PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal reaches Indian Wells quarterfinals in straight sets

Rafael Nadal defeated qualifier Filip Krajinovic 6-3, 6-4 on Wednesday to reach the quarterfinals of the BNP Paribas Open.

Rafa remains on track for a potential semifinal against five-time champion Roger Federer in the bottom half of the draw. The top half was rocked by the upsets of top-ranked Novak Djokovic and No. 3 seed Alexander Zverev.

“The difference between players is not huge. It’s small gaps,” Rafa said about the upsets. “Is true that for the last 10 years didn’t happen very often.”

Krajinovic hadn’t dropped a set in winning his first three main-draw matches after two wins in qualifying to get into the $8.3 million event. But he couldn’t overcome Rafa, who lost his serve just once in the 1 1/2-hour match in sunny and windy conditions.

“Probably played a little bit worse today than yesterday,” Rafa said. “Maybe because of the conditions.”

Next up for Rafa is the winner of a fourth-round match between John Isner and Karen Khachanov.

Source: AP


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  2. Yes, I’m disappointed as are so many of your fans; however, rest rest rest and we will be even more hungry for your return. Going forward I will treasure each time you take the court knowing this might be sayonara to the sport you love as a player…certainly hope not.

  3. Dear Rafa, I saw your presser. I felt your disappointment and know how upset you must be. I think you said you would be playing next at Monte Carlo. Well I will be watching and praying that you are totally pain free and healthy to play the entire clay court season. Good luck to you. You are probably the most genuine, most sincere tennis player I’ve had good fortune to love and route for. I rarely watch unless I know you will be playing. You are and always will be my fav. God bless you Rafa. And the best of luck. Love, Marylynn

  4. Rafa retires from semi final match due to knee injury… So sad… His body is talking to him …
    Let’s see if he pulls out of Miami.. Wouldn’t surprise me… He needs to rest …

  5. Rafa has withdrawn from the semis but no actual news so far. Updating news is very slow here and also on atp news.

    Just hope he takes rest even if a long break but does not retire yet. Sounds selfish but …….

  6. Rafa practised today without any strapping on his knee. An encouraging sign, but we’ll have to wait and see…..

  7. Just checked the weather. Tonight in IW it’ll start off at a breezy 25°c going down to 20°c.

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  9. Rafa said that the injury he sustained during his match against Khachanov was due to the hard courts. He felt the injury coming on early in the first set and it got worse as the match wore on. The fact that his opponent made him run down a lot of bals cetainly didn’t help.
    I’m just wondering, in this high tech age, why can’t there be special shoes which can absorb the impact more but offer the maximum mobility? I am being naive in asking this?

    • Hi Lorna. It may have something to do with equipment enhancing your game and giving an unfair advantage.

      Or maybe the technology is just not there yet, and there will be certain trade-offs like a reduction in explosive power or something like that.

      Anyway, enjoy the match and I hope our champ gives it his best!!

  10. Congratulations Rafa. I’m happy of today ‘s result.But I worry about your right knee.I want to play on your best though.Take care and do your best.

  11. Love you Rafa. So sorry you’re having pain and discomfort. I hope you awaken pain free and okay to play your very best tennis. I feel you should skip Miami even if your knee isn’t hurting. Best of everything to you Rafa. I hope you make it all the way at IW and bite the trophy. God bless you. Love, Marylynn

    • You played like a fierce warrior against K. We are so proud, and support the decision of you and your team. Greedy ticket sellers are salivating. No. 1 priority-your health. Such a privilege to see you on court in IW. All the best, Rafael💪🤛👍👏🍀❤️

  12. Whenever Rafa faces a hard player on hard court he is injured again.
    He could play tomorrow but it would be a humiliation like one in Shanghai.
    I say he should walk away and skip Miami for the best for the whole clay swing.
    We are watching the last stage of Rafa’s career guys. He is getting married and i don’t think he is gonna play tennis.

  13. Bitter sweet for Rafa. He looked so unhappy in his post match press conference because he’s been in this position so many times with injuries i.e. playing really well and then his body lets him down. I just hope that he’ll be ok when he wakes up in the morning. I’m keeping everthing crossed for you Rafa.

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    • You think he’s out celebrating tonight? I don’t think so… Chillin is more like it…

  15. I can’t describe how happy I am that Rafa won. Today, he stayed focused although he had 4 break points to close out the first set and couldn’t do it. Regardless, he still won the set with a great tie breaker. The second set showed his determination and his mental toughness in keeping the points short and not going after the impossible. Kach was hoping Rafa would retire. No such luck!! Rafa at 80% beat K.Kach and that says a lot… Right now he’s being worked on by the trainers and hopefully during his practice in the morning he will gauge how he’s feeling on court and strategize how to face Federer and beat him. We will all be watching our boy tomorrow in hopes for a great outcome…but for now… I hope he rests tonight with no pain and wakes tomorrow feeling himself again.

  16. OMG, that was so tense! I hate tie-breaks, but Rafa played them so well. Rafa showing why he is the crowd favourite. Kudos to the woman in the crowd who did the “I believe in you Rafa” shoutout!
    The shaky starts are worrying, but when Rafa gets going… wow. Thing is, can he keep going? And should he?
    I’m hoping the knee problem is just a tweak, it didn’t seem to affect his play, but I was also concerned that Rafa took his right shoe off twice. Hope it’s nothing too serious.
    Please take care of yourself Rafa, that’s all. If Fed gets a bye, so be it. But of course I hope not!

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