Uncle Toni criticizes Wimbledon’s seeding formula

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Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni calls Wimbledon’s decision to seed the second-ranked Spaniard third, behind world No. 3 Roger Federer, “a bit ugly.”

“It’s a well-known topic,” Toni told El Larguero, a Spanish radio programme. “The Wimbledon guys are used to differentiating themselves because of this kind of thing. It’s a bit ugly, but it’s what they’ve always done.

“They’re used to going their own way and they act like that because they feel special and maybe they think they have the right to do things as they want. It’s a bad beginning.

“It’s true that it’s a very important tournament but it would be more logical if it [the seeds] were based on what is based around the world, on the measures that govern the ATP.”

Toni added: “I think it’s a lack of respect to the ATP circuit. They [Wimbledon] act at their own discretion. If everyone did the same thing it would be a complete disaster. But I think they feel very special.”

Source: The Times


  1. It’s a well known fact that Wimbledon favours RF, who gets favourable treatment at every turn. Uncle Toni is merely stating his opinion, of which I, and loads of others, totally agree with. Go get em Rafa! Do your best, win , lose or draw you are the most amazing player on the planet!

  2. According to the ATP, Rafa is not the only one who may have a hard time lifting the trophy.

    “If Federer successfully navigates his path to 100 victories at Wimbledon, he could face one of the most difficult tests in tennis to add to his tally and achieve his ultimate goal: a ninth Wimbledon trophy. From the semi-finals, the 20-time Grand Slam champion could meet Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in back-to-back matches.”
    [ATP Staff, 5/28/2019]

    • It’s going to be tough for anyone, and things can change – sometimes draws open up because people unexpectedly lose early on, or one player has to play a very long match and gets tired, or has to play on successive days because of the weather … anything can happen! We’ll see what happens 🙂 . Fingers crossed for Rafa!

      • Absolutely and hoping all goes in Rafa’s favor. Rafa is determined to get his third🏆 Wimby.


  3. Wimbledon really sucks!

    Wimbledon is super salty and cringe worthy!!!!

    All tennis players should boycottt the tournament and leave if for only Roger Federer and Novak


  4. Toni’s remarks were not made yesterday…. He was asked to comment on a radio show last Wednesday when the seedings came out. The same day Rafa gave his comments to the press…the same day all the fans were commenting on this site… He’s not stirring up anything with Rafa and if anyone has a right to discuss the seeds its Toni Nadal…

  5. Can’t keep looking at the comments about the complaints from Tony or Rafa’s team about the Wimbledon seeding. No one should criticize Them! Rafa has worked all day, almost every day since he was a child to excel at tennis where he’s very gifted. Anyone criticizing their complaints, I’d love to see how you would handle the same situation in your careers. In tennis, you work and play your heart out, knowing this career will end when you are young. I’d be raising hell at Wimbledon. Rafa and his team have behaved like gentleman. Wimbledon needs to get over itself and the peanut gallery needs to shut up! Can’t wait to see Rafa at US Open!

  6. The Wimbledon ranking system is a joke and a bad representation for Britain and their tennis program. Get over yourselves Wimbledon! Your not the hottest tennis tourney any more…and you haven’t been for a long time! Good luck to Rafa. The US looks forward to seeing you in New York! Vamos Rafa!!

  7. I agree with Rafa’s Uncle Toni . Wimbledon they might feel special but really they aren’t. They are just another game on the tour that the players play. They disrespect the players by not honoring their ranking . What is the sense of having a ranking by the number of tournaments you have won if England is just going to make up their own rules. It says to me that maybe we the tennis community should just not play Wimbledon anymore until they get their act together and stop disrespecting the players. They are being Bullies and that is just not right . Very Rude of the British . Where are their manners.

      • Could you perhaps refrain from making anti-British comments just because you don’t agree with a decision made by one organisation out of a population of 66 million people? Thank you.

      • setinthepast, try not to take things personally. The world is full of knuckleheads.


