Rafa Roundup: How Rafael Nadal Felt About Someone Leaking His Wedding Plans

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Nadal is the first man or woman, across both the professional and amateur eras, to win the same Grand Slam tournament 12 times. It’s an achievement Moya believes we will never witness again in the sport.

“It’s hard to say that, but I don’t think I will see that. I would love to see it maybe, but I don’t think I will. It’s amazing,” said the Spanish coach.

“How many people are working really hard and they never won a slam? So it’s beyond this world.”

Nadal passed Djokovic for the lead in the ATP Race To London with 5,505 points, taking a 780-point advantage over the second-placed Serbian (4,725).

This is the closest the Race has been between the Top 2 players after Roland Garros since 2012, when Nadal led Djokovic by 630 points after claiming his seventh trophy in Paris.

I have never felt alone anywhere. I have my lifelong friends, the same ones I’ve had since the age of three, and there’s my team, which has hardly changed in all this time. And I also have my family from Manacor, and village life is different from life in the big cities. I am in touch with my family on a daily basis, so I’ve never felt alone.

Q. You are getting married this year. How hurt were you that details of the wedding were leaked?

Rafa: Personally I wasn’t hurt at all. But there is a lot of talk about these things. I’ve read that I was really angry about it, and the truth is, I am not… These are things that we try to keep private but end up becoming public. Well, all right then. Ultimately I don’t really care. I have no problem having details of the wedding being publicized. But the thing is, everything tends to turn into a circus. We are used to social media and news organizations publishing things that make no sense and which are not even true, and nobody ever publishes a correction. But it hasn’t given me any headaches.

Whether it’s technical, physical, or mental, Nadal sees every problem as a solution waiting to happen. That’s how you end up better at 33 than you were at 19. That’s how you give Father Time a run for his money. That’s how win 12 titles at Roland Garros.

Philippe Chatrier was named for a French tennis player who was more consequential as a French tennis official. It will never be renamed for Nadal. But, next year, Court 1 at Roland-Garros, the so-called Bullring, will be torn down to create room for a much needed grassy open space on the cramped tennis grounds. A statue of Rafa would not be out of place. His arms raised, perhaps, his face turned skyward, his eyes squeezed closed as he savors yet another championship victory on Chatrier.

“I think when I talk with him today I say I think you have the possibility to win Wimbledon again,” Toni said. “Last year was very close [Nadal lost in five sets to eventual champ Novak Djokovic in the semifinals]. I think he has the possibility to win, and I want to hope that this year it will be possible.

Carlos Moya, who has taken over the full-time coaching reins from Toni Nadal, also thinks Rafa can win Wimbledon again. “Of course, why not?” he said. “He lost in the semifinal last year, playing a great match. Why not? He’s too good to not be a contender in any tournament he plays. I think [he is mentally ready]. Winning in Rome gave him the confidence to believe that he was playing well enough to win again. And physically?

No sooner had Rafael Nadal wiped away the red dust from his eyes and taken his hands off the resplendent trophy, the inevitable question raced towards him. Can he catch Roger Federer? Can he usurp his great rival at the very top of men’s tennis and become the most successful male tennis player of all time?

Looking only at grand slams won – more later on why that is not the only criterion for assessing greatest of all time (GOAT) credentials – Federer has held at least a three-slam lead over his great rival since July 2004. As of Sunday however, Nadal’s 12th French Open title means he has at last closed the gap to two, which given he is five years younger than Federer looks distinctly bridgeable.

Nadal, whose Paris victory earned him his 52nd Big Title, is now just one Big Title from tying Djokovic in second place (53) and two from record-holder Federer (54). But by winning Roland Garros, he has matched Djokovic’s Big Titles winning rate by capturing one trophy per 3.4 events played.

Nadal, who with 18 Grand Slam victories is now also within just two majors off Federer’s record, can make the Big Titles competition even juicier if he is to win his third Wimbledon title and first since 2010.

There are a lot of things we can learn from Rafa—how to enjoy the struggle, how to avoid beating yourself, how to use the bad times to inspire the good. But there are some things you can’t teach. How to win 12 titles at Roland Garros is one of them.

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  1. rafa mérite son nom sur le central de roland garros c’est le plus grand joueur de tous les temps

  2. Rafa is not only a wonderful tennis player, he has a wonderful family and team not forgetting his girlfriend.it all mounts up to gentlemen who is kind and thoughtful.wish you every happiness . Love from Judithxxx

  3. #sonotrelatef!

    As big of a fan as I am, my lifelong friend is probably your biggest fan. She was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and we know that’s never good. We are fighting together but she’s doing all the work. She’s a warrior and not to mention a good tennis player. Her mom, age 91, contacted Alex Trebek as they were diagnosed within weeks of each other. He sent her a personally signed picture of himself addresses to liz and mentioning mom Ida which was amazing. Anyway we can brighten up her day with an email or pic or Anything? I feel helpless. She’s only 58 and had signs at age 55 that all doctors missed. Nevertheless, we continue to watch you in every tournament rooting you on. Love from North Carolina and Florida 🤗🎾🤗

    • My husband had pancreatic cancer at age 87 and he was given a surgery called Whipples. He is looking forward to his 90th birthday in September. Maybe you can find out about this for your friend.
      I am a huge Rafa fan and soo happy he won his 12th trophy but more than that his 18th Grand Slam. Now looking forward to Wimbledon.

  4. I recall Roland Garros announcing that a statue of Rafa woukd be commissioned in his honout. I don’t think they will name a court in his honour . The French are not of that mindset no matter how appropriate .
    Rafa’s extraordinary record is his legacy but some visible recognition would be appreciated .
    Wonderful Rafa .,

  5. An old Victorian saying has it that a June bride will always have the love of her husband.As a June Bride I have it for nigh on fifty years.I could not wish for a greater happiness on Rafa and his beloved.This is is my wish for them both.

  6. Fingers crossed that this same stunning group of people will be out celebrating in London next month after his Wimbledon victory.


  7. Rafael Nadal is always accommodating to press and fans. He is entitled to privacy in his personal life. As we have read, he is a sensible person in terms of fame, publicity, and tennis. The media machine will never destroy the values that are so much a part of his character. We look forward to the French Open providing an appropriate recognition of his achievements.

    • You said it Isabel. Rafa deserves a lasting tribute in his honour at RG. It’s well overdue.

      • After Rafa won his 10th RG there was talk of his statue being placed at the entrance of RG. It was not done and I believe the RG administrators will never do anything to honour Rafa, even if he were to arrive at 15 RG titles. Extremely irritating but Rafa will go down in a history as a very long time unbeatable recond holder.
        Wamos Rafa, you are the best.

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