Rafa: My fans’ support means so much to me [VIDEO]

Tennis superstar and Kia global brand ambassador Rafael Nadal talks about his passion for tennis and appreciation for all the love and support along the way from fans and family.


  1. Welcome back Rafa!… my favorite player/sports personality of all time and I’m old,ha! Seriously, your tennis is magical to watch. You bring so much joy to the tennis world. Praying you can remain injury free. Wishing you a successful Australian Open 2019.

  2. ” PILAR MARIA PARILLI VAZQUEZ….. (Fans and great admiring of Rafael Nadal in Venezuela)…. Why all we that are yours more great Fans,knews that you are a great Professional Tennisman in all the sensitives,knews us that you deserved all our great moral stay and so same too all knews us that for you all that stay is mightly very important for you,Rafael Nadal is very special,a athlete very compromised with all his beauty country which he represent,for all we always been a great satisfaction are with you and to be a great Fans thine,always been our proud…..Are a great Ambassador of this espectacular sport and all we believe us that deserves always to have of we yours more dears Fans that great back that for always you thee has knewed to win…. Ahead Rafa….”

  3. Rafa, I’ve received so much more from being your fan. It brought me into tennis–playing and understanding–gave me a great athlete and person to respect and admire, and joy of watching a real champion of a sport–for 17 years. I’m a grandma and great-grandma 86 years young and enjoy you immensely. When you retire I’ll be waiting to perhaps see some little Nadals in the near future

  4. Rafael is such a remarkable human , no?
    I’ve been a huge fan and following his career since he was 17!
    We will see Rafa lift another trophy this year!
    Australian Open 2019? Why not?
    Take care Rafa, your fans are behind you 200%
    XXOXOX 🙂

  5. No wonder that he is loved all over the world.he is one special champion but above all a special person. He brings such joy to millions . He captured my imagination when he was a teenager and captured our hearts too. Forever Rafa 🍀🎾🌟

  6. Rafael Nadal has set a standard for excellence as a tennis player with passion and unequalled results. Respect is expected on and off the court. We are the lucky ones who witness his
    dedication and talent. You define tennis. Thank you to Rafael and the Nadal family.

  7. Are Rafa only we can sey is good luck champ your fans are with you all the way,vamossssssssssss you are the BEST,🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍😘😘😘😋🙏

  8. Love it allthe Excitement the crowds the people Rafer he is very excited to be here in Australia playing for the open and that’s fabulous💤🥳❣️👍👍👀😇🥳

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