WATCH: Nadal cruises to victory over Sela – highlights, hot shot | Wimbledon 2018

Despite a lengthy layoff following the French Open, Rafael Nadal was in fine form in the first round at Wimbledon. The world number one cruised past Dudi Sela (6-3, 6-3, 6-2).

Hot shot:

Match point:


  1. Great serves, excellent returns. If Rafa keeps this up, he may have his long overdue 3rd Wimbledon title and the 18th GS. Then Federer will definitely have a problem. Good luck for Rafa in the next round. Rafa only needs to make it to the QF to stay at number one.

    VAMOS RAFA Rafa you are the GOAT of tennis.

  2. Rafa so very well done,

    love and prayers for next game,


  3. Super RAFA.cetait un très bon premier match. Et un très bon entraînement pour la suite.continue à progresser sur le gazon de Wimbledon et je suis sûre que tu iras très loin.une finale FEDAL serait absolument magnifique surtout si tu gagnes. VAMOS RAFA.

  4. Rafa just dazzles the every person watching him..he is a breath of beautiful air. Congratulations on your 3 set win..great match to have witnessed. Vamos Rafa my King of tennis 👄☘💚🇮🇪💕

    • If you can watch him! bbc does not give him much time and neither does McEnroe all Federer fanatics and Rafa haters. Even match highlights are 2 minutes.

      Wamos Rafa you are the best

      • Puma – the entire match was on the bbc – thats where i watched it????

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