WATCH: Rafael Nadal welcomes Spanish royals at his Academy

Rafael Nadal and his family have received Spanish former King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca.

During the visit, the royal couple learned more about the work that is carried out at the academy. After touring the facilities, they enjoyed a snack in the cafeteria.

Our King was seen smiling in the photo and enjoying a chat with the royal pair.


  1. Believe I made a mistake in Grandma Nadal’s age. It seems that she is 88. Was thinking of my Aunt who just turned 96. Sorry for the mixup. Can’t remember where the birthday pictures were posted but it was most likely media tweets by Tanika. She has many personal photos of Rafa friends and family.

  2. Just read an article, Rafa says “he thinks he is in a good physical shape, feels strong and ready to fly to Canada in the next days.👍 He does not know if he will play in Cincinnati, he says it depends on what happens in Montreal.”

    I will be in Montreal to cheer on Rafa in person, just booked my trip on Sunday. Australian Open is not until January of next year……

    Looking forward to watch Rafa defends his title🤗🍀💪😍❤️

    • I hope Rafa can win in Montreal and break the pattern of never defending a title off clay. Enjoy, MImi – not sure if you meant you have tickets for Sunday or made the booking on that day? Hope you get to see Rafa and if so, please cheer for him on behalf of all of us!

      • Hi Jas,

        Thank you so much🙏 😘

        Yes, fingers crossed and good luck to Rafa🍀💪❤️
        I made my booking on Sunday, hotel, air tickets, and central court tickets from Wed., August 7 to Sun., August 11 to cheer on Rafa all the way👍 I hope they don’t schedule Rafa to play on Tuesday night as I saw the tournament schedule showing 1st and 2nd round🤞 If they do, I will watch him on TV I guess for his second round match……

        Thanks Jas, I will for sure!!!

  3. The four quarters for Montreal are: Rafa, Thiem, Zverev, and Tsitsipas.

    The best 13 of the Top 16 players will be competing. The first 8 seeds will receive a first round bye.
    [SOURCE: Rogers Cup Tournament News]


  4. I was doing research and decided to nominate Rafa for most Slams won at a single tournament.

    RAFA IS ALREADY IN THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for winning the most Slams at the same tournament.

    Well…at least I saved five bucks.


  5. They’re filming a promo today of Rafa at his RNA practice session. He’s wearing what is supposed to be his night outfit for the usopen. Really sharp looking. Black shorts with white racing stripe. Black sleeveless top. Purple logos and purple wristbands and bandana. Stunning on him.

  6. There can’t be many sportsmen/sportswomen (if any) who can include Royalty as their fans. I’m sure they appreciate Rafael as a person as much as for his tennis achievements. He does so much for others – I don’t think many sportspeople do as much as he does.

  7. Rafa is scheduled to have his first practice session in Montreal on Friday. YIPEEEEEEE!


  8. Looking forward to the epic FEDAL exhibition match that will be taking place in South Africa.

    I am super excited that your feet will be touching down on South African soil.

    Yes and the rivalry amongst my family will be at a peak, because I am a die- hard Rafa fan!

    Vamos Rafa!

  9. Rafa lovely Royals and such Honor, congratulations on your beautiful academy,your fans love you vamossssssssss. Champ 🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸a🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸

  10. Mimi, to the best of my knowledge that is Ana Maria’s mother in the dress(you see the resemblance in the smile) and Sebastien’s mom wearing pants. Have seen them at the French Open posing with Rafa and his trophy. Also there were photos recently online of grandma Nadal’s 96th or 97th birthday which was a big family celebration.

    • Thank you RR, I appreciate your reply🙏
      I can tell most of Rafa’s team members and some family members by looking at their photos but had no clue who are his grandmas. Now I do thanks to you! I usually google for Rafa’s news a few times a day but somehow I missed those big celebration photos.


  12. Also isn’t it sweet that Rafa’s grandmothers attend many of his events? They are always so well put together. Nice to see the closeness of this family.

    • RR, are the lovely ladies in floral blouse and dress Rafa’s grandmas, second photo with the restaurant name to their left? Thanks!

      • Yes, they are exactly those two, Ana Maria Parera looks like her mother and Abuela Nadal , I have seen them in Paris during R Garros. Going into Sa Punta , their favorite family restaurante 🍷I saw the advert for it in the Aca when I was there. still hoping for zn invitation there ☺ it is quite pricey. Which site placed photos of Abuela Nadal s birthday ? When I was in Mallorca in Sept. 2015 it was the week of Abuelo Nadal s funeral , 86 years. That grandfather was also called Rafael Nadal and made his career in classical music as a conductor 🎵🎶 They had 5 children together, Sébastian is the eldest and Toni second. 🙎 Fiona in Paris

      • I have read the report in Spanish in the local Majorcan News site, in Sa Punta the menu was fish 🐟🐚 and sea food, Mallorca gambas, King prawns, Rafa s favorite dish, grilled veg. Spanish vino 🍷and water, dessert, sant honoret, an ice cream dessert 🍨, fruit 🍊🍑🍍café. Rafa is not in the photo of the King leaving, just after lunch he and Xisca went with two friends out to the boat Beethoven mooréd just there to sail up the coast. 😀 Fiona in Paris

  13. Such lovely photos. Mery certainly has the grace and elegance to be greeting Royals. It seems that they went to the Nadal owned restaurant Sa Punta afterwards. Must have been a wonderful day for all involved.

    • Hi RR, yes, you are right about Mery👍 I didn’t know about Rafa’s restaurant until you mentioned it now or else I would love to check it out during my visit to Mallorca. Oh well, maybe next time………

  14. I read a write up in Spanish about the visit. It said the royals were greeted by Rafa’s fiancee, and his parents. Rafa joined them after “completing his training”. Our boy has his priorities in order. 🙂

  15. Thank you for sharing so many nice pictures!! Visiting Rafa!s Academy is a must for me in the near future! Congratulations!!!!!

  16. Que grande Rafa! Gracias por todos los momentos tan emocionantes durante nuestros anos en Espana y ahora en Suecia!
    Muchos recuerdos y mucha felicidad en el futuro!
    Eva y Kurt Wigartz
    (Antes Benalmadena Pueblo, ahora Estocolmo)

  17. Thank you for all the nice photos🙏

    My husband and I visited Rafa’s academy back in April of this year, it was an amazing experience👍 I ordered a “Grand Slam” sandwich at the cafe😋 and was lucky to see Naomi Osaka while I was enjoying it. I think she did training there for a week, that was a nice surprise!

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