PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal beats Dominic Thiem in five sets at US Open

Top seed and defending champion Rafael Nadal has progressed to the semifinals of the US Open following a hard-fought victory over Dominic Thiem on Tuesday.

Rafa got the better of his Austrian opponent 0-6, 6-4, 7-5, 6-7(4), 7-6(5) in the quarterfinals at Flushing Meadows.

“It was a great battle, the conditions were tough,” he said. “I tried to stay in the match in some way. In the fourth I just kept going. But I feel so sorry for Dominic. He’s a great guy and a great competitor.”

Rafa said he told his opponent, “keep going, you’re good” over the net after claiming victory.

He will now take on Juan Martin del Potro in the semifinals.



  1. Soooo bloomin happy right now!! …Don’t know how you done it, but a wins a win, and you are the best ever in my book. I love watching you Rafa, Stay healthy my sweet, and kick Delpo’s butt. Sorry for Dominic, I like his play, but he is young enough to get there later….after My man has retired on the 39th of Julember!!! Ha! Ha! XXXX

  2. I could not fall asleep after Rafa’s tremendous win! I was so pumped, but mostly happy for our champ. I don’t want to hear about stats, etc. this was a match about heart and not giving up. I was stunned at a particular shot Rafa missed in the fourth set, but then Thiem missed an even easier one to lose the match. It is too easy to critique the match from our couches. I was not even too concerned about the bagel set since I remembered Rafa’s Čilić match. I am so proud to be a Rafan. I hope Rafa can rest enough to be ready by Friday.

  3. Great win, but Rafa is not at his best at the moment. There are 2 crucial elements of his game that he needs to improve on; serve and 2nd serve returns. If he can fix that then he has a good chance of winning it all.

    He has to take the chances that are/will be given to him, for example Rafa has a break point and returns a weak second serve into the lower part of the net.

    If he can improve on that he can do it, no doubt because two shots have been working well; Backhand down the line and forehand down the line. So the toughest shots are working.

  4. When Dom blitzed Rafa, taking the cover off every shot in the 1st set, I said to myself, wow is Dom going to be sorry. Rafa never rolls over. His ability to ferociously come back and never say die point for point was so amazing once again. The bagel only fired up Rafa even hotter than the temperature. Both Rafa and Dom played epic tennis. What competition and entertainment. I am so glad Rafa has 2 days off. I always appreciated Dom’s tennis on clay but this is the 1st time I see he is also great on hard courts. I loved the embrace at the end of the match between 2 foes in battle on court and good friends off court. This will be another great rivalry for tennis. I was so relieved to see Rafa’s box jump up in joy and delight on match point. A big congrats to Rafa and his team. Rest up and have a good recovery until Friday. Vamos!!!

  5. Rafa my sweet and humble tennis star. What a game. You are simply magnificent, especially under the hot conditions. Love you – your 71 year old fan – only the best to you in your next match which I can’t wait to see. VAMOS RAFA.

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