Wimbledon SF: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Roger Federer?

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will meet for the 40th time on Friday – and for the fourth time at Wimbledon. Our champ leads their head-to-head series 24-15. The two have not met on grass since 2008 Wimbledon final when Rafa won 9-7 in the fifth set to capture his first title at the grass-court major.

Date: July 12, 2019

Match time: Rafa is second match on Center Court. Around 4 PM local time / 11 AM EDT – New York, Montreal / 4 PM BST – United Kingdom / 5 PM CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / Saturday 1 AM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

It is the pair’s 5th meeting in a Grand Slam semifinal. Rafa has won all 4 of their previous Grand Slam semifinals – at Roland Garros in 2005 and this year, and at the Australian Open in 2012 and 2014. They have contested a total of 10 previous semifinals at Tour-level overall, with Rafa leading the head-to-head in their Tour-level semifinal meetings 7-3.

Rafa ended a 5-match losing streak against Federer in the semifinals at Roland Garros this year – he had not previously defeated Federer since the 2014 Australian Open, when he won their semifinal match in straight sets. Their other 2019 Wimbledon day men’s singles semifinal match notes scheduled match in 2019 never made it to court after Rafa gave a walkover due to a knee injury in the semifinals at Indian Wells-1000 earlier this year.

He is bidding to defeat Federer for the 11th time at a Grand Slam. If he wins today, our champ will guarantee that he remains at No. 2 when the new rankings are released on Monday 15 July. Federer must win the title here to rise above Rafa and become world No. 2.

Federer is bidding to reach his 31st Grand Slam final, while Rafa is bidding to reach his 27th Grand Slam final.

Rafa on playing Roger:

Now to play against Roger always is a unique situation. I’m xcited to be back on this court against him after 11 years. It means a lot for me and probably for him, too. I’m excited about this match, excited about this opportunity.

I just expect to play against probably the best player of the history in this surface and know that I have to play my best if I want to have chances to try to be in that final.

Roger on playing Rafa:

He has improved so much over the years on this surface. He’s also playing very different than he used to. We haven’t played each other in a long, long time on this surface. He’s serving way different.

I remember back in the day how he used to serve, and now how much bigger he’s serving, how much faster he finishes points. It’s nice to play each other again.

I hope it goes my way. It’s going to be tough. Rafa is not just a clay court specialist. He can really can hurt anybody on any surface. He’s that good.


Sources: ATP Tour, Wimbledon


  1. “I never thought I would say this, but at this year’s Wimbledon Nadal is posting better service numbers than Federer.

    He is winning more points on his first serve (83 per cent compared to 82), has hit more aces (47 compared to 42) and is hitting a more powerful first serve (117 mph on average compared to 116mph).

    These are staggering numbers for Nadal, who is playing with a little less margin for error than usual by getting in a relatively low 61 percent of first serve in. By way of comparison, Federer has been up at 65 percent.

    Nadal is playing bigger for sure at the start of the point, and that’s an investment in winning the tournament. He’s going for more, and that doesn’t just happen by accident.

    Now, he needs to maintain these sort of figures against Federer, and gamble on missing a few first serves for the reward of picking up precious cheap points.”
    [SOURCE: Nadal vs Federer Tactical Review by Craig O’Shanessy]


  2. “As Nadal said after beating Sam Querrey in the quarter-finals:”

    ‘The opportunities to play against each other every time are less but we’re still here. I know he’s playing well. He feels comfortable here. And me, too. I had a lot of defeats. I had a lot of victories. Relationship never changed. Always big respect. Good friendship, relationship. That’s all. Probably it will not change if I win, if I lose.’”
    [SOURCE: The Guardian]

    Neither Roger’s fans nor Rafa’s fans can break these two apart.

  3. Time this site got a proof reader. Third paragraph down from the heading ‘Match time’ has a sentence that is pure gibberish. As you are now ad supported, surely you can afford someone to check the text.

  4. Rafa good luck tomorrow vamosssssssss champ you can do it you are playing great tennis 🎾 👍😘🎾💪❤️🇺🇸🌎we are whit you all the way to the finals.👍😘🎾💪❤️🇺🇸🌎👍😘🎾💪❤️🌎🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. Rafa has sent a message to his fans via Twitter.

    “See you in London”

    [SOURCE: @ATP_Tour @Rafael Nadal #Nitto ATP Finals]

    Stay healthy Rafa and you will be there.

    • Margo, you are right👍 The most important thing is to stay healthy. I actually went to the WTF in London twice, in 2017 and 2018, but unfortunately Rafa suffered an injury both times. However, he did not play at all although I did saw him lifting the year end trophy in 2017👏 In 2018, I saw him play a three sets match with David Goffin and had to withdraw right after. Fingers crossed Rafa will win the trophy this year!!! Good luck to Rafa🍀Best wishes always❤

    • What are you looking at? He shows up on Center Court for tomorrow vs Federer on Wimby’s schedule?

