VIDEO: Rafael Nadal chats with Roger Federer and Andy Murray on Instagram live

Earlier today Rafael Nadal held a star-filled Instagram Live that included Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Marc Lopez.


  1. Oh Rafa how lovely to hear from you and see you. It’s been a long time since we saw you play tennis! Long may this all be sorted out and tennis to begin! Did I hear there could be a baby very soon? You would be a great father! Look after yourself and keep well! We miss you!

  2. Andy later wrote on Instagram that the live session with Rafa was like doing FaceTime with his gran, camera pointing at the ceiling 🤣

    Andy is always full of mischief, bless him. I wonder if they did that gaming session? I suspect Rafa is better at that than video chats!

  3. I really enjoyed Rafa’s live Instagram Q&A and his chat with Roger and Andy. It was so relaxed and all in good spirit.

    I’m surprised that Rafa doesn’t have a tennis court at home to be able to practice. Even though it means that he will be a little rusty, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to take a physical and mental rest from the grind of the tour. He certainly gave us an indication that he would like to start a family soon, so now would be a great time.

  4. Did anyone else pick up on Rafa saying “I hope to be in your situation very soon,” when Andy went on about having to be up early because of the baby?

  5. I loved this Rafa. You need to do more of this. We’ve missed hearing from you. Loved seeing
    that smile on your face. Glad you talked about your Acadamy. Those children will share these
    memories the rest of their life. Looking forward to your first match. Love you Rafa. 😍😍😍🎾

  6. Hey, Rafael Nadal. Great to see the three of you joking, laughing, and doing well under the current circumstances, particularly in Spain. Thank you🙏the camaraderie is a delight, but we miss you
    all on the court🎾❤️Stay safe and healthy.

  7. Thank You so much Rafa! You brought a smile to my face today! So fun to see you laugh with Roger and Andy!! I miss tennis so much. Praying all will be healthy and our world will be back to enjoying you men back on court soon.

  8. Aahhhh, talking of children with Andy, Rafa said he would like to be in Andy’s situation in not too long a period of time. I suspect the Nadals may soon announce a coming addition to their household. I hope so.

    Stay well everyone.

    • Yes – sorry, I didn’t see your comment, and have written the same thing a few lines further down! He’s usually so private about things that I doubt he’d say if they were in the process of trying for a baby, so I did get the impression that they might have already had some happy news 🙂 .

      • Hi Set…. I completely agree… I think he might already have some great news to share …when of course Rafa is ready to reveal…. I distinctly got that impression… 😉

      • Setinthepast, sorry, I just saw your post. Haven’t been here for some days.

        Rafa could be teasing us. On the other hand, I think the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many to change plans and re-prioritize their goals. It’s wait and see time.

        Stay safe everyone and listen to the scientists.


    • He started off saying “there is, there is” and then stopped himself. What would have come next—there is a baby on the way? It certainly is fun to speculate. Such joyous news would be very welcome right about now.

  9. We miss you Rafa we need to back to a normal is time I’m so tired to stay home 🏡 👍😘❤️🙏🙏

    • Que bueno ver te en instagram vivo junto con tus amigos!!! Me alegro que estes bien durante esta barbaridad de virus que nos complica tantas cosas.
      La lucha de la vida siempre evidente hoy mas que nunca!
      Cuidate! Animos!

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