Rafael Nadal: “It was a match that anything could happen at the end” [Video]

Rafael Nadal joined Mary Carillo to talk what was going through his head during that wild ride of a final.

It was a match that anything could happen at the end…but on my mind was just resist a little bit more.



  1. Match was a up and down. Credit to Medvedev, he left his heart out there. Three finals, one title this summer on hardcourt – well done.

    Very happy for Rafa, unbelivable year so far after a tough start with some problems/injuries.

    Take rest champ, it’s well deserved😉 Vamos Rafa ❤


    • Yes, Bravo Nadal 😃👑😆 I prayed for him as always 😇 watched the match in a music bar in Palma , hoping it would end in 3 hours and go home at 1.30 , instead had to stay up until 3 in the morning. 😑 Medvedev put up more of a fight than we hoped for😕 Also there was a group playing in the bar at the same time 🎶🎸 I was surprised there were not more Mallorcans there but it is an Irish bar 🍻 no doubt in other places it would have been more uproar 😂😘 On Friday I am going to Manacor, Hope to see Rafa in the Aca , 😉 They should .be home by then. Fiona in Paris in Majorca


  2. When Rafa was two sets and a break up in the third set, I thought it was pretty much over…… Credit to Medvedev, he showed how strong mentally he can be. He put up a good fight with the help of the crowd, perhaps some of them wanted more tennis…… It was nerve wracking when Rafa lost the fourth set, but at the end, so relieved Rafa won his #4 US Open trophy and #19 grand slam title! What a performance by both players👏👏


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