Rafael Nadal unsure if he’ll play in Cincinnati

Rafael Nadal said on Tuesday he feels fit to take part in the 2019 Canadian Open, a Masters 1000 tournament, which starts next week.

“I think that I’m in a good shape this year, I’m strong. I’ll soon travel to Montreal as I want to spend some days there to finish my preparation,” the Spaniard said during a press conference held in his hometown, Manacor, to present the second edition of the ATP challenger tour tennis tournament, Rafa Nadal Open.

Our champ also said he will make a late decision on whether to participate in Cincinnati with his focus on making sure he is ready for the US Open:

Depending on what happens in Montreal, I’ll take a decision on Cincinnati. Cincinnati is still an option. I have one thing very clear though and it is that I want to arrive well prepared and ready for the US Open, the last major of the season.

Source: EFE


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  2. Personally, I look to see what is in Rafa’s heart, not what’s on his head.


  3. People on site have reported that Titin has had Rafa doing cardio training the last few days. 30 seconds hard hitting followed by 30 seconds rest in a continuous loop. Should be beneficial especially for dealing with the oppressive conditions in NYC.

    As for his hair he did have plugs in late 2016. That is why the back of his head was shaved at the Aussie Open 2017. Right now it looks like a bit of a comb over. But really even if he had no hair at all I would still love his tennis.

    • ❤️ “But really even if he had no hair at all I would still love his tennis.” 👍

      • Much respect for Rafa’s character. Love how it shows through his facial expressions.

        Looking forward to seeing his game face on the court.

  4. Rafa looking forward to seeing you playing tennis.good luck champ vamosssssssssss 🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸🎾💪😘❤️🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸🌎

  5. Rafa is doing the sensible thing and keeping his options open. As we know, he’s a player that practises hard and needs plenty of matches to feel confident. He said that he felt tired after Wimbledon, so he won’t want to play two successive hard court tournaments before the US Open. He withdrew from Cinci last year as he said for ” No other reason than trying to take care of my body and trying to keep as healthy as I feel now.” Hopefully, he’ll do really well in his title defence in Montreal so that he doesn’t feel the need to play in Cinci.

    • I totally agree with your comment. It is important that Rafa continues to feel good. I would prefer if he could defend his title in Canada and skip Cincy. I would also love to see Rafa healthy for the later tournaments for a change.

  6. Is rafa getting hair transplants, anyone else think so…..looks like alot of hair on top now,when he was balding badly before…….

  7. I think it would be better to skip Cincinnati. All the focus, mentally and phisicly, for the US-Open.

    Vamos Rafa <3

  8. Nole and Roger have got some flak for missing Canada, but everyone needs to do what’s right for them. I hope Rafa’s able to play both Montreal and Cincy, but the US Open’s the priority.

  9. Yes, I believe lots depends on how he does at Montreal. I sincerely hopes he wins at Montreal – note that should he does that, it’ll be the first time he successfully defends a non clay title, after all these years in his career!

    A career which is plight by all sorts of injury issues that sometimes he couldn’t defend all those non clay titles, especially Wimbledon in 2009 which I feel had he not had that injury that year, would have a good chance of winning it thus defending his 2008 title.

    I think he’ll skip Cincy if he wins Montreal, to be in tip top conditions for the USO. I really think that if he’s physically fit and ready for the USO, he’ll be a big favourite, because:

    1) the courts there are not that quick but not too slow either;

    2) he’s playing well both in short point tennis and long rallies;

    3) imo both Fed and Djoko are physically and mentally spent after Wimbledon and would take some efforts to be ready for another slam.

    4) USO, unlike Wimbledon, would reward Rafa’s topspin better, and his position behind the baseline.

    Rafa just needs to stay focused, believe in his own game even when he has to face Fed or Djoko or both. I don’t see why Rafa needed to feel worried about his BH when facing Fed at Wimbledon! To me that’s just an excuse for himself in case he lost, a sign of his lack of confidence when facing Fed (or even Djoko) on non clay surfaces.

    He’s perfectly fine when facing them on clay (like in the FO SF vs Fed and against Djoko in the Rome final)! Just go out there and play as if he’s facing them on clay, shows some belief, and I think Rafa has the game to beat them out there!

    • GREAT strategy “…as if he’s facing them on clay…” That could make a world of difference in winning against both.


  10. The only thing that makes sense to play Cincy is if he bows out early at Montreal. I sure hope he can defend his title.

    As I said the other day, his short video showed a Rafa ready to rumble. He looked fluid, sure of foot, and energetic on the practice court.


    • Nice to see thèse photos of Rafa s arrival in Montréal 😀 He had 18 days rest in Mallorca and Sardinia 🌞🌴🏊 as always in July , his main holiday. As we saw in the photos, I had some printed today. 😉 As for these North American tournaments they don t mean very much to me 😑 I would always préfer him to carry off all the European clay court ones ☺and Wimbledon of course and leave the others to the others. Thiem is advancing in Kitzbuhl Austria this week 😀 would be logical for him to win being Austrian, Zverev down 😕in Hamburg his home town . Murray in Wimbledon 👑👑twice 😃 I like to see the hispanics win in South America 😉 I have suggested it to them and had no reply . Fiona in Paris

  11. Stay healthy and injury free Rafa, all the best to you always, and may all your dreams come true🍀❤️
    Also, hope everything goes well for the Rafa Nadal Open at your academy!

  12. Looking forward to Rafa’s next match! Sounds like he is wisely considering what is best for his health and playing in the US Open.

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