    • Yes, in spite of the seedings and rankings the player is always déterminéd to win 😊 he may not take any notice of that. However, it was disappointing for us fans that he did not succeed to defend his 👑 after 2010. 😕He should have won 4 times more, particularly in 2011 and 2012 😢 and if poss 2014 and 2015 😡 Pleased for Andy Murray in 2013 😃👑 being British. This year praying as always. Since 2008 the crown 👑 has been shared between that big 4 😃 Fiona in Paris

      • I’m looking forward to seeing Rafa win semi final. Lucky enough to have tickets. Btw agree with Uncle Toni! VAMOS Rafa🎾🎾

  8. I hope Federer looses vamossssssssss Rafa good luck you can do it we love you any way.💪🎾😘❤️👍🎾💪😘❤️👍🎾💪😘🎾💪😘❤️👍🎾💪😘❤️👍🎾💪😘❤️👍

    • Despite all dishonourable favoritism, no way RF will win Wimbledon 2019. Even if he arrives at the final Djokovic will chew and spit him out. Much as I dislike Djokovic’s gamesmanship, in this case, I do hope he beats RF to a pulp. Of course, it would be marvellous if Rafa would beat all the special obstacles Wimb…has set to him and beat RF.
      Wamos Rafa, you are the best.

    • It would be à surprise 😯☺ if any other player got a look in apart from the big 4 , pleased for Andy Murray in Queens doubles 😃👑 with Lopez Fiona in Paris

  9. Tio Tony. Ya estamos hartos de tus comentarios. Deja que tu sobrino gane y y asi ya no habra tantos mensajes. Si hubieses sido un buen entrenador, tu sobrino ya hubiera ganado TODOS los torneos. Calladito te vez mejor, pues pones tambien en ridiculo a tu sobrino. Tu tiempo, ya paso

    • Rafa HAS won all the tournaments and your spewing negativity towards Toni is shameful… Toni Nadal has every right to comment on the seeding at Wimbledon and he doesn’t have to stay quiet nor should he. And by the way…his time has not passed. Rafa speaks to Toni all the time… he always has…and always will…

  10. I totally agree with uncle Toni ….. Wimbledon is very biased especially to Rafa …. and show huge favouritism to Federer. Remember ‘the roof’ when Rafa v Djokovic – Fed has been knocked out but ‘they’ did everything g they could to prevent Rafa winning and catching up the number of G Slams. Toni is correct to ‘NAME AND SHAME.

  11. Vamos Rafa!!!! I will be praying the best for you to be healthy, happy and successful! It’s never been easy but if anyone can do this you can!!🙏🏼❤️👏🏻👍💪👏🏻❤️

  12. I agree with you setinthepast. Rafa needs to focus on getting through the draw and leave the Wimbledon seeding issue on the back burner until after the tournament, because nothing is going to change within the next two weeks.

    From what I saw if his two matches at Hurlingham, Rafa has a way to go to adapt fully to the grass. He is standing too far back and not hitting shots deep enough, so it’s giving his opponents the run of the court to go for their shots. They will also try to rush Rafa as it’s widely known that he likes time on the ball. He should also play further up the court and try to finish shots off at the net. His game has to be accurate to counter big servers and big hitters like Kyrgios and Cilic, otherwise it’s curtains. Work to do Rafa, but if anyone can rise to the challenge, you can.

  13. What right does Uncle Tony have to dictate how things should be done. There has been so much whinging and moaning it’s embarrasing .

    • Toni was not dictating, but expressing his opinion, which he has the right to do, especially seeing his relationship to Rafa.

      • I am so tired of all this gossip about Rafa, his uncle and much more. Lets enjoy Wimbledon and turn the page.

    • They know if they seeded Federer 3rd like it is suppose to be , Federer will not win . That is the only reason . I hope Federer looses.

    • Wimbledon is the only tournament that does not respect the ACTUAL ATP rankings. Would love to see how you responded to favoritism AGAINST you in your profession. A profession where you worked all day, every day since you were 4 years old!

  14. Not a happy comment from uncle Toni. He could have been seeded 2 and still had to play Federer. His comment doesn’t help Rafa at all!

  15. I see Uncle Toni’s point, but I think everyone needs to get past this now – the press love a bit of controversy, and it’s not going to help Rafa if there are stories everywhere saying that his family have been criticising the AELTC. Toni did something similar a few years ago when he said that Rafa didn’t get treated with enough respect in Paris – I know he meant well, and he had a point, but it’s better to concentrate on the tennis now, especially with such a rough draw.

    • setinthepast, I agree but I also had to chuckle when Toni said “But I think they feel very special.”

    • How would you feel in your profession, if you’d been treated this way? Keep in mind, you’d have to work Ll day every day since you were 4! Don’t criticize what you don’t know!!!!!

      • setinthepast, the good news is that Rafa is getting a lot of support from retired players and the media so I’m happy about that.


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