Wimbledon 2019: Rafael Nadal vs Nick Kyrgios – Full Match


  1. Thank you !!!Oh how I love to watch Rafa show his integrity and whoop those who don’ t have mich. Terrific match to have for posterity!!! I will enjoy it over and over again!!

  2. Just serves to remind me how much I enjoy watching Rafael on court, and how he made me respect
    the game and how it can be played. Being there is tennis nirvana. Kyrgios is his own worst enemy.
    Such a sense of satisfaction for RN-after injuries and self-doubt. How he compelled himself to regain
    mental strength and belief.🎋🎾❤️💪👑the 🔥 is still burning bright.

  3. I was nervous before and during this match but I can now enjoy watching it over and over especially the end of it, ❤️ the celebration😉 Great match Rafa👏 Thank you for the video!

  4. My favorite part is at the end, right after the polite handshake when Rafa brought the phrase “turning a cold shoulder” to life. 🙂

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