Rafa: I talked enough about the serve [VIDEO]

Transcript of Rafa’s presser after the Berdych match.

Q. In the first three rounds you have three local Australians. In the fourth round you had Tomas. Was it a bit of a relief in terms of crowd support?
RAFAEL NADAL: That’s professional sport. Every opponent at the end of the day doesn’t matter the country, no? You go on court and you try your best. That’s it.

That’s a big coincidence that I played against three Australians in a row. That’s part of the draw. I think today was a match against Tomas, from a different country, and that’s it.

Q. You didn’t want to reveal a lot about your new service. Can you talk a little bit about how you changed your serve and what part is specifically improved because of that?
RAFAEL NADAL: Is not I don’t want to talk about my serve. Is like every day we’re creating a story about the serve, no? I talked enough about the serve.

I just try things to improve my game. I talk with the team about the things, the aspects of the game that we can keep improving. We try to make that happen.

With the serve, we changed few things, but nothing drastic, nothing dramatic. Good thing I had some time to work with it. I am happy, more or less, how the serve is working during the first official event that I am playing.

Q. Serena Williams had a bit of a call to arms for male players to help the women’s players get equal prize money all year round rather than just Grand Slams. Maria Sharapova said she had not had that much warmth when discussing the subject with male players. Do you think the male players should be involved in that at all or whether it’s a completely different tour, whether the WTA should look after themselves?
RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know why you are trying all the time to create these kind of stories on this thing. As you know, I love the women’s tennis. I feel that they can win as much as they want. Is not about equal or not equal prize money. I don’t care if they win more than us. That’s the real thing.

If they sell more tickets than what we sell tickets, they deserve to more than us. That’s very easy to understand. It’s not about being male or women. Doesn’t matter. We are the same. If they sell more than us, they have to win more than us.

Q. Would you like to see the two tours integrated so they could sell together?
RAFAEL NADAL: Why? I don’t know. I don’t get the point.

Q. Might be a stronger product.
RAFAEL NADAL: Why is a stronger product? I don’t know.

Q. Some people think that.
RAFAEL NADAL: Maybe. And some people not. I don’t know. I don’t have the whole information to know if that stronger product or not stronger product. Who knows. You need to take an analysis. I am not the right person to answer that because I don’t have the whole information.

You have to ask the tournaments. You have to ask the ATP. You have to ask the ITF. You have to ask the WTA. They have much more information than what I have.

Is a very sensible thing today in this world talking about men or women. We arrive to one moment that you even can’t have an opinion because anything that you say is going against you. I will not be the one that I going to tell you anything in this moment, you know?

Q. Another general question about tennis. The Australian Open changed the rules here for final sets. It’s a tiebreak, first to 10 points. All four Grand Slams are different this year. Do you think that’s a good or a bad thing that they’re different? Which of those ends to fifth sets do you prefer?
RAFAEL NADAL: I didn’t try every one. I think every Grand Slam, of course, they can do whatever they want. Is their tournament. They are 100% free to do what they feel works better. In some ways it’s good that everyone have a different thing, they have they own rules.

If Wimbledon can say which seededs are there or not, why the other ones cannot do whatever they want? That’s the real thing.

Personally, I don’t see a big problems on other events outside of Wimbledon. Wimbledon, with the serve, when you play two guys serving huge, can be dramatic. So I understand they put a tiebreak in the 12-All. I think that’s fair enough. I like that change. In the rest of the events, I think they’ll make a big impact.

On clay I think is good that you don’t have a tiebreak in the fifth because you don’t need it. The match will not go 30-28 playing on clay.

Here and US Open, you can do whatever. Can happen, but going to be very exceptional situation if you go to 25-23.

Q. Looking ahead to the quarterfinals, what do you think is possibly dangerous about Tiafoe’s game, and how well do you know his game? Have you ever practiced together, for example?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, we didn’t. I know him, of course. He’s on the tour for a while. He’s young. When you have younger players coming, they have always more attention to everyone.

He has everything. He’s quick. He serve well. Very quick forehand. He’s a very dynamic player, aggressive one. Of course, he’s dangerous. He’s in quarterfinals. He won great matches during the whole event. Going to be a tough one. Let’s see.

Going to be the first meeting for us. Going to be a tough one, as you can expect in the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam. You cannot expect an easy match. I just can say from my side I’m happy to be in that round. I played some good matches until that round, and now is the moment to keep doing steps forward to keep having chances to keep — to give myself chances to keep going.

