US Open R1: What time does Rafael Nadal play against John Millman in New York City?

On Tuesday, three-time champion Rafael Nadal will start his campaign US Open against Australian John Millman, who scored a big upset last year in New York when he defeated Roger Federer.

Date: August 27, 2019

Match time: 7 PM EDT –  New York, Montreal / midnight – United Kingdom / 1 AM CEST – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 9 AM AEST – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa leads 1-0 in the head to head between the two players.


Rafa, who would move to within one Grand Slam of Roger Federer’s all-time record 20 with a triumph in New York, said he has practised well all week and is brimming with confidence.

My last events have been win Rome, win in Roland Garros, semi-finals in Wimbledon, and winning Montreal.

That’s a positive feeling, positive memory on my mind. That helps for the confidence, helps for the positive feelings.

Good luck and Vamos Rafa!


  1. I just checked Flashscore to see what’s going on. They have five clay-court tournaments going on: two ITFs and three challengers, Spain, Germany, Italy and China.

    I’m DESPERATE to see Rafa. As Rafa approaches the latter part of his storied and mind boggling career I’m starting to get even more selfish in wanting him to always be there on the court winning in his uncompromising love of tennis and his quest for excellence.


    • If you are in Manhattan keep your eyes peeled as you may see him walking around.

      His good friend Andy Murray is practicing at the RNA in preparation for playing in Rafa’s tournament. They seem to be offering free tickets. What a brilliant opportunity for people in the area to see one of the best players ever.

      Good luck to both Andy and Rafa next week and beyond.

      • RR, LOL…you’re joking, right, re “keep your eyes peeled?” If I were to pass Rafa on the street, without breaking stride, I would wish him a BIG 23 [4+19]🤗

        A few years ago my boyfriend and I were at a diner during the wee hours one morning and he said to me “there’s Burt Young.” I said cool and then started to read the menu. To my horror, boyfriend walks up to Young and asks for his autograph. The kicker? Burt Young whips out a photo of himself from inside his jacket to sign for boyfriend. I was amazed. I thought that was hilarious.

      • Funny story Margo. For sure Rafa doesn’t carry photos of himself to give fans. If I met him on the street I am afraid that I might be all kinds of tongue tied.
        Last year here in Toronto he was staying at a hotel one block from my condo. I walked by numerous times but never saw him. It was cool though just knowing he was so close to me.❤️

      • RR, if Rafa stays there again [next year] just keep walking your pet fish back and forth. I would say dog but he’s afraid of animals. If that fails, take up jogging and keep circling the hotel. While jogging, practice what you want to tell him.

  2. I can’t wait yo watch you ti play si Wells.
    Muy best wishes to u. Play as always & the 19 • Slam will be tours

  3. I am picking Rafa to win this trophy . Just play like in Montreal , and Rafa has a great chance of getting this slam !
    Vamos Rafa !

  4. Yeah, Rafa’s results this season has been excellent so far, reaching at least the SFs of all events played except one (Acapulco R2), ie 9 out of 10 events!

    As most Rafa fans know, when Rafa is fit and healthy, and mentally prepared, he will have very good results. I hope he’s well prepared, physically and mentally, for this USO and he be the last man standing come the final Sunday!

    I really do feel that this will be a very good season for Rafa despite not winning the AO and Wimbledon; with the USO, WTF and YE no.1 as achievable targets.

  5. So excoted cant wait to see u. On cort Champion Rafa Nadal you go get the win now good luck Rafa.


  7. Can’t wait……I will be sitting in front of my TV by 3:45pm on Tuesday!
    One match at a time Rafa, good luck and Vamos🍀💪❤️

    • Mimi, great news as of today. The humidity has decreased down to 49% [almost half of what it was a couple of days ago at 93]. And the wind has picked up a lot and Rafa kills his opponents when it’s windy. I am hoping for the weather gods to look out for Rafa.


  8. My hero you will see Millman off on Tuesday.
    Just hope from my side of the world there may be a link for me to watch you play.
    European tv companies are soccer is not a priority 😥😥🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦👑👑☘☘☘

  9. All the very best Rafa!you go and be the sportsman that you always are!Vamos to you Rafa the star!you go my No 1 always.x

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