Rafael nadal sister Maria Isabel Nadal at his wedding


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  1. Maria Isabel. You look stunning in Red. But then you always do. I don’t think I have seen you in red before…perfect. Yes, I’m a fan of your brother. However I’m also a fan of yours as well, Maria you never waver, wilt in your loyalty and love for your brother, Rafa and your family including Mery, your new sister-in-law. The Nadal family has set a high bar, a standard of what a family should be, proud, dignified, honesty, transparent, and class (Educacion en el Hogar).
    I’m not the type of fan that wants an autograph or would bother you at a restaurant or want a picture at every turn. However, Rafa and your family have brought so much fun and gratitude throughout my life watching Rafa play and your family supporting him.
    I admire you and thank you for always being in the family box supporting him, watching you smile, laugh and cry of happiness in those tight matches. Everyone should want a sister so beautiful and supportive as you. Que Dios los bendiga a ti y tu familia.



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