Tomorrow another day of practice to keep working. I going to try to be 100% ready because going to be a tough one.

Q. His background is quite unusual for a tennis player. Quite an inspiring story. How much do you know of his story? Are you pleased to see him come through?

Q. Like his history.

Q. Frances.
RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know. I’m so sorry. But I going to be informed, so next time (smiling).

Source: Australian Open


  1. Roland-Garros tweeted that “Roger announced in Melbourne that he will be competing at Roland-Garros.”

    Here’s what Roger actually said, “It’s a bit of a desire. I’m in a phase where I want to have fun and I’ve missed not doing it. I don’t feel it is necessary to have a big break again.” [to rest for Wimbledon]

    Roger wants to have fun at the FO where he lost so many times?

    I think he’s simply bored. I am waiting to hear that he is confirmed for the FO.

  2. Don’t worry Lorna, when the errors start coming in I’ll back you up🤗

    All jokes aside, I am not glued to the computer so most of my Rafa stuff is done on mobile. It’s worse with sun glare [the yellow].

    Did you see that Federer is out?


  3. Well done Tsitsipas – loving his brand of tennis. It’ll be a really exciting match if he meets Rafa in the semis. Good luck Rafa from here onwards. You are playing great tennis!

  4. The questions the journalists ask Rafa are strange to day the least . Foolish people trying to get him to say something controversial . Rafa is one smart man and well capable of handling such questions .
    Great victory in 3 again . So happy for him and his team . Wishing him the best c Francis Tiafoe , Rafa has the experience and the tennis brain to win . Vamos Rafa 🍀👍🌟🎾

  5. Federer is OUT. Congratulations to Stefanos Tsitsipas.

    If Roger had been given an advantage by the tournament, he would not have had to play Tsitsipas. Roger lost fair and square😂

    • AMAZING! Stafanos played some clutch tennis. After the second set, Federer just seemed shell shocked.

      Well done!

      • Mac, I think it’s about time Roger got a little shell-shocked at a Grand Slam. I hope Mirka is not beating him up😂 for his loss. She should take him home and cook him his favorite consolation meal👩‍🍳

      • Hear hear! Mirka should take it easy on him. Also seeing the double twins will make him forget all about tennis for a while.

        Now I wonder if Roger will rethink his absence on the clay season.

  6. Tsitsipas, my favorite NextGen player, has just finished winning the 2nd and 3rd sets vs Federer. Is this gonna be an upset😂


  7. C’mon Rafa.

    Neither Rafa nor his team is a slouch. Tiafoe beat Seppi, Dimitrov, and Anderson to reach the QF and Tiafoe is one of the NextGen players who has been widely covered by the media.

    Rafa’s response to the Tiafoe history question is like Giorgi’s response about Serena, “I don’t follow tennis.”

    I will give Rafa the benefit of the doubt because maybe he just didn’t understand the question in this context; he uses the word history a lot.

    I would love for Rafa to win a second title at Melbourne so I hope Team Rafa buckles down and studies Tiafoe’s history.


    • Hi Margo. I think the history is more the personal one about how Tiafoe’s family fled the war in Sierra Leone to the USA, and how he’s basically made it from nothing. Truly inspiring.

      No matter the sob story… Rafa should give Frances a tennis lesson when they meet!

      Whenever Rafa retires, my allegiance will move on to Tiafoe, coz he’s my boy. For now though, sorry Frances, but you’re in the way of Rafa’s history:)

      • Hi Mac, sorry I don’t understand your response. I apologize if my comment was not clear.

        The tennis world knows Tiafoe’s history therefore for Rafa not to get the question I will blame it on Rafa not understanding the word “history” in this context. That’s why I said I’d give Rafa the benefit of the doubt.

        I think Tiafoe’s history should be an inspiration to anyone who has faced tremendous adversity but refused to succumb to it.

      • Mac, if they study Tiafoe’s history they may discover a weak spot in Tiafoe’s armor, be it tennis wise or psychological wise.

      • Mac, I don’t expect Frances to win but I do hope it’s a great competitive match without tiring Rafa. I want to witness Rafa lifting his second AO winner’s trophy and make history yet again.


    • I like the new look of the website but when the cursor in inside the comments box the print is in orange. Yuk!


      • Yes i agree. I hate the orange, which happens when i use my phone because the text is not easy to see, so i’m more prone to making typing errors.

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