  6. We have watched Rafa’s progression as he raised the trophy in Rome and then achieved an amazing #12 at RG.
    And now he’s at Wimbledon… 3rd seed …tough draw… and he began his climb here… and every match he is fierce…he’s intense… he’s in complete control… and it matters not who is on the other side of the court… he’s all game as we witness Rafa’s powerful serve, forehand , backhand , as he continues to raise his level as the whole world watches. His opponents leave the courts thinking….oh man, what just happened…

    Anyone who is following this knows what we know… Rafa is the one to beat…. Roger knows it as he just lost to Rafa at RG and at their last interaction at Wimbledon in 2008, it is Rafa who raised the trophy… Now it’s Wimbledon 2019 and Roger sees Rafa is playing lights out tennis… Rafa WILL win this semi-final…
    It might go 5 to the bitter end,,, but our boy will be the victor….

    Take it to him Rafa!! And once again a final will be within your grasp!


  7. RBA’s best showing at Wimbledon was in the fourth round in 2015 and 2017. He had little conviction that he would be in the latter stages at Wimby so he had scheduled his bachelor party for this week.

    “I had planned to be in Ibiza right now.” “We had everything organized already. My friends, six of them, are all there.”

    “It feels better to be in London.”

    ‘When asked what’s the bachelor party plan now, RBA said “I think they will fly [to London] on Friday.”
    [SOURCE: ATP Tour News]

    I hope RBA wins his semifinal.

    With Rafa as the winner, an all-Spanish final could teach Wimbledon a lesson.


  8. Why these two in semi.. because of the deseeding of Rafa in first place..and he was in the toughest draw. The Brits always favour Federer, & Djokovic over Rafa. Think next yr Rafa should give them🤘

  9. Rooting for you Rafa! I’ve cleared my friday schedule, so it’s all you champ!! Take the match to Roger, and be super aggressive, or else you’ll find yourself back in the locker room wondering how you got there:)

    Time to get revenge for AO 2017 Rafa, get it done champ!!!

    It’s amazing how these 2 great champions seem to just keep going and going. I watched some of Fed’s match last night, and one point had my jaw dropping to the floor. Federer is not to be taken lightly, at all!

    But Rafa will prevail.

  10. Best of Luck & Vamos RAFA! I waiting for your straight win over Roger in Semis so that you can conserve your energy for Final.Be confident and serve well The rest is yours only

  11. . There will be tremandous pressure on federer. Federer has claimed that he on grass is the same as Rafa on clay. That is a huge statement. Hence the pressure. Rafa has already claimed his territory at Roland Garros. The way Rafa is playing, he looks unstoppable. Also Rafa has beaten both Fed and djoker after the aus open so his confidence should be high. 🤞 . Best of luck for the next round champ. Hard work pays off and you r the most hard working athlete on earth. Vamos 💪💪💪

    • Basically, RF is sending warning to Rafa that grass is his surface. After 5 gruelling matches due to his insane draw, Rafa can also make claims about his grass court capacities. PLS PLS RAFA BE AGRESSIVE AND KEEP EXCHANGES SHORT. AIM FOR 3 SET VICTORY TO REMIN FRESH FOR FINAL.
      Wamos Rafa, you are the best.

      • Roger is NOT sending Rafa any kind of message because that’s NOT what he said. Listen to his ATP video interview dated June 16. He said that he feels on grass probably the way Rafa feels on clay. And I’ve seen the erroneous headlines on various articles. Roger goes on to explain maybe why he does well on grass. He didn’t say anything against Rafa.


    • And people say Fed is humble!! He should wait for others to say he is Rafa’s equivalent on grass.

      That’s not true anyway, he has nowhere near Rafa’ s total dominance, or he would have had 12 W. In my opinion, Sampras was the complete grass court player, and if he had played for longer, I’ve no doubt he would have racked up more than the 7 titles he won.

  12. Appreciate what we see on court between these two titans. Pure tennis history. Rivalry but so much respect and passion for the sport. We will never get enough-enjoy the artistry and athleticism.🎾❤️

  13. If Rafa serves as well as he has all tournament , yes he will beat Roger . Roger will try to pick up the serve early and its important that Rafa stays unpredictable and gets his first seve in above 70% . Anyway , this match is going to be very competitive and i hope Rafa prevails !

  14. Rafa’s confidence has to be at a very high level. Can he beat Roger, definitely.

    Stay healthy Rafa and keep playing smart. Save energy for the final. All the best.


  15. Great playing Rafa its nice to see you playing tennis again with no pain . I hope to keep this level of play going play like the fitter you are good luck Vamoos .

  16. Great playing Rafa its nice to see you playing tennis again with no pain . I hope to keep this level of play up and win your 3rd trophy here at Whimbe. Vamoose .

  17. Great playing Rafa its nice to see you playing tennis again with no pain . I hope to keep this level of play up and win your 3rd trophy here at Whimbe. Vamoose .

  18. One of the best things in sports is the rivarly (and friendship) between those two absolute champions. Vamos Rafa, I still have in my eyes the 2008 Final… I cried at the end. Hope to live again such an emotion.

  19. Rafa, your head-to-head with Roger would be 25-15 after the semis👍
    Vamos💪Your team, family, friends, and fans around the world will be cheering for you all the way, so proud of you!👏❤️ Good luck🍀

  20. Vamos Rafa!! Thank you for another spectacular match on the grass. You can do this and win the title.

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