Rafa Roundup: Uncle Toni reveals latest news on Rafa’s injury

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“A Rafa no le va a afectar de cara a Australia no haber jugado los meses anteriores. Es verdad que son sólo entrenamientos pero está a muy buen nivel”, dice. “Rafa casi siempre ha vuelto muy bien después de una lesión. No tengo que pensar que será diferente”. “Otros en el caso de Rafa habrían arrojado la toalla”, añade también.

Toni Nadal says it won’t affect Rafa not playing official tournaments before Australian Open because after each injury his nephew almost every time had a good comeback and there is no reason to think otherwise this time. According to uncle Toni Rafa’s injury is not so serious. Rafa told him that he has opted to rest his body as a precautionary measure.

In the entire 2018 season, Rafael Nadal played only nine tournaments as his body betrayed him to an alarming degree. The beguiling Spaniard handled the situation with his usual grace and a hard layer of realism that is his trademark. As perhaps only he could have done, Nadal simply made the most of a very arduous set of circumstances, winning five of those tournaments, collecting an 11th French Open singles crown and winning 45 of 49 matches. This remarkably high standard was enough to enable the indefatigable left-hander to finish the year at No. 2 in the world.

“He has done the comebacks for so many times in his career that you always believe that he can do it again,” said Djokovic after reaching the Qatar Open quarter-finals on Wednesday.

“He has a very physical style of tennis which obviously is putting a lot of load and pressure on his joints, on his knees. Sport needs Rafa, no question about it. He is one of the greatest legends of all time and we want to see him play.”

“I am really disappointed for Rafa. I know how much he wanted to play in Brisbane,” tournament director Pearson said.

“He said a couple of times he wanted to play and was hoping to be fit but unfortunately he just hasn’t come up.”

Asked if he had any reservations about taking Nadal back after his 2018 no show, Pearson said: “Not at all. Injuries are part of the sport and it is well documented that Rafa has had injuries over time but he does everything in his power to be on the court.”



  1. Rafa my boy please don’t give up. You are too young n we need you Rafa. You have a great team Rafa. Uncle Toni please give Rafa a nudge. We love you Rafa, please don’t let us down. Tennis still needs Rafa n Roger. You are a Legend Rafa. I pray for you all the time Rafa. If you lose in the first round of the Aua. open, please don’t give up Rafa, go for Clay my boy. I will never watch Tennis again Rafa if you retire … so young. Vamos Rafa. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. Vamos Rafa. 🐂🏆👑🎉🎉💥💥💥

  2. Did he only play 9 tournaments last year? I suppose he did, now I come to think about it … he missed February and March, and Cincy, and everything after the US Open.

  3. I love your determination, tenacity, and style. Your honesty and integrity. We need people like you in tennis. I pray that your recover for Australia, but I am just being selfish. I plan to travel from Washington, DC to the Australian Open 2019. I want to see you there!

    Please do whatever you have to do to stay healthy. While I love you and tennis. You are still a young man. God forbid you leave tennis, I wish you good health and a long and happy life, if this does happen.

  4. Rafa
    Te deseo un Feliz Ano Nuevo 2019 Leno de mucha salud, Paz , Amir, abundancia y prosperidad junto a tu familia.
    Tu fan q te quiere mucho.
    Carm Cunneen

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