Rafael Nadal jokes about his wedding to Maria Francisca Perello

When Rafael Nadal steps up for a post-match interview, he usually gets questions about his performance and form, but when he is Down Under he is often asked about the love of his life – Maria Francisca Perello.

After being asked about his recent wedding, our champ said:

“2019 was very special for different reasons. After 15 years with my girlfriend, there wasn’t a chance that the wedding may not happen.”

Will Russell/Getty Images

You actually are the first player to be World No. 1 in three different decades… what is the secret?” Rafa was also asked.

Well, this only means that I’m very old!” our champ replied, causing the crowd to erupt in laughter.

He added: “I really enjoy what we are going. I feel I’m very lucky to experience all the experiences which tennis allows me to enjoy. I can’t thank everybody enough. In the stadium today and all around the world, you get these very special feelings when you’re on the court in front of great crowds supporting. That’s one of the reasons you wake up every morning and go on the practice courts with the right attitude and the right passion and with the clear goal to improve something.”


  1. Please can we have the old format back. Am truly fed up with this new one. Can’t even say if we like or don’t like a post. Really cheesed off.

  2. Rafa siempre con tu saber estar en todo momentre, GRANDE RAFA, SIEMPRE CONTIGO!!!!!

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