Rafael Nadal to miss Asian tournaments due to knee injury

(AP) — Rafael Nadal says he will not play in upcoming tournaments in Beijing and Shanghai because of an injured right knee.

Rafa says he and his team decided to skip the Asia swing to recover.Our champ, who has often dealt with knee pain, won the Beijing tournament last year. He lost the final in Shanghai to Roger Federer.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

The world No. 1 announced his decision not to play in Asia through posts on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

Hello everyone, as you know I had to retire from my semifinal match at the US Open and this past Monday I was in Barcelona watching with doctors the situation of my knee.

While the annoyances on my knee are nothing new, we have decided together with my medical and technical team not to participate in the Asian tour to recover the knee the way we have always done.

I’m sorry I can’t be with all the fans in China who are so many and with the organisers of the Beijing and Shanghai tournaments that have always had all the attentions with me and my team.

Rafa Nadal

According to ESPN, Djokovic is now primed to snatch Rafa’s No. 1 ranking after a magnificent summer saw him win at Wimbledon and defeat del Potro in the US Open final.

Rafa currently leads the way with 8,760 points, 1,860 ahead of Roger Federer — who is limiting the number of tournaments he plays in — and 2,315 clear of Djokovic.

The Serbian can only gain points in the Far East because he missed the final six months of last season, while Rafa will drop points for not defending his title in Beijing or participating in Shanghai.

Sources: AP, ESPN


  1. Dallas, i’m glad you’ve having a great time in Chicago watching the Laver Cup. I’ve been enjoying it myself, but it’s definitely lacking the charisma and boyish excitement of Rafa. I much preferred the doubles pairing of Rafa and Roger.

  2. We are at the Laver Cup in Chicago. Our family is enjoying the event, but we definitely miss the warmth and excitement that Rafa would have added to this tournament. We wore our Rafa t-shirts and MANY Rafa fans stopped to chat about our champion. One young lady had travelled from Taiwan! Rafa may not be in Chicago, but he is here in spirit.

  3. In a interview uncle toni told reporters that rafa plans to resume playing at the paris open I really hope it will happen Rafa should try his utmost to win the paris open and the atp finals and prove that he also is a good indoor player to my understanding he is a far lesser indoor player then for example djokovic and federer.

    Also making his come back at the vienna open is an option he should accept the wildcard he got offered by the tournament director

    • At this stage in Rafa’s career, his health comes first and I really don’t think that he has to prove anything. His focus should be on being fit for upcoming grand slams and I’d rather that he’s in the peak of health for the AO.

  4. Rada cuidate y recuperate….el rankink a estas alturas es lo d menos y mas por las cuestiones como la tuya….para mi siempre seras n.1…soy fans d ti me gusta todo de ti y por eso seras para todos tus fans siempre n.1….tu rodilla es lo importante….te espero y te siguo y siempre contigo….

  5. Good decision! Rafa’s team really needs to take a step back and look back to prevent similar situations.
    This is the first time that Rafa has to retire from 2 grandslam tournaments which is a clear sign that his knees couldn’t cope with intense 5 hour matches.
    Probably Rafa has to change his grip and go for more flat shots in order to prevent his knees from bending too much. That’s just an option from my view but clearly his team needs to find a real solution here as we can Bel18ve next year or else.

    As for the ranking, if Djokovic really dethrones Rafa could Djoker be the oldest year end no.1? Does any know pls?

    • Actually its his serve thats the main issue. His serve was much better last year, and he won USO and reached the final at AO, battling through three five setters at AO (without problem) and three four setters at the USO.

      He overplayed last year imo, adding in Laver Cup, hence his knees gave way but thats after 78 matches. Without a good serve this year, he really had to battle hard to win his matches, esp on grass.

      With a good serve, he could shorten points and moves inside the court more often and finishes points at the net. Its still his fitness that determines how good his results can be; im of the opinion that his serve suffers because of his hip injury earlier on.

  6. What can I say Rafa my boy! I’m heartbroken to hear this sad news. You have suffered great pain in the past n I remember reading in your book RAFA that you constantly play in pain. I hope your medical team are able to get you completely well soon as I am 83 yrs old n only have a few more years to see you play.. I count the days to seeing you playing, n life is boring when you are absent from a tournament, as I have no interest in watching tennis without you playing Rafa. I am praying for you to get well soon. Trust in God n pray Rafa. Maybe go to Lourdes n bathe in the water. We get very little news about you Rafa? Please give us news of yourself more often. You will always be No.1 to your fans n the King of Clay. If Djokovic becomes No.1, it will only be by default. You are a Legend Rafa, he isn’t. God Bless You Rafa our Champ. Vamos Rafa. Luv from your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂🏆👑🎉🎉

  7. My heart breaks for Rafa but I think he has come to accept these ups and downs in his career far more easily than when he was younger. He always sounds philosophical and puts things in perspective and, as fans, I guess we have to also. I sincerely hope he makes London as this is my best chance of seeing him.

  8. I hope he plays paris and atp finals in london. At this age nadal has to play for the trophies he is not young anymore. Skipping beijing and sjanghai is fine for me. He also has to protect his ranking from djokovic

  9. Rafa get well first.we wish you a recupe.we are going to miss you 😘 🎾🎾🎾❤️👍🎾🎾🎾🎾❤️👍🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾❤️

  10. hope he is ok. cant imagine life without watching rafa play. why cant the fix things in the 21st stupid century?


  11. Very wise decision!!!! You love the game so much that to limit never playing again,taking care of yourself is most important!!! You are number one no matter!!!

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