Laver Cup 2019: Thursday practice photos

Today was Rafael Nadal’s third practice session in Geneva. Even though our champ is still probably tired from winning US Open he will give his best to help Team Europe to continue its unbeaten run and follow success in Prague and Chicago with a third victory in as many years.


  1. So good to see Rafa and Roger joining forces, giving their invaluable advice and expertise to the team whilst having fun. They always seem to be side by side like two inseperable twins. Sweet.

    • Rafa_1310, To avoid misinformation, I would like to suggest Laver Cup’s scheduling page. From its website, Saturday’s schedule will be up one hour after Friday’s last match. Sunday’s schedule should be up one hour after Saturday’s last match.

      The above doesn’t answer your question but I hope it helps.

    • Each player has to play a singles match on one of the first two days. So Rafa should be playing tomorrow against one of Isner, Raonic or Kyrgios. I really hope he doesn’t get NK.

    • Rafa will play his singles match tomorrow – not sure what time. It looks like he’ll be partnering Roger in the doubles again, since they’ve been practising together.

  2. Vamossssss Rafa good luck with your team I can’t wait to see you plying love your fans ❤️😘🇺🇸🎾💪😘

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