Madrid Open: Nadal vs Auger-Aliassime – superb shots [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal was in no mood to hang around. Watch!


  1. Gotta say he’s the GOAT even if you wanna throw Roger in its close ,even though head to head Rafas still way ahead but slightly behind Jock der almost de same age Roger quite a bit older so just while they’re all healthy Vamos Rafa !

  2. Still the best he now looks ready for all comers even the Jock and take his rightful place Again !

    • I mean just enjoy. while they’re all healthy Hala Madrid Hail Hail the Celtic Vamos Rafa sporting Gods. !

  3. Especially in the second set in the duals you could recognize the good old rafa with lots of pressure om the opponent So happy to see tjat and good serv too .Congrats and looking forward to next match

  4. Rafa are the best and the only one on the clay to come up with the fatal shots!!!

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