elevate their game. They play better when they play Rafa, Roger and Novak…

    Last years US Open…with Mededev and Rafa was heart stopping tennis at its best. It was poetry in motion and exciting from the first hit of the ball. We all saw 2 warriors compete and the best man won while the loser gave it every ounce of strength he had. It was exciting, just the way a final should be…
    This year these guys had 15 double faults and a lot of unforced errors… It’s true Thiem fought his way back but certainly with the help of Zverev who clearly was in control at first and then lost control… .

    I am looking forward to Rome where I hope Rafa is ready to take on everyone in his path. And once again we
    will be on the edge of our seats rooting him on as we hope for another victory in Rome, a precursor to #13 in Paris!

    Good luck Rafa!!! .

    • Aawww, I would cut them some slack. Even though the females had the same rules in place they may have been able to manage their circumstances better.

      No fans, living in a bubble, quarantining, unable to go where they wanted, unable to eat their favorite foods all could have played a role in their sub par performances. That’s what I’m thinking.

  10. Congratulations to Dominic Thiem who has finally got his hands on a grand slam trophy. So much grit and determination. I can’t help feeling sorry for Zverev who has taken the loss very hard, and understandably so. His time will come.

      • I’m so pleased for Dominic. I’ve got nothing against Sascha, but his time’ll come. Obviously I’m glad that Dominic didn’t win either of the French Open finals he was in 🙂 , but if he’d lost this, after losing those two finals and the Aussie Open final, it would’ve been very hard to take. It’s a shame that his family and friends couldn’t be with him in person, but this is just a very strange year.

      • I am happy for Dominic too. I really don’t like Alex more than Dominic. Like you, I am also glad Rafa won both FO finals against Dominic🙏 I was actually cheering on Dominic in person like he was Rafa during the Aussie final this year. I forgave him for taking out Rafa lol. My reason for wanting Alex to win over Dominic is basically I don’t want him to get closer to Rafa’s #2 ranking.😬

  11. VAMOS SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) WE LOVE YOU AND VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) ENJOY EVERYTHING AND HAVE A BEAUTIFUL TIME IN ROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) SENDING LOTS OF LOVE AND HAPPINESS AND VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

      • I think she’s just a an unhappy person and wants to spread her negativity. I’m no psychologist but she’s been doing this for years and lately it’s gotten worse. I usually ignore her but now she has added Dominic to her punching bag. She’s just miserable and shows a lack of respect for the fans here and for players who don’t deserve her vitriol. And she has a filthy mouth. Hopefully she put that to rest. Why aren’t her parents monitoring her screen time. Disgraceful.

        I do apologize to Rafa’s fans here for telling her shut up.

  12. Two sets all. At last, we have a competitive match – it’s about time too! Thiem is showing the dogged determination just like Rafa.
    Who can best hold their nerve in the final straight?

      • I was rooting for Alex, but credit to Dominic 👏 What a come back, not to mention his injury although it might not be too serious! He deserved the trophy more👍 Congratulations to Dominic 🥳 I hope by adding the iron man, David Ferrer, to his team, help Alex big time. He certainly has a lot to learn from David.

        Happy for you, Margo, after what Dominic put you through lol
        We should be in the same team next week 👌😄

      • I started laughing after reading your first sentence. And I’m thinking oh no we’re rooting for different players again. Funny.

        Yes, we both will be cheering for Rafa. He probably won’t start before Wednesday which seems like forever. I wanna see fist pumping and hear VAMOS.

        RAFA ROCKS

  13. What a scrappy match!

    Both players especially Thiem are a disgrace to the next gen and grand slam final!!!

    Ughh (vomits and switches off the t.v)

  14. Thiem lost the first set 6-2. It doesn’t feel right. He may have very well decided to play in pain. Hopefully that’s not the case and will pick it up in the second. This is distressing.

  15. Wow! What epic semi final and final matches on the women’s side – high quality and fearsome. I’m full of admiration for all four women involved.
    I found Vika’s and Naomi’s trophy presentation speeches and their press conferences honest, inspiring and a change from the bog standard responses. I’m very happy about Vika’s resurgence and Naomi’s new found confidence on court, along with her commitment to speaking out against racial injustice.
    It’s such a pity the men’s semis didn’t reach anywhere near the same level. The same wiuldn’t be said if Rafa was in the mix, bringing his fire, passion and charisma. I’m hoping that Dominic’s foot injury doesn’t impede him and he wins the final as he deserves it so much.

  16. Hello fellow Rafans! I am so happy to see Rafa play again. I do worry that his heart is not quite there, but his competitive spirit will take over. Because PCB was a semi finalist at the USO, he received a performance bye for Rome. I like Pablo a lot, but not when he plays Rafa. It has to be difficult for him to fly to Rome and play on clay. Vamps Rafa!

    • It’s not looking good for Thiem as he’s all over the place and seems to bevnervous, whereas Zverev looks calm and is serving like a dream. I can’t see a plan B from Thiem either. It’s not the competitive match that was expected and I certainly hope that Thiem isn’t playing in pain.
      I wonder if his three previous losses in finals is in his head. All Thiem can hope for now is a serving meltdown by Zverev and that doesn’t look like happening